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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] 5 Minute Music Video Broadcast Countdown D-1 Until Seung Gi’s Birthday!

Because We’re Friends

Credit: seunggitown

English translation:

Seung Gi: I’m nervous and excited

MC: I’d like to sincerely welcome everyone to Cafe Tonight which opens only for tonight. I’ll be hosting Lee Seung Gi’s 5 Minute Music Broadcast, my name is Park Ji Yoon. It’s nice to meet you. Everyone has been anxiously waiting for this moment. The person that we’ve anxiously been waiting for has the current nickname of “Daesae” (meaning Megatrend in Korean). Ranging from Crown Prince all the way to Megatrend. In short, he’s a singer who can accomplish anything.  The currently released album is ranked 5th in the nation. It seems like Lee Seung Gi’s image will always be reminiscent of a young boy or teen. Right here, we will present to you for the very first time a live performance of Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Because We’re Friends’.

Seung Gi: Compared to my established ballads, this one is different. It has a strong rock beat sound as its base, the synthesizer comes in strong and takes the lead while the drum beat adds a lot of rock into this song.

Seung Gi at the end of his performance: I’m very happy that I was able to pull this off with my staff and think I’ll be able to sleep well after a long time.


I was going to embrace your shoulders because you were crying
But I just put my hand down
Because I’m a friend, a friend, a friend
I’m just a good friend to you

I want to go to that guy who is hurting you and punch him but
I can’t, I can’t I can’t
Anyway, I can’t be anything more than just a friend

* I want to suddenly hug you, kiss you on the lips
Comfort you, who would be surprised
And be the one who will make you happy
I want to tell you these things but I only clench my fist
Eventually, I can’t say those words
Like a coward, I make an excuse for my heart – we’re just friends

Because I’m afraid of your obvious rejection
Because we might not be able to even be friends
I love you, I love you, I love you
I hide those words that I want to tell you

* repeat

If I wait one more day, I wonder if you will look at me
Every time I see you crying
I get so mad that my heart feels like it will burst and cry

Although I hurt as much as you hurt
Although I swallow my tears
I can’t go a step closer to you
I deceive my heart saying that we’re just friends
And like a fool, I just cry inside
And on the outside, pretending to be a good person,
I just say, we’re friends

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

English lyrics credit: Popgasa

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D-1 till the Hope Concert! Lee Seung Gi’s 5 Minute Music Broadcast ‘Tonight’

Since so much has happened today with the release of new teasers, CF clips, the first broadcast of Nunas over Flowers and MBC’s broadcast of their documentary ‘Insects, their Great Instinct” narrated by Seung Gi, tonight has been a busy one for Seung Gi and Airens.  It is also the night before the first day of tomorrow’s Seoul Hope Concert. I’m sure everyone who is attending is getting their cameras and cell phones ready tonight.  In honor of all these events, I have chosen Seung Gi’s song ‘Tonight’ to mark the 1 day countdown to his big day tomorrow.

Credit: jaew38

English translation:

Hello! I’m Park Ji Yoon, your host for Lee Seung Gi’s 5 Minute Music Broadcast.  For exactly 5 minutes, in a broadcast that lasts for 5 minutes which is enough to tantalize viewers, it’s the 5 Minute Music Broadcast. Today, Lee Seung Gi will be appearing as a radio DJ guest and will be performing live. Even though I worry that Seung Gi might suffer in DJ Byun’s hands, it’s time for the broadcast. Should we take a listen?

DJ Byun Gi Soo: Today I will be hosting the show with top star singer Lee Seung Gi. Hello!

Seung Gi: Yes, Hello.

DJ Byun: Now, today’s first note has arrived.  Hello, I’m Kim Ma Yeol who lives in ….Actually, there’s something I have to confess.  The other day, Lee Seung Gi proposed to me. (Seung Gi looking shocked) He told me that he’s never seen a woman like me and kissed me. (Screams and laughter) Now, for Kim Ma Yeol who insists that she’s shared a kiss with Lee Seung Gi, I’ll play a song for you.  It’s sung by Vibe called ‘Are you crazy’? (Seung Gi cracks up) Kim Ma Yeol shi, come to your senses. If you’re not careful, you could be sued.  Today, top star Lee Seung Gi has appeared. Since you’re here, why don’t you say everything that you’ve wanted to say?

Seung Gi: I’m in the middle of considering whether I should introduce a new song from my 5th album.

DJ Byun: That’s fine with me. In order to help you promote your new song, you must answer my questions with the title of your new song.

Seung Gi: of course!

DJ Byun: From now on, I will start asking you questions. Now, Lee Seung Gi shi, you have an actress that you like in your heart.

Seung Gi: Yes, there is

DJ Byun: Now, when are you going to meet that actress?

Seung Gi: laughs and says “Tonight”

DJ Byun: Wow! There’s no hesitation. Then, when are you going to confess your feelings to the actress?

Seung Gi: Tonight

DJ Byun: Ah! Ok, that’s good. Now, besides Kim Ma Yeol shi, when are you going to share a kiss with the actress?

Seung Gi: looking embarrassed and gives a nervous laugh. “Tonight!”

DJ Byun: Then, when are you going to let us hear that song?

Seung Gi: Tonight~!!

DJ Byun: Now then, please let us hear it. Lee Seung Gi will be singing it, Tonight!

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever