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Hope Concert 2015? Supposedly Scheduled For First Half of 2015, Canceled? Unconfirmed?

There was news on SNS and a naver blog of a Kpop boy band fan titled “News about XX’s Concert!”.  In the list, 4th from the top is “2015 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert”. She unfortunately covered some information about Seung Gi’s concert with an emoticon to point out her boy band’s concert.  She also mentioned that their concert was unconfirmed. The chart said Seung Gi’s concert was scheduled for the first half of this year, but it’s already March and there is no news or confirmation about it from Hook Entertainment or Interpark tickets. I also checked dclsg and although a post about it had over 1,700 hits today, the most out of any post from today, no one except for the poster commented.  She stated that “everyone was being careful with comments”, ” canceled concerts appear to be included” and “who would attend it if it were held now?”

In any case, we know that Seung Gi is busy working on his new album for its release this spring~ can’t wait! Not to mention the fact that he is also attending classes at Dongguk University. Because it is already so late and the first half of the year ends in a little over 3 months, most likely, this concert isn’t happening. I am just sharing the news with you because it is Seung Gi related.  Perhaps he had planned on a concert earlier, but his packed schedule didn’t allow enough time for it to happen.  Only time will tell for sure.


Credit: naver blog, highlighting and blurring done by ChristinaWSGL

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Like Star, Like Cafe~ Marley Coffee Itaewon Featured on SBS News

Last night, at 8pmKST, SBS news featured the Marley Coffee Itaewon Branch showing the power of courtesy towards others. On its program titled “Courtesy Korea 2015 (Courtesy starts with a ‘warm word’) “, Marley Coffee employees were filmed on hidden camera. ‘Thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘You’ve worked hard’. These simple words are the start of consideration towards others.

I’m so proud of the employees at Marley Coffee and the fact that they take after Seung Gi’s warm heart and consideration for others.  I have always had a good experience at both branches and the manager at the Itaewon branch took the time to sit and talk to me about the CF shooting for Marley Coffee after finding out I was an Airen. (I made it a bit too obvious I guess. I was staring at Seung Gi’s autograph on the wall for a while instead of eating my dessert. ^^) He delighted me with a preview of the shoot on his cell phone a few days before it was officially released on their facebook page. Thank you Marley Coffee for being a good role model for everyone. Thank you Seung Gi for making Airens proud! 

itaewonmarleythanksCredit: MarleyCoffeeAsia

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