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Marley Coffee to Release Online CF Monday, April 20


This is an online CF sample. Starting Monday, it will be released on Naver’s banner on the right hand side in the middle.

Credit: Hosuk Lee

Credit: Hosuk Lee uploaded by rize han (hanrize)

English translation:

Opening caption with Haha and Seung Gi: What is this amazing coffee ? If you share this video, 1,000 people will receive Marley Coffee

Haha: Mmmm…this coffee smell that’s driving me crazy! Exactly what kind of coffee is it? I’m asking what kind it is!

Seung Gi: Hyung~ it’s Jamaica Blue Mountain!!

Closing caption: Making daily life more premium. Marley Coffee.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

2 thoughts on “Marley Coffee to Release Online CF Monday, April 20

  1. Hey, so I was wondering if you have time this summer, you can translate Nonstop5 episodes and I’ll sub the videos . We can upload them then for Airens all over the world so they can have some Seung Gi dose while he serves.

    Of course if you have time, and you don’t need to adjust the time, I can understand some bits (to know what is said when, thank you dramas and Seung Gi songs!)

    • Thank you for the offer to sub and encode Amel! Unfortunately, my summer schedule will be very hectic starting in mid May and I’m already worried about having time to blog on a daily basis. We’ll see when the time comes. Thanks! ^^

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