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Conflicting News About Lee Seung Gi’s New Album


There have been so many articles online about Seung Gi’s new album today that my eyelids are starting to twitch from all the reading. The most important ones have fortunately been translated into English for International Airens. What we know for sure is that Seung Gi will be releasing a new album in the first half of this year. Some Korean articles say May or even June to celebrate his 10th Anniversary debut.  Other articles state that Seung Gi will be holding a concert as well while others contradict this statement. Let’s wait for official news from Hook Entertainment about the concert. What we do know is that Seung Gi is working hard to wrap up his album and it is a matter of time before it is released. For your convenience, I have provided links to all the English articles corresponding to the most important Korean articles that I have read today. I will update this post as more news comes in. 

This article was originally the one I was going to translate for you, but thank you to the person who did a great job while I was at work today.  🙂


comebackCredit: OSEN

Other English articles:




4 thoughts on “Conflicting News About Lee Seung Gi’s New Album

  1. To many articles to read 1 by 1, It just about the time, I think I should wait more patient right now ^^…

  2. Can I ask you about the pictures that were deleted immediately? I think those “many” articles were released because of that! Just recently, he greeted us with a picture saying he’ll show up in april and the double kick who said singer SG will comeback this month.
    Anyway, I hope only good things will happen in the futur, and that his album will be successful.

    • I heard that those photos were of Hook Entertainment’s CEO and the CEO was hospitalized due to a stroke or something like that. It was deleted so quickly before I could make sure what the cause was. Anyway, I thought it was inappropriate for that healthcare worker to take a sneek photo of SG in that situation. As someone who is also in the medical profession, it’s a breach of patient confidentiality.

      • Thank you for replaying, I can’t believe they uploaded pics from hospital, it’s so unprofessional, I hope everything gets fixed, and for anyone sick to get better 🙂
        Thank you for your updates Elise 🙂

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