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[English] New Marley Coffee CF Sneak Peak *UPDATED W/MESSAGE FROM MARLEY COFFEE*

I was at lunch when I first saw this CF teaser so I didn’t have a chance to post it until I got home after work. By then, it had gotten so many hits that the owner edited his post and locked the video so that it cannot be downloaded or embedded.

*3/13/15 UPDATE* Due to a request from Marley Coffee to delete this leaked CF, I have deleted the link to the CF and my translation of the clip. Out of respect for Lee Seung Gi, I think it’s the right thing to do. Like the screenshot below says, let’s all wait for a completed CF. If we can wait for Seung Gi’s new album, we sure can wait for his new Marley CF! ^^

B_-nolzUQAAEx9oCredit: LSG_TH

“#Marley Coffee

#CF #Lee Seung Gi #Haha

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If you come to #Gangnam station_Marley Coffee, it will be my treat!

It will soon be available in convenience stores.
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Those who hold stock shares in Marley Coffee with me
I congratulate every single one of you^^ #Value Invest Korea
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Thank you very, very much for showing such a positive response on my quiet sns

To introduce myself briefly,
I am not someone who runs a coffee business.
I am only related to Marley Coffee as an investor. After seeing the worth of Marley Coffee’s idea of coexistence andsharing  love (One Love), I made a  small investment

Marley Coffee is very different from your ordinary coffee franchise.
If it were the same as an ordinary coffee franchise, I also wouldn’t have had an interest in the coffee business.

Those who are interested in investing a small sum in holding shares, please contact me in advance at (XXX.XXXX.XXXX) I will do my best to accommodate your schedule and meet you at Marley Coffee at Gangnam Station to buy you a cup of coffee.  Shall we have a chat about holding secure shares like this and investing? ^^

Well, there’s no such thing as a free lunch…or a free cup of coffee for that matter! What a clever way to increase traffic on one’s SNS to gain potential investors(*UPDATE 3/13/15~ Maybe not so clever anymore! LOL.)


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