Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

[English] Entertainment Today~ Lee Seung Gi Reveals Teaser MV to Title Song ‘And Goodbye’

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Credit: MBC News uploaded by seunggiairen

With his comeback coming up on the 10th, singer/Actor Lee Seung Gi revealed the teaser video for his album’s title song, “And Goodbye”, yesterday.  Lee Seung Gi, dressed in a tidy suit with a melancholy expression on the backdrop of a lyrical melody, is intensifying our curiosity.  Lee Seung Gi’s title song, “And Goodbye”, is by star composer Kim Do Hoon (who also wrote ‘Will You Marry Me?”, “Like the First Time”, “Words That Are Hard to Say”, etc.).  It is a popular melody that is easy to sing along to and the charming lyrics are known to be a ‘Lee Seung Gi brand’ ballad, raising high expectations.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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