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Selca with Seung Gi During Studio Recording *UPDATED w/ Full English translation*

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These selcas with Seung Gi were taken while he was recording at the studio. The weibo account that uploaded these photos was DoubleKick Music.  I’m Korean so I don’t speak Chinese, but the comment in weibo translated to something close to “This time, a large (VIP) customer came, national brother Lee Seung Gi.  The woman appears to be a member of the chorus.

*UPDATED 3/31 11:56PM KST* I was lucky to have 2 Airen friends help me translate the entire comment by this weibo post. Thanks to Yuling Tan and HeodangSeungGi for their help. 🙂 I have combined their translations into one:

[Double Sidekick’s Studio] 150331 Kim Hyuna who always helps out in the harmonization in the work studio posted this on her Facebook page and mentioned this adorably: A big (VIP) client came this time, the nation’s younger brother. P.S. Lee Seung Gi will return as a singer in April ~”

Credit: Chinese to English translation by Yuling Tan and HeodangSeungGi, Special Guest Contributors to Lee Seung Gi Forever

CBajmj-VEAAcid7 CBajmP0UUAA59IH  Credit: Doublekick_二段橫踢 via weibo

Link to original post: DoubleKick Music

One thought on “Selca with Seung Gi During Studio Recording *UPDATED w/ Full English translation*

  1. Really can’t wait his new album!!! He is still in recording, I hope it will be finished soon with a great result. I’m still waiting in silence while everyone is hilarious with their idol comeback, huhuhuhu T_T

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