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New Marley Coffee CF to Air Tomorrow, 4/15 KST

Seung Gi’s new Marley Coffee CF that we got a sneak peek of a few weeks ago is finally completed and scheduled to air tomorrow (night). This is from a public post on Facebook and quite honestly, it’s a bit confusing. I’m translating it as it is written:

Finally starting tomorrow on Wednesday
Marley Coffee’s CF will air on public TV SBS (‘Angry Mom’ MBC Episode 2 included) and on cable TV, 4 channels (tvN, OCN, CGV, Mnet)
It will start with ‘Angry Mom’. (What does this mean? This drama airs on MBC every Wed/Thurs at 10pm), will we see it before it/during it? [For those who don’t watch ‘Angry Mom’, scenes were filmed at Itaewon’s Marley Coffee for Episode 2, which aired on March 19th KST]

The CF will last for 15 seconds while the online version will last for 30 seconds.

It will air 25 times on public TV/On cable TV, it will air 423 times.
The CF is planned to air until May. With 2 versions, in April, only one version will be broadcasted.
In the future, we also plan to reveal the “making of” film.

We ask for a lot of your interest.
We plan to make it possible to download it from Facebook and our homepage.

Credit: Hosuk Lee

MarleyCoffeeCF1 MarleyCoffeeCF2Credit: Hosuk Lee

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