Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

About Me and Lee Seung Gi Forever

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am completely new to blogging, but after my group for Lee Seung Gi on Facebook grew, I realized that I needed a more organized format for presenting Seung Gi fans with the latest information.  In addition, I wanted to archive my posts so that they wouldn’t disappear with time.  Thank you for stopping by my site.  Right now, it may not look like much, but I am a fast learner, and in time, I will learn the ropes on becoming a better, more professional blogger.

A little about me and this blog.  This blog is dedicated to Lee Seung Gi, my all time favorite singer/actor/MC as well as my readers who come from all parts of the world.  Because Seung Gi is South Korean, much of the news about him has to be translated, and I know that clips and articles about him for non-native Korean speakers can be frustrating.  This is where I hope to be of help.  I am a native Korean speaker so I will be providing direct translations from Korean sources whenever possible.  I believe in translating from the original Korean source as information tends to get lost in translation when translated from Korean to another language back to English again.

The Korean language has many subtle nuances that are hard to express and when these are missed during translation, it can change the entire meaning of the statement.  This only gets worse when that translation gets translated into English, which has limited words to express the subtleties of the Korean language.  I was born in Seoul, South Korea and have lived in the United States all my life.  I moved back to South Korea a few years ago so I am lucky to be living in the same country as Seung Gi. So, in a nutshell, I am Korean-American and a US citizen.  I have also taken up studies in Japanese so that I can directly follow Seung Gi’s activities in Japan instead of relying on translated sources.  It is amazing how inspiring he is and how much he has encouraged me to learn a new language. I have met many helpful Japanese Airens this way and hope to meet many more Airens from around the world.

The goal of this blog is to spread Seung Gi’s love to all Airens by translating news about him into the universal language, English.  While we’re on this topic, I ask my readers to to PLEASE COMMENT IN ENGLISH OR LEAVE AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION NEXT TO YOUR COMMENT.  This is to maintain fairness to all readers of my blog who may not understand your native language.  If it is not possible, please leave the name of the language you speak after your comment so that I can have it translated.  The main focus of my blog is to provide accurate English translations from original Korean or Japanese sources. My goal is to create a close knit and cozy atmosphere where readers feel comfortable commenting without fear of retalitation from other members.  Should that occur, administrative action through WordPress will be taken and that reader will be permanently banned from posting on this site.

Thank you for visiting my blog as it is only at its humble beginnings. In time, I will be moving all my postings from my facebook group onto WordPress to fill in the empty gaps.   I sincerely appreciate all the support I have received from fellow Airens in making this a reality!


Elise Min, author of Lee Seung Gi Forever

October 7, 2013

21 thoughts on “About Me and Lee Seung Gi Forever

  1. Hi Elise…thanks a lot for your efforts that there is something so worthwhile to get into. may you be safe and happy…from Pasig City, Philippines

  2. May I ask what airens means?

  3. Hi Elise! Thank you so much for creating thing blog especially for Lee Seung Gi. I just started getring addicted to kdrama last 2016. Yeah, I am such a late bloomer, hahaha! I’ve seen numbers of dramas and have enjoyed all of it and all stars in it, but Lee Seung Gi is the only one that I have gotten addicted to this much! 😆😀😀 It is all because of his soothing, charismatic, sexy and beautiful voice. It’s the first music I listen to and the last before I sleep. I am soooo in-love with his voice and his personality.

    That’s why I am very happy to have dound this blog, a great avenue to express my support to our beloved Lee Seung Gi.

    Thank you again so much and keep up your great work here!

    Til next time!!!

    Pamela from the Philippines

  4. Hi Elise, thank you very much for making this site!

  5. Hi Elise, thank you for making this site, I will follow it carefully! ❤

  6. Hello Elise, I’m a fan of LSG in Vietnam. I adore him so much and his amazing work. Me and my friend are looking forward to his fan meeting this time if he has any intend to hold one. I wonder if you have any information about this. I’m hoping to receive you response soon. Wishing you well and happy new year.

  7. Hello, I see that you have not posted anything in awhile.and post nothing in my email. Are you ok? I am just a little worry . I hope you will be posting soon about our Lee Seung Gi

  8. Hi Elise, I am a big fan of Lee Seung GI. I watched all of his dramas and his new movie Love Forecast. I downloaded his songs on my phone and listen to it even while I’m working! I find his song and his voice relaxing! Even though I don’t understand most of the lyrics but I can feel the emotion and passion on his voice that made me listen to it all over and over again. I even watched his concerts in You Tube… My favorite is his 2010 concert where he sang with Buhwal. Like You, to be able to understand him and all about him, I wanna learn Korean language too and I wanna meet or see him in person and ask for his picture with an autograph. Thank you for making this blog and hoping to see more posts about our Lee Seung GI. 😉
    – Cherry C. from Winnipeg, Canada.

  9. Congras Oppa saranghaeyooo i am from Indonesia and i really really love you oppa

  10. I have never been a fan of any korean actor but when i first watched him on YAS, I really like the way he acts. Great acting skills then I downloaded all of his songs, I actually even memorized most of them, then I watched every single series he made. I must say LSG is really talended! I love this kid!!! I hope he can visit Philippines soon

  11. I was wondering if Lee Seung Gi fans can write or send in a petition to have a gu family book 2 there is a lot of fans that want this. I am talking about the airens, please help and try to get this done for all the fans that want this.

  12. Love your blog!,,,
    Hope we can be friends, i love seung gi so much

  13. hi… hope we can be 친구
    I also like Lee Seung Gi. I like his song, I like his movie as well.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Love your blog!!

  15. Thanks for your effort and for sharing such beautiful pictures of this beautiful man, LSG better every day … it really is an amazing human being .. – I love everything about him

  16. Congratulations….. I am from India and really love Lee Seung Gi i want to create the first fan page for him from India but i am a bit scared about getting information etc and managing it… Can u help me with it….

  17. congratulations ^.^ thanks for all ur efforts

  18. whaaaa ^^ hwaiting to your blog eonni! 🙂

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