Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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15.05.21~ Severance Hospital Family Concert ~ Fancams 2


I’ll Give You All:

Will You Marry Me:

Credit: lsg λΉ›λ‚˜λ‹€

I’ll Give You All + Ment:

Credit: sh Reine

Translation for the ment coming soon. Thank you for your patience. I’ve been having an extremely hectic week and don’t have time for translations.

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15.05.21~ Severance Hospital Family Concert Fanpics 2 & Fancams

chicbois_uniCredit: chicbois_uni

91_mi_kyungCredit: 91_mi_kyung

sharon33tfa sharon33tfb sharon33tfcCredit: sharon33tf

kur_568Credit: kur568

CFgX4oaUUAAfnrb CFgX4zLUEAQ7wAj CFgX5GtUgAA_yqu CFgX47yUMAAuAFXCredit: drizzle0113

Short fancams of Seung Gi singing:

‘I Will Give You All’



Credit: suumni_

‘Will You Marry Me’

Credit: minniee1001


Credit: yoonie0

Seung Gi and Teacher Lee Sun Hee leaving the hospital:

miyeon.yu.12Credit: miyeon.yu.12

young.heeeeCredit: young.heeee

_Floral_Credit: _FLORAL_

Seung Gi exiting the hospital:

CFgf1OkUMAAT-pq CFgf1_vVAAA7uKSCredit: mijoi75

Lucky Airen! That’s her hand that Seung Gi is holding!Β  πŸ™‚

sharon33tfd sharon33tfeCredit: sharon33tf

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15.05.21~ Severance Hospital Family Concert Fanpics 1

severancedclsgCredit: lja0621

Sign for Family Concert with Lee Seung Gi and Lee Sun Hee, Ham Chun Ho(guitar), Choi Tae Hwan(piano) at Yonsei Severance Hospital’s Main Lobby. Held this afternoon at 12pm KST.

Seung Gi sang ‘I will give you all ‘, ‘Will you marry me’, and ‘Return’. Credit: bpimk

posterPoster for Family Concert

Credit: dclsg

web_3745430539_cbf89d8f_PicsArt_1432181715025 web_3745430539_2e76f561_PicsArt_1432181606942 web_3745430539_0c5dfe4b_PicsArt_1432181661188CFgHM5aUkAATmU1 CFgHMMCUgAAGF-5web_3745423938_e2802e7b_C360_2015-05-21-13-49-47-387-1_0 web_3745423938_84b19993_C360_2015-05-21-13-51-05-872-1_0 CFgUtjtUEAAbXYjCFgUuU_UsAAST7WCFgUv0CVEAASmarCFgUvAZUkAAfEsMCFgIVHPUUAAvApK CFgIWAbUsAAaqrT CFgIWK5VIAExX8e CFgJ0YTUUAAUGb5 CFgJ1S_UEAEfjvs CFgJ2ciUUAAu7fzCredit: dclsg, bbalkang_redK, qlcksms01, 2009Ran, sgeyelashes