Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

15.06.12 KBS2 Music Bank Fanpics 1

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Because there are just waaay too many fanpics and preview fanpics out there, I’ve chosen just the ones that I felt were the best out of the ones posted on SNS.

CHSzCebVEAABrIUSeung Gi’s fashion for the day was a Bomber Jacket by Thom Browne

Credit: koni_sptlsg

11163803_383145491882678_1187934441184928414_n 17186_383145548549339_7453385315785662331_n 10363362_383125415218019_8275890618938165387_n 1610776_383103458553548_2523854148444141503_n 11391253_383145505216010_905151892547813918_n 11392808_383125335218027_1781247965787963708_n 11390553_383125345218026_8777406527384240801_n 18910_383125365218024_4621306918941368405_n 11392876_383125375218023_2626421638067412789_n 11401193_383145498549344_4097105616009290352_n 11392870_383103211886906_810571419513533199_n 11390028_383099475220613_5280360781431460891_n 11390289_383099491887278_8031067182079053353_n 11401263_383099551887272_2836708970335496956_n 11401485_383145545216006_5438954240160405653_nCredit: joy_king1989, seyong007, wonsoyoung0113, weibo, renyang

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