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Happy 1st Anniversary ‘You’re All Surrounded!’


Time really flies. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since the first broadcast of Seung Gi’s drama, ‘You Are All Surrounded’.  My excitement as an Airen also prompted me to join the English subbing team on Viki.com with this drama, so it’s also been a year since I’ve been volunteering as a Korean subber and editor for various Kdramas.  All those sleepless nights subbing and editing were truly worth it. Seung Gi is truly an inspiration. Congratulations Seung Gi and the YAAS cast and crew. We miss Dae Gu Dae Gu!

aaasti collageCredit: aaasti_

These fanvideos are posted in chronological order:

“Because he’s a complete nutcase, if he goes nuts, everyone dies. My choice is YOU!”

“I came…Mom”

“It’s been a long time, Team Leader Seo…”

“Mom, please, you can’t die! Who did this?!”

Credit: haesong225

YAAS fanvideos by my all time favorite K-Airen fanvideo maker Paas 파쓰:

Credit: Paas (파쓰)via dclsg


English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

11 thoughts on “Happy 1st Anniversary ‘You’re All Surrounded!’

  1. Hi, Elisem!
    Please help me to get to that page where 파쓰 posted her videos. I beg you!!!!

    • Hi Ellena,

      Type in her name 파쓰 or fanvideo in the search box.


      • I am very sorry. I didn’t make myself clear. Let me reformulate, please!
        I just need your help to find her. I wonder if she has a blog, an account somewhere on the net, so I can get in touch with her. She is the most awesome video editor I know. I admire her creations very very very much ever since 2010, when I discovered one of her videos. Would you please help me? Unfortunatelly, I don’t know Korean, yet, but I would manage to make an account on whatever site just to have the chance to send her a message.

      • No one knows her blog. She is a mystery to everyone. She posts on dclsg or other DC inside galleries depending on who she fangirls about. She is very selective about who she replies to, the best bet is to make an account in dclsg and wait for her to post. She is an enigma to all her fans which are many. 🙂

      • Here https://www.youtube.com/user/swoddss/videos are most of her videos. I don’t know if swoddss is really her or someone who found the videos she posted on dcinside and then reuploaded them on yt. I guess is her because she never replied to any of my messages 😛 I’ll even try to talk to those who ever talked to her 😀

  2. This drama is also my very first I watched live! It aired at 2 pm (my country’s timing) and I always skipped afternoon classes to watch it *_*, so many good memories! Definitly worth it, and I hope I can take Korean language classes, by the time SeungGi does another drama, I’ll understand it 😛

  3. This is the 1st drama I watch online every week bcz I can’t wait until it’s subbed. when it was aired in Korea I watched it too so there was no subtitle, 😀 .. Just watched it seriously but I was really clueless, LOL

    • Hi Rahma, I used to have some ppl follow me just for live updates…I tweeted the main points as I watched it on TV at home. It was good practice before I had to sub it when the segmented video came out around 12:30am KST later that night on Viki.com. I was up all night subbing and editing so for 2 months, I had major panda eyes. LOL. It was worth it because we had an awesome team and the subbed version was the first to be released the next morning around 6am KST compared to other Kdrama sites.

      • It’s awesome. Meanwhile I had to wait until 2 days for Indo sub, :-D, It was too long I couldn’t wait, that’s why I watched it online without sub, LOL. Then I rewatched after Indo sub was available. Such a wasting time, but I didn’t care as long as I can see Seung Gi’s face, 😀

      • That’s awesome, Elise! Congrats to your first anniversary with Viki.com and to YAAS drama!! I watched few dramas from Viki too! So thankful for the english subtitles! I was checking daily through Viki on the new episodes for YAAS! LOL! I just can’t wait!
        BIG thanks to you and the team for the amazing hard work and staying endless nights!! Fightingg!! =) Luv and miss the drama and Dae Gu lots! I feel like watching the drama tonight! =D

  4. Missing daegu daegu 😍😍. Seems I should rewatch this drama ^^

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