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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

[English translation] 15.05.21~ Full Set of Severance Hospital Family Concert Fancams ~ Lee Seung Gi & Lee Sun Hee

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Credit: mijoi75

Seung Gi: It’s nice to meet you. I’m sincerely happy and very excited because many people have gathered here.  I’m sincerely happy that we have a special stage, and for me, a special opportunity. Today, on behalf of everyone, I’ve really prepared a lot and I think I’m much more nervous on this stage than during my personal concerts. Everyone, you’ve come with high expectations, right? (Audience shouts: YES!). Can the second and 3rd floor hear me? Wow, thank you so much. In the future, for everyone who has come today and so that you can keep up your spirits towards recovery, I would like to give you a gift of good memories. You’ll do it together with me, right? (Audience: YES!). I’ll greet you with my first song, Return.

I’ll Give You All:

Credit: mijoi75

Seung Gi: I think I really sang it nervously but I hope in a small way, it will be a source of strength to you while you are in the hospital. Earlier, I told you that standing on this stage was a special opportunity. To be honest, I thought having a close one or family member who was ill was something that happened to someone else. However, my agency’s CEO, who helped make the name ‘Lee Seung Gi’ since high school, has currently been admitted to this hospital for a long time.  Truthfully, I went through a lot of suffering and mental confusion. As I visited this hospital frequently and saw hospital life~ I passed by the pediatrics ward and the rehabilitation medicine ward~ I thought how difficult it must be for the caregivers/families. Because it’s not something that I’ve been through, it’s not something that I dare relate to though I think it will be very difficult for the caregivers and family members. I related to that and that’s how I ended up on this stage. So, I hope everyone can take away some strength from today’s stage.  I’ll try to create a cool stage today for the children in front of me and other patients here. Please look forward to it. Today, I’ve been doing volunteer work and talent donation but the best concert staff who have always been with me have come. Really, the nation’s best musicians have joined me. First, by my side is guitarist Hahm Chun Ho. I ask for a big round of applause. You’ve seen him on TV at least once or twice, right? (Audience: YES!) To my right is my piano teacher, our band master and truly the best pianist, Choi Tae Hwan.  Also, including my song, those who have created beautiful music, I ask for a big round of applause for our many string instrumentalists.  Out of all other times, I had difficulty selecting my signature song. At the end of much deliberation, I chose my remake song, ‘I’ll Give You All’.

Will You Marry Me?:

Credit: mijoi75

Seung Gi: Did you enjoy it? (Audience: YES!) For some reason, it’s been a really long time since I’ve sung at such an early time. Perhaps it’s because it’s in front of you that I’m feeling the excitement as if I’m singing at 10pm. Thank you so much for taking interest in this performance. In the future, I hope to take more interest in people around me who are not as healthy as myself. At one time, I said with words that I volunteered a lot and once in a while gave donations. I thought that I was still helping many people but coming to the hospital and seeing things directly were quite different. I thought a hospital had not only patients and caregivers, but also distinguished doctors and nurses. Their sincerity and as the people in this hospital may know, the people who mobilize patients, staff at the information desk, and including the caregivers who do work that is difficult even for family members, I believe their presence is a big source of strength and comfort to everyone. Please continue to keep up your spirits up in the future. Although it’s difficult for me to dare to say “Everything will definitely be okay”, I believe that with the will and good energy, you will definitely get better soon. You’ll do that, right? Fighting everyone! Fighting! Now, I’ll sing the final song before handing the stage over to my teacher, Lee Sun Hee . I was thinking about what song to sing.  I heard this song was a direct request from the nurses in the rehabilitation ward. I will ask the dancers to come up on stage and sing ‘Will You Marry Me’.  People who know it, please sing along.

Teacher Lee Sun Hee:

I’m Always Missing You

Meet Him Among Them:


Credit: mijoi75

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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  1. Yes, visit hospital is a Value.helpful work. Lee seung gy did many useful things. Very like oppa

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