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KBS [Entertainment Inside] ~ Back to Back Stars’ Enlistment News

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Many Hallyu stars are enlisting this spring and KBS entertainment news had a shocker for many Airens this morning KST. Among the stars who are planning to enlist, the news program stated that “Lee Seung Gi’s agency stated that he plans to enlist after releasing his new album this year.”

There has been no news on the official website or any confirmation yet from Hook Entertainment or any official fanclub. Until we hear from Hook, this news is unconfirmed. On one hand, I can see why recruitment of Airen 7 didn’t happen this January and we’ll have to wait for official news as Seung Gi’s official website stated. Brace yourself, Airens!

This is the screencap with the news about Seung Gi enlisting:

enlistement1“Singer/Actor Lee Seung Gi plans to enlist after finishing activities related to his new album”

Link to video: KBS

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

One thought on “KBS [Entertainment Inside] ~ Back to Back Stars’ Enlistment News

  1. Actually I’m feeling sad with the enlist planning, but as a good nationality it’s the obligation, he must do it well. The sooner he go to enlist the sooner he’ll be back.
    But before enlistment I need at least one project fr Seunggi besides new album, maybe new drama? ^^
    I really need an official statement from Hook soon 😦 . Nothing confirmed until now, that’s make me more n more curious.

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