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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Lee Seung Gi Instagram Update 6/5/2018


14th Debut Anniversary!!! Thanks for always being together with me!!! #debut #14thanniversary #thankyou


English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


[English] From Seung Gi ~ June 5, 2018

Thank you to the fans who have been together with me for 14 years since my debut                                                                                             2018.06.05



Hello, it’s Seung Gi^^
I’m leaving a letter after a long time.  After greeting you once in a while through the company Instagram, I’m a bit late greeting you.  For being an entertainer who is not confident about writing posts or taking photos, I’m sorry. haha.

2004, June 5th.
I still can’t forget the day when I stood in front of everyone for the first time as a senior in high school singing ‘Because You’re My Woman’ while sweating buckets on a program called Music Core.  It’s because it was one of the days when I was the most nervous in my life.

Lyrics and melody that were overflowing with spirit and vigor.
Things like humor and talent were so hidden away that they were not visible. I want to sincerely thank the fans who were together with such a lacking entertainer called Lee Seung Gi from his debut in 2004 or perhaps later up until now.

It’s an emotion that I didn’t feel in the past, but out of the numerous charming and cool entertainers in Korea, I am thankful and happy that you chose a person like me.
If it weren’t for everyone’s support and love, I might not be where I am.

When I first debuted, I looked up towards my seniors who had been active for at least 10 years.
Will I also be able to be an entertainer for that long?
It doesn’t seem long when there was a time I looked up to others with yearning while thinking,”If I do this for 10 years, wouldn’t I realize the truth about the entertainment industry?” I’ve been in this occupation for 14 years now. haha. To be honest, if someone were to ask if I were a specialist in my field, I think I would answer “no”.

It’s because I’m still really uncertain, curious, and trying to overcome my limits by facing them.

Also, I thought it was a really thankful event if I was even able to safely make a comeback after being discharged from the military. Including drama, variety, and even the movies, I think I worked with an enormous amount of passion for 6 months without any time for rest.
Everyone was a huge source of strength for this successful comeback.^^

Already, we’re halfway into 2018 and June 5th is my 14th anniversary.
Compared to the time I want to spend with you, 14 years is absolutely not a long time, but I am blessed considering the fact that I was able to come this far without any huge accidents.
I consider myself a happy person.

Along with today’s 14th anniversary congratulatory news, there was also good news in the press, right?
Articles about the confirmation of the drama ‘Vagabond’ haha
Through acquaintances, I heard that fans were also looking forward to news about this drama.
I’m happy that I will be able to show everyone the character and work that you want to see.

Since this work will be broadcasted pre-recorded, I won’t be able to meet you as quickly as pre-existing dramas. However, I’ve put in as much effort. Through a method of work I haven’t tried before, I’ll greet you with a cool production that can become my filmographic masterpiece.  Please take it easy while waiting for it ^^

In the meantime, let’s be together while watching Master in the House^^

If I were able to replicate myself, I would be able to do what I wanted all at the same time
Seeing that there’s only one of me, there came a time when I had to take care of myself and distribute my output appropriately so that I can continue to be active for a long time. ㅠㅠ
Because of that, take your time and wait for me. I will show you things one by one as if you were peeling an onion. keke

To my fans who have always supported and loved me with an unchanging heart, thank you and I love you. It’s something that I always say but personal happiness is the most important.

Please support me with a happy heart and never overexert yourself!!!
For the rest of 2018, I will be busy working hard and thinking about what kind of charm to show you.
I will prepare^^. Take care of your health and in the future as well, let’s be together!!

To all the fans who congratulated me, I’m really thankful and I love you^^

– From Seung Gi –


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


Original Korean text: leeseunggi.com



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Teaser~ Lee Seung Gi Interview

Looking forward to this interview with Seung Gi. Thanks to Chinese speaking Airen friends and what I could gather from tweets in Chinese and Japanese, this is about Lee Seung Gi’s 11 year debut and his 6th album. I dislike using online translators, but Google translate gave me a translation of this video’s Chinese title as “Debut 11 years,”Prince of Ballads” Lee Seung Gi eager to play rock and roll” …I will post a translation of what Seung Gi says in Korean during this trailer.

Credit: letv.com uploaded by hanrize

Seung Gi in Chinese: Hello everyone! I’m Lee Seung Gi.

