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Love Forecast to Premiere in Indonesia on April 15


With Love Forecast first premiering overseas in Los Angeles theaters in the USA, Vietnam, and it being scheduled to premiere in Japan in Cinemart Roppongi on May 9, and also in the Philippines, now it will be delighting Airens in Indonesia with its premiere on April 15, 2015. Here is its trailer:

Credit: Jive Movies

8 thoughts on “Love Forecast to Premiere in Indonesia on April 15

  1. LOL. Yes, I realized you do. ^^ Please send me your physical address in Indonesia so I can send you a copy of the Big Issue. I bought these from Seung Gi so they have his fingerprints on it. 🙂 I will email you.

  2. Yeayy!!!! Finally!!!! This is the most i’m waiting for!!!! My eyes get teary, so happy know this. Almost 2 months i just watch and rewatch the cut scenes with no subtitle via my instagram account. Actually this film currently can be downloaded in any website (without sub). But i haven’t downloaded yet bcz sure i won’t understand with the story, beside that i want to respect Seunggi’s 1st movie by watching it in theatre, so i just wait and hope that it will be released in my country. Honestly i never did it before, i always download any movies ilegally, heheeee (give me an apologize please). So now, i’ll be wating for love forecast release in my country patiently, 1 month, i think it’s not too long.. :’) 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥

    • Dear rahmayanth,

      I always appreciate your positive comments supporting Seung Gi and respect you all the more for not downloading his movie illegally. I will email you for your address. I am deeply touched by your comment and would like to send you a copy of The Big Issue with Seung Gi on the cover.


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