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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi’s Official Instagram’s Latest Video Update


All 8 of Seung Gi’s songs are the top #10 on Daum’s Ranking Chart as of 11pmKST. As of 10:30pm KST, Lee Seung Gi’s title song, “And Goodbye” is #5 on the instiz_ichart. Earlier this evening at 8pm KST, all 8 of Seung Gi’s songs were among the top 10 on Daum’s Real Time Ranking Chart. Can’t wait to see his song rankings going up and up tomorrow! Please understand that I work full time and come home close to 11pm KST so hourly posts and updates are not possible for me. I’ll do my best to post updates that I feel are absolutely necessary and/or require translations. Thanks for your understanding! 🙂

This video was posted on Seung Gi’s official instagram at 8:25pm KST:

Credit: leeseunggi.official

“Thank you for loving the ~😘

#AndGoodbye #Wind #Love #Do you #YouandMe #Friend #CarryingaBackpack #AllThatTimeWeSpentTogether


Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

3 thoughts on “Lee Seung Gi’s Official Instagram’s Latest Video Update

  1. That is awesome and so so well deserved for Seunggi~~I crazy loving for all the songs. Thank you Elise for all you do to keep the International fans up to date on the latest news of Seunggi. We very much appreciate all you do:)

  2. thanks to his hard work , we Airen who are far away from Korea could feel closer to Lee Seung Gi thanks to all of you, so do not ever feel bored convey any concerns Oppa , because if not you we will feel increasingly distant… Gumawooo ^.^

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