Seung Gi in Korean: Earlier, if I heard it’s been 10 years (since someone’s debut), I thought of them as a huge sunbaenim (senior). There’s still a lot that I don’t know…

English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Seung Gi’s fashion in this interview: KENZO ‘Metallic Curls’ Extra Trim Fit Print Sport Shirt 

kenzoCredit: koni_sptlsg

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[English] 2015.06.12 SBS Inkigayo Lee Seung Gi “And Goodbye” Interview

Credit: I love Junsu via dclsg

or depending on your country:

English translation:

Jackson: Returning with a full length 6th album is Lee Seung Gi sunbaenim!

MCs: Welcome!

Seung Gi: Nice to meet you, I’m Lee Seung Gi.

Yoojung: I heard your comeback after 3 years is your 11th debut anniversary. Congratulations!

Seung Gi: 11 years really flies by like an arrow. I’ve really aged.  (laughs)

Jackson: Oh no, not all.

Seung Gi: In any case, thanks to my fans who have been waiting for so long. I’d like it to be a good gift.

Jong-hyun: Please introduce your title song, “And Goodbye”.

Seung Gi: It’s a very Lee Seung Gi~ish ballad.  Although summer is the season for dance (music), it’s a song that brings comfort to people who like to feel emotions.

Yoojung: Then, can I ask to hear a little bit of it?

Seung Gi to Yoojung: Since you’re asking, I can’t refuse. ♫ Goodbye, goodbye, the words goodbye. It doesn’t mean the end because we’re under the same sky ♫

Jackson: Wow! Everyone in front of the TV will collapse. Please get up! Get up!

Yoojung:  We will see Lee Seung Gi’s emotional ballad comeback stage in a moment.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Lee Seung Gi’s Full Message to Japanese Fans for 6th Album


Credit: LeeSeungGiOfficialJP


Caption: Lee Seung Gi 6th Album “Soshite…”

Seung Gi: Hello, everyone. I’m Lee Seung Gi. It’s been a long time.  I missed you. I’m greeting you from my new MV set.  As it’s an album that’s being released after 2 1/2 years, expectations are very high. I hope it will be a source of strength to fans in Japan and those far away who have cheered me on. Since I’ve produced an album that will be a good gift equivalent to the time you’ve spent waiting, please give it lots of love and when you have time, please visit Korea.  I always miss you and I want to tell you that I’m always with you in spirit. Fans in Japan, I love you very, very much. Let’s meet soon with a cool album!

Japanese and Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever


[English] Information About Group Orders for Seung Gi’s 6th Album from Official Fanclub

The good news is that ALL Airens, regardless of whether you are Airen 6 or not, can participate!

It will take place in 4 rounds with each round’s deadline for applications being Thursday night with the exception of the 1st round which has a deadline of Monday night.

One reason for this is for Seung Gi’s album sales to be reflected in respective charts for album sales and music charts. They have given a disclaimer that lump shipments may take longer compared to other online sites and ask for your understanding.  Seung Gi~ya, fighting! Airens are always with you and will support you till the end!

Duration for group orders can be shortened or lengthened. (Subject to change)

Round 1 : 2015. 6.  5 (Fri) ~ 2015. 6.  8(Mon)  11:59 pm KST

Round 2 : 2015. 6.  9 (Tues) ~ 2015. 6. 11(Thurs)  11:59 pm KST

Round 3 : 2015. 6. 12 (Fri) ~ 2015. 6. 18(Thurs) 11:59 pm KST

Round 4 : 2015. 6. 19 (Fri) ~ 2015. 6. 25(Thurs) 11:59 pm KST


What’s included:

Lee Seung Gi’s 6th Album+ Limited Edition Poster + Special privileges for group order participants in order of application

In addition, you’re automatically entered into the event once your application and deposit have been confirmed

One thing I sense is a total marketing strategy here to get people to buy many albums by offering incentives like more prizes and gifts. If you’re able to buy many albums, more power to you.


★★★ Group order prices / Deposit notice ★★★

Group order price : For one album – 12,000 Won plus shipping charge

Number of albums you can order : No limit


Order amount (Deposit amount) :  Price of album + shipping (Within Korea)

Deposit amount for 1 album- 14,000 Won (Album price  12,000 Won + Shipping fee  2,000 Won)

Deposit amount 2 albums – 24,000 Won (Album price 24,000 Won+ Free Shipping)

Deposit amount for 10 albums – 120,000 Won (Album price 120,000 Won) Shipping is free if you order 2 albums or more


Deposit account : Kookmin Bank (KB bank)  602401-04-038293 최희숙 (Choi Hee Sook) (AIREN)


ACCOUNT : 602401-04-038293 CHOIHEESUK(AIREN)








