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Like Star, Like Cafe~ Marley Coffee Itaewon Featured on SBS News

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Last night, at 8pmKST, SBS news featured the Marley Coffee Itaewon Branch showing the power of courtesy towards others. On its program titled “Courtesy Korea 2015 (Courtesy starts with a ‘warm word’) “, Marley Coffee employees were filmed on hidden camera. ‘Thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘You’ve worked hard’. These simple words are the start of consideration towards others.

I’m so proud of the employees at Marley Coffee and the fact that they take after Seung Gi’s warm heart and consideration for others.  I have always had a good experience at both branches and the manager at the Itaewon branch took the time to sit and talk to me about the CF shooting for Marley Coffee after finding out I was an Airen. (I made it a bit too obvious I guess. I was staring at Seung Gi’s autograph on the wall for a while instead of eating my dessert. ^^) He delighted me with a preview of the shoot on his cell phone a few days before it was officially released on their facebook page. Thank you Marley Coffee for being a good role model for everyone. Thank you Seung Gi for making Airens proud! 

itaewonmarleythanksCredit: MarleyCoffeeAsia

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

One thought on “Like Star, Like Cafe~ Marley Coffee Itaewon Featured on SBS News

  1. simple words but touching

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