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Special Movie Ticket Promotion For Love Forecast in Indonesia

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Thanks to an avid Airen from Indonesia who shared this information with me to share with Airens all over the world.  She wanted to let other Airens know that Indonesian Airens are very excited to have Love Forecast premiere in her country. She told me that there was a promotion~  buy 1 get 1 ticket free from kakaoINA which expired on April 16th.  I found a photo of another pair of Love Forecast tickets from dclsg tonight from a different theater. According to my Airen reader from Indonesia, the tickets are from INAtheatre (Platinum cineplex, Solo – central Java ).  I was told that there were 3 theaters in Indonesia that played Love Forecast: blitzmegaplex, cinemaxx, platinum cineplex. The promotional ticket offer in the photo below comes from blitzmegaplex.

indonesia dclsg lf ticketCredit: yulianingdyah

Here is the 1+1 promo ticket offer:

indonesia promoCredit: rahmayanth

Thank you Rahma for sharing news from Indonesia!

If other readers would like to share their review of Love Forecast from Indonesia, you are welcome to leave a comment below.  ^^

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