TEL : +82-2-6300-9999




● Applications within Korea :  이승기 정규 6집 앨범 [그리고…] 아이렌 공동구매 신청서(국내) (Lee Seung Gi 6th Album [And…] Airen Group Purchase Application (Within Korea)


Application page URL : http://airen1004.cafe24.com/addform9/view_addform.php?fname=album6th


● Overseas Applications :  (Lee Seung Gi 6th Album [And…] Airen Group Purchase Application (Overseas)


Application page URL : http://airen1004.cafe24.com/addform9/view_addform.php?fname=6th


★★★ Shipping Fee / Shipping Dates ★★★

For orders within Korea : For 1 album 2,000원 / For 2 albums or more, shipping is free

Overseas shipping : 10 albums or less – 25,000 Won, Overseas 10 Sets or more, please email staff (iloveuairen@daum.net)

Shipping Date : As each round’s deadline ends (Thurs), they will be shipped the very next week.

For those participating in Round 1 of Group Purchases, reservations by 6/8 plan to be shipped 6/10. 

Reservations after 6/9 will be placed in Round 2.  Only applications that have confirmed deposits will have their albums shipped.

★★★ Notice about Privileges and Participation in an Event for Participants in the Airen Group Purchase  ★★★

The more people that participate in the Lee Seung Gi 6th Album [And…] Fanclub Airen group purchase, there will be extra gifts for each participant.

[Group purchase Round 1/ Round 2]

● To all purchases : Lee Seung Gi electromagnetic wave interception stickers ~ (these are a big thing in Korea, haven’t seen them on my friend’s cell phones in the USA. Stuck on your cell phone near the receiver to prevent your brain from getting fried with these bad waves) 2 types, 1 set per album. 

2 stickers, 1 set: Printed Lee Seung Gi autograph + Lee Seung Gi Official Fanclub Logo 

● Individual purchasesFor the 6 people with the greatest number of ordered albums, 6 people will be chosen to receive Lee Seung Gi’s hand autographed 6th album through a random lottery. (Round 1 and 2 combined)

● Group participants in teams –  For group participants in teams, please contact (iloveuairen@daum.net)


[Group Orders Round 3/ Round 4]

● Individual participants–  For the 3 people with the greatest number of ordered albums, 3 people will be chosen to receive Lee Seung Gi’s hand autographed copy of Bromide magazine through a random lottery.

● Group participants in teams –  For group participants in teams, please contact (iloveuairen@daum.net)

★★★ Winners of the Event and Shipment of Prizes★★★

– Bonus for Round 1, Round 2 Group Purchase Participants,  ‘Electromagnetic Wave Interception sticker set’  Shipment date : Shipped together with album

After each round ends, winners will be announced the following week. Items will be sent in bulk after round 4.

Note: One note among the many I saw to overseas Airen purchases was a note that posters will come folded as they are being sent along with the album in a box.

Please be sure to make your deposit within 24 hours of completing the application form.

If you have further questions, please email the staff at iloveuairen@daum.net.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Source: leeseunggi.com

Please give proper credit and a link back to my blog if you plan to use my translation in any way. Thank you! ^^


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Seung Gi Thanks Fans For Gifts on Instagram

This photo was uploaded around 12:40am KST tonight.

thankyougiftsCredit: leeseunggi.official

“Thank u and happy…


#AllThatTimeWeSpentTogether #BlueGreen(Pearlmint)TingedLight


Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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DC Lee Seung Gi Gallery’s Gifts to Seung Gi for 11th Debut Anniversary~ Photos



11th Debut Anniversary Event

dc11. Preparation process

Inside, the photo ticket album is filled with holes!!ㅋㅋ

We received the messages meant for Seung Gi!!

And..we were very, very thankful for the photos, snacks, (movie) tickets, and gifts~

dc22. Photo Tickets

dc33. Photo Ticket Album & Scrapbook/Planner Paper

dc44. Music Notes & Acting Notes

dc5 dc65. Case & Gift Wrap & Flower Basket

Credit: 승기 에뜨와 via dclsg

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Pre-Order Information for Lee Seung Gi’s 6th Album [And…]

Since most of my readers are International Airens, the most economical site I recommend is yesasia.com. Of course you can order from synnara records or Gmarket in Korea, but the shipping will cost you almost twice the cost of the album which is 13,400 Won ~ approx $12.50 US.  Like Gmarket and other online sites in Korea, YesAsia is also including a poster with the CD.

Here is the link: YesAsia

albumCredit: yesasia.com via Hook Entertainment