Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

[KWAVE Magazine, June 2015] Lee Seung Gi Interview Photo HQ Scans 2


Thanks once again to jejuslov for sending me HQ images to share. ^^ There is an English translation of Seung Gi’s interview after the Korean version. Please double click on the image to enlarge and read. Enjoy!  🙂

wpid-wp-1435508184410.jpeg wpid-wp-1435508198287.jpeg wpid-wp-1435508217458.jpeg wpid-wp-1435508231038.jpeg wpid-wp-1435508291143.jpeg wpid-wp-1435508304797.jpeg wpid-wp-1435508329694.jpeg wpid-wp-1435508340929.jpeg wpid-wp-1435508319197.jpeg

Credit: jejuslov

2 thoughts on “[KWAVE Magazine, June 2015] Lee Seung Gi Interview Photo HQ Scans 2

  1. That last picture is just………… I think I need air

  2. Yes, a famous person is very Intelligent, must pure image. Same as Lee Beung Hun, is not equivalent. Bad image is not equivalent with leave Rich and Famous. Bad image and Scandals, will go with full life of anyone, but Famous and Rich not must always go with anyone. Lee Seung Gy is very Intelligent. I very like Lee Seung Gy in 2 Days and 1 Night, romance films. Lee Seung Gy says very Charming, Clever, Soft Voice, Big Eyes, Atractive Smile, Manly. He is not very Handsome as Lee Min Ho and Jang Hyuk, but more and more see, will more and more feel very Atractive. Have Lee Seung Gy always Happy and Success

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