Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

[English] Goonghap Main Trailer

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Credit: CJ Entertainment Official


Caption 1: Reading relationships is…

Caption 2: Thump thump

Seo Do Yoon: Reading relationships isn’t that simple. 

Caption 3: In the middle of analyzing a relationship

Caption 4: Seems like fate

Caption 5: that maybe isn’t

Caption 6: but maybe is

Caption 7: you?

Seo Do Yoon: It’s because your fate changes depending on the counterpart you meet.  I’m Seo Do Yoon, who will be reading the marital harmony during the selection ceremony of the princess’ husband.

Caption 8: Joseon’s best diviner, Seo Do Yoon.

Seo Do Yoon: If it’s Princess Song Hwa, I heard she’s had a very unfortunate destiny since she was born.

Caption 9: Very Unfortunate Destiny, Princess Song Hwa

Boy: She can’t get married because she’s ugly.

Caption 10: Find the candidate for the princess’ husband with the perfect marital harmony!

Servant: Your highness, the selection for your future husband has begun!

Princess Song Hwa: What’s the use of knowing only his name? I don’t even know what his face looks like.

Male servant: Her highness has been leaving the palace and spying on the candidates one by one.

Caption 11: Candidate 1, Highly ambitious

Candidate 1: Will I be able to become the princess’ husband like this?

Caption 12: Candidate 2, Best filial piety

Caption 13: Candidate 3, Most handsome

Caption 14: Part of a dynamic series by the producer of <The Face Reader>

Seo Do Yoon: Why are you snooping around a stranger’s house?

Candidate 3: That woman…

Seo Do Yoon: Don’t go near her.

Princess Song Hwa: Why do you keep following me?

Seo Do Yoon: She caught wind of who I am.

Man: Exactly where is her highness?

Caption 15: Find the perfect match in Joseon!

Seo Do Yoon: Please allow me to read your marital harmony.

Caption 16: Goonghap

Caption 17: Come watch it on 2/28!


English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever




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