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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

[English subbed] Hallyu World Interview Teaser~ Lee Seung Gi Wishes Everyone a Happy White Day


I first heard of White Day when I came to Korea for work 8 years ago. My relatives live here, but we never had any reason to talk about this day during our overseas phone calls while I lived in the USA.  It’s still a strange concept to me since I grew up in the States all my life and remember Valentine’s Day as being the most “romantic” holiday of the year. Even in kindergarten, everyone in my class including myself handed each other Barbie, Spiderman, or other various kid-themed “Valentine’s Day Cards” to each other. I would look forward to going to the store with my mom to pick out that year’s box of perforated cards and mini sized envelopes.  Boys didn’t think it was “gross” to give them out to girls until we reached 3rd grade or so. Afterwards, receiving a Valentine’s Day card or a rose from a boy was a huge deal to any girl, and I still remember with a smile how protective my father was when I came home from high school with a long stemmed red rose. He had a stern look on his face and asked who the boy was and gruffly ended the conversation with “Don’t trust males easily except for your father. I want to meet that boy who gave you that rose.” LOL! Fast forward several years and here I am working in Korea which celebrates 2 “romantic holidays”. The original Valentine’s Day in Korea is meant for men to receive flowers and goodies from women and vice versa on White Day. I was a bit annoyed to learn that on Valentine’s Day, women give men chocolates and all the expensive goodies while it is tradition for women to receive lollipops and sugared candy for White Day. Both holidays fall on the 14th of the month, with White Day occurring in March. Nowadays, I see more chocolates being sold for White Day in front of convenience stores and supermarkets. Seeing White Day “upgraded” from cheap candy to Ferrero Rocher and Belgian chocolates instead of a bouquet of Chupa Chups puts a smile on my face.

With my rambling aside, here’s a trailer for an interview Lee Seung Gi did for Hallyu World. Do you remember the 2 selcas I posted a few weeks ago?

ma1 ma2 Credit: lovehuishow

Here she is, interviewing Seung Gi.


2 thoughts on “[English subbed] Hallyu World Interview Teaser~ Lee Seung Gi Wishes Everyone a Happy White Day

  1. so white day is the same with valentine day right? the difference is the girl receive gifts from her boyfriend?
    is it only held in Korea?
    Sorry, this is the 1st time i hear about White day 🙂

    • Hi rahmayanth,

      That’s right. I know it’s definitely held in Korea, but from the video to Chinese fans, it might be held there too. Since I’m not Chinese, I can’t give you a definite answer. I believe it is also held in Japan.

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