Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Happy 3rd Japan Debut Anniversary Lee Seung Gi! ^^

Today, March 6th marks the 3rd anniversary of Seung Gi’s debut in Japan. He debuted with his album, Time For Love in 2012 and his single with the same title hit #1 on the Oricon Daily Chart. Congratulations on your 3rd Japanese debut anniversary, Seung Gi! イ·スンギさん, 日本デビュー3周年おめでとうございます!Below is fan art from a Japanese Airen based on the various album covers for Seung Gi’s debut album.

B_V6ZmxVAAEESTqCredit: 1piece_LSG

B_YIOdAUsAAj9GqCredit: PeppermintBL

norikoCredit: seung_seung_seung

Seung Gi’s debut singles; Time for Love and Because We’re Friends MV

Credit: Patrick Nguyen

Seung Gi singing ‘Time for Love’ in Japan on October 7, 2013: 恋愛時代

Credit: WOWOW

Seung Gi singing ‘Because We’re Friends’ in Japan on October 7, 2013: チングジャナ -友達だから-

Credit: WOWOW