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[English Lyrics] Temperature by Lee Seung Gi

Credit: leeseunggi01

Korean Lyrics/English translation:

그대를 볼수록 그대를 알면 알수록

하나부터 열까지 난 궁금한게 많아져요

바보 같은 나 내어디가 좋은건지

어떡하면 그대가 더웃을 수 있는지~


The more I watch you, the more I get to know you

I grow more curious 

I wonder what it is you like about an idiot like me

I wonder what I can do to make you laugh more~



이런 날 보며 걱정하듯 말했죠

가만히 내 심장소릴 들으며

우리의 마음의 온도가 언제나

따뜻했으면 한다고,

혼자서만 식어 가면 싫다고..



Watching me, you said as though you were worried

While silently listening to our heart beats

You hoped that our heart’s temperatures

Would always be warm 

And that you didn’t want your heart to grow cold alone..


내 품에서 마음내려 놓아요~

아무 생각하지 말고 쉬어요

내 작은가슴에 넘치는 이 사랑이

그댈지킬 수 있으니까..



Be at rest in my embrace~

Don’t think about anything, just rest

Because this overwhelming feeling of love in my small heart

Can protect you…


흔히들 사랑에도 

필요한게 참 많다는걸

마음만으로는 안되는 현실이란걸

내게~ 말해주지만..


Most people think that even in love, 

there are so many things we yearn for

A reality that isn’t enough to hold in our hearts

You tell me…



바보라서 하나밖에 몰라요

그대마음 식어가도 좋아요

내작은 가슴을 모두 태워서라도

그댈 데우면되죠 지키면 되죠~

나는 원래 하나밖에 몰라요


Because I’m an idiot, I only know you

I’m okay with your heart growing cold

Even if I have to burn my small heart

I just have to warm you and protect you

From the start, I only knew you



그게 그대라서 너무 좋아요

내작은 가슴이 너치도록 


한없이 예쁜 그대니까~


I love you because you’re you

To the point where my small heart is overwhelmed 

and my breath is taken away

Because you’re endlessly beautiful~


Korean Lyrics and English translation credits go to onehallyu.com

English translation edit by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever