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[Full English Translation] Lee Seung Gi Sends a Message of Encouragement for Yoon Yeo Jung’s Premiere of ‘Salut d’Amor’

Actress Yoon Yeo Jung of ‘Noonas over Flowers’ is starring in a movie titled ‘Salut d’Amor’ which will premiere on April 9th. Among the actors who sent messages of encouragement and congratulations was Lee Seung Gi.  Actually, all the actors are familiar to us through Na PD and Lee Seo Jin, so I will provide a full translation of the clip.

Credit: CJ Entertainment Official

cj-salut-damourCredit: Variety

Choi Ji Woo: Hello, I’m Choi Ji Woo. I’m cheering on Teachers Park Geun Hyung and Yoon Yeo Jung.  I’m really looking forward to their sweet melo acting.

Lee Seung Gi: As a person gets older, their thinking becomes much more mature. It’s true that many things grow and change but I think the pureness of love is similar even if one ages. I didn’t think that there were very many genres like that in South Korea. I would like to see the two Teachers show us what it’s like.

Kim Hee Ae: I think they enjoyed it because I feel that both actors are very charming. I’m very curious about their romance…

Lee Seo Jin: Everyone who watched ‘Grandpas over Flowers’ may know that despite being over 70, I think he has many romantic feelings. As for Teacher Yoon Yeo Jung, I personally meet her often. She still has the feelings and charm of a young girl…

Lee Soon Jae: Needless to say, both are experts at acting. I believe a magnificent harmony will result since they are distinguished actors.

Na Young Seok PD: Probably more than young people, I believe their relationship and story will make hearts flutter even more.  The body may age but honestly, the heart is the same.

Lee Seo Jin: The way a person expresses him/her self and the situations of that generation may change a bit, but love always remains the same.

Kim Hee Ae: If there was no love in this world, how desolate and awful would it be. Love should always lie as a base (foundation); then how happy things will be.

Lee Soon Jae: I’m thinking that Director Kang Je-gyu will have another masterpiece.

Lee Seo Jin: Obviously, the expectations for this movie are very high.

Kim Hee Ae: I really wish for it to be successful.

Na Young Seok PD: I am cheering on Salut d’Amor!

Lee Seo Jin: I’m cheering on your love story!

Kim Hee Ae: Cheering you on!

Choi Ji Woo: If you love, do it for a long time!

Lee Seung Gi: If you love, do it for a long time!

Lee Soon Jae: If you want to live a long time, love.

Male voiceover as Yoon Yeo Jung and Park Geun Hyung are dancing in the movie: What does your final love look like?

Yoon Yeo Jung as she cries and holds Park Geun Hyung’s hands: I’m sorry.

Park Geun Hyung: Promise me. No matter which of us dies first, let’s not cry.

Male voiceover: Director Kang Je-gyu’s first moving drama, Salut d’Amor.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

For more information about this movie: Salut d’Amor

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Info About New Marley Coffee CF

According to Hosuk Lee, president of Marley Coffee Korea, the new CF that we’ve all been waiting for will air around April 15th for approximately 45 days. There will be a total of 2 versions. In the beginning of May, 3 different types of cup coffee will also be introduced. This is the first time I’ve heard of the term “cup coffee” although I am of Korean descent and live in South Korea. Just to clarify things, I searched online using the Korean term and found images like this: (These are widely found in convenience stores and supermarkets in the refrigerated dairy aisle)

cupcoffeeCredit: nate

Can’t wait for the new CF and products. ^^

B8bmLSSCQAAE_zgCredit: me ^^ (At Itaewon Marley Coffee)

Source: Hosuk Lee

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Selca with Seung Gi During Studio Recording *UPDATED w/ Full English translation*

These selcas with Seung Gi were taken while he was recording at the studio. The weibo account that uploaded these photos was DoubleKick Music.  I’m Korean so I don’t speak Chinese, but the comment in weibo translated to something close to “This time, a large (VIP) customer came, national brother Lee Seung Gi.  The woman appears to be a member of the chorus.

*UPDATED 3/31 11:56PM KST* I was lucky to have 2 Airen friends help me translate the entire comment by this weibo post. Thanks to Yuling Tan and HeodangSeungGi for their help. 🙂 I have combined their translations into one:

[Double Sidekick’s Studio] 150331 Kim Hyuna who always helps out in the harmonization in the work studio posted this on her Facebook page and mentioned this adorably: A big (VIP) client came this time, the nation’s younger brother. P.S. Lee Seung Gi will return as a singer in April ~”

Credit: Chinese to English translation by Yuling Tan and HeodangSeungGi, Special Guest Contributors to Lee Seung Gi Forever

CBajmj-VEAAcid7 CBajmP0UUAA59IH  Credit: Doublekick_二段橫踢 via weibo

Link to original post: DoubleKick Music