Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

[English] Message from Seung Gi


To Airens whom I miss~~~ ♡♡

To Airens whom I miss~ How are you doing?
This week was a busy one with filming a music video and a cameo on The Producers!
You know that The Producers will air tonight, right?ㅋㅋ

Also today, the sweltering hot weather is for a change… moist due to timely rain.. ㅎㅎ
Because I think my Airens are waiting a lot and are looking forward to Lee Seung Gi’s 6th Album,
I am happy but on the other hand, the end result has to be good… this burden is heavy~

Since I’m releasing an album in a long time, it seems that I’m nervous~ Whew….^^;;
As a result, I’m putting more work making many more changes compared to the original work
The scheduled release date has been slightly postponed from June 4th … As I tell you this first,
I carefully ask for your understanding. 

As I was working on small details more..and more –;;
I became greedy and ended up doing work called mixing several times, so 6 days later 
On June 10th is the day I decided to release my album!!!!!!

I ask my Airens for your understanding regarding the unavoidable necessity of it being late! 
It’s filled to the brim with my heart so that it will last a long time!  Filled~~~~~to the brim!!!!! Since I will gift you with an album that contains this, please wait a little bit^^
I just kept on saying let’s meet soon….
For real, let’s soon! Soon! Soon!!!! Meet~ ^^
Wishing for the 6th album to be daebak! You’ll do that for me, right~~?^^
I love you!!!!!!!

Source: leeseunggi.com
Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever
Please give proper credit and a link back to my post if you plan on using my translation. Thank you! ^^

2 thoughts on “[English] Message from Seung Gi

  1. Some 1 night 2 days episodes, I hear Voice of Lee Seung Gy, very Warm.Romance. Have a Success , oppa

  2. Read this message again & again, I can’t stop smile, seems my face is blushing ♥♥♥

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