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All Official Quotes to the Press From Hook Entertainment Regarding Album and Concert From March 9, 2015

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In response to Airens’ questions asking about clarification regarding Lee Seung Gi holding a concert or not, there seems to be conflicting answers from Hook Entertainment. The previous article I translated had the official say there were no plans for a concert. I checked dclsg tonight and was ready to pull my hair out after reading an excerpt from an online article stating that plans for a concert and activities related to the (new) album would be decided later.  Just how many Hook representatives did the press speak to?!! Why can’t they stay consistent?!! Aarrggh!!  However, this is a matter that needs to be addressed ASAP. To clear up any confusion, I’ve simply translated Hook’s statements from today’s online articles. Those that aren’t directly quoted and includes some material from the reporter will be marked for your reference.  I have only included quotes from articles that specifically stated that the representative was from Hook Entertainment.

TV reportCredit: TV REPORT


 “Lee Seung Gi is in the middle of finishing his album. We’re expecting it to be around the end of April, the beginning of May, but it hasn’t been confirmed.”

stardailynewsCredit: StarDailyNews

From StarDailyNews:

A representative from Lee Seung Gi’s agency, Hook Entertainment, told Star Daily News,”Lee Seung Gi’s album release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. We will let you know as soon as the schedule is confirmed.”

sportstodayCredit: Sports Today

From Sports Today:

“Prior press articles are going overboard” “The date (for the album’s release) wasn’t set for this coming April” “There are also no plans for a concert.”

sportskyunghangCredit: sportskyunghyang

From Sportskyunghyang:

“Lee Seung Gi is in the middle of wrapping up his album. We expect (its release) to be around the end of April, beginning of May but it isn’t confirmed.”

dispatchCredit: Dispatch

From Dispatch:

On the 9th, a representative from Hook Entertainment told Dispatch through the phone,”Lee Seung Gi is aiming for April~May and is in the middle of the final stages of recording.” “Ballads are a given; he is in the middle of trying out various genres and sounds.”

Reporter and Hook Entertainment:

Concerts, solo performances, etc. will be decided in the future.  Lee Seung Gi’s side (agency) said,”Right now, we’re only concentrating on the album. “Concerts,etc. and activities related to the (new) album will be decided afterwards.”

starnewsCredit: STARNEWS


“As he already revealed previously, Lee Seung Gi is currently in the middle of preparing his new album.” “Right now, he’s set April or May as the goal to release his new album.” This representative said, “Whether Lee Seung Gi will release his new album as a regular or mini album has not been confirmed.”  “Even now, Lee Seung Gi is diligently working on his new album.”



From OSEN:

“It’s correct that Lee Seung Gi has set the end of next month or the beginning of May as his goal and is in the middle of working on his songs.”  Stating that he was in the final stages of his project, the representative said, “However, the release date has not been confirmed yet. He plans to show various sides to him.”

exsportsnewsCredit: Exsportsnews

From Exsportsnews:

 “However, the exact date for Lee Seung Gi’s album release and concert plans have not been set.”

startoday Credit: Star Today

From Star Today:

Reporter summarizing Hook’s statements:
According to Lee Seung Gi’s agency on the 9th, Lee Seung Gi is at the prime of working on new songs.  Although an exact release date hasn’t been set, they said that he should wrap up the project by the beginning of May at the latest.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

One thought on “All Official Quotes to the Press From Hook Entertainment Regarding Album and Concert From March 9, 2015

  1. Yes, that’s all are confusing! Although the album hasn’t come out yet, it has been talked eveywhere, all fans are excited. it shows that everyone missing seunggi so bad to come back as a singer.

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