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Airen 6~ Go Home! Seung Gi Has A Video Message For You ~


This evening, Seung Gi left a video message in the Airen zone regarding his new album. I tweeted translations under my twitter account @elisem1902. I asked the official Airen fanclub if non Airen 6 fans could also view his video message on my blog. They replied by saying:

@elisem1902 This video message can only be viewed in the Airen zone because (he) sent it to fanclub members. You may be curious but we ask for your understanding.  Since there will be good news soon, please wait a bit~ thank you always ^^

I will only share what the Airen fanclub tweeted ~ a screencap, since that is in the public domain along with Seung Gi’s fashion from a keen eyed Airen in Japan.  The video message was filmed in a recording studio and he teases us by playing a single chord on the computer from one of his new songs. Many Korean Airens tweeted about this, so I don’t see anything wrong in mentioning it since that is also in the public domain. Not to mention, it is also in the screencap that the official Airen fanclub tweeted to the public below.  All I will say is that Seung Gi said he will come back with a new album in May or early June and he says it is sure to satisfy.

koni videomessage shirtCredit: AIREN_fanclub, koni_sptlsg

To view his message: leeseunggi.com, Airenzone

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

3 thoughts on “Airen 6~ Go Home! Seung Gi Has A Video Message For You ~

  1. *sigh* Hook is the best promoter ever /s
    “it is sure to satisfy” I’m sure I’ll like anything from him (since I’m listening to some of his songs that are far from my taste. The Seung Gi effect), I’ll wait for it.

    Elise, please watch that video once again, this time thinking you’re me and I’m the one watching it 😥

    #I’m not making sense, bear with me 😛

    Thank you again for your updates :*

    • Hi Amel~ it sounds like you’ve had a long day already…Seung Gi was the one who actually said it…he seemed a bit older and really into his work on the album. In any case, hope you have a good day. ^^♥

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