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[You’re All Surrounded ] NG Scenes from Japan DVD Set 1 with Commentary

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The 1st DVD Set of You’re All Surrounded will be released on May 2nd in Japan. Here is a short clip of NGs from that set.

Credit: NBC Universal Entertainment

The director calls it an NG because he wants the P4 team to walk together. Go Ara makes sure by asking,”You want us to come together, Director?” The second time, Ara cracks up at the guy holding the reflector and she apologizes to the director. Seung Gi also chimes in and jokingly chides the crew member by asking if the guy can also have someone flutter a reflector for him also. Finally, if you listen closely, you’ll notice that the director calls Ahn Jae Hyeon “Tae Il” instead of by his real name when they’re not filming.  Seung Gi can’t stop being goofy in the background and another cast/crew member asks him what he’s doing. LOL.  🙂

English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

One thought on “[You’re All Surrounded ] NG Scenes from Japan DVD Set 1 with Commentary

  1. Seung Gi looks so funny in this scene 😀

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