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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] Hwayugi Food Support by China Airen Video 2

Credit: @coffeegreate


#ChinaAiren #Hwayugi
#SuwonPremiumBeefRibs #Buffet Support

Every single banner was measured. A fancy and cozy #OhGongRestaurant is open. Even from far away, #LeeSeungGi love is #wonderful

English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever 


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[English] Lee Seung Gi Message to China Baidu Lee Seunggi Bar

China Baidu Lee Seunggi Bar is holding an all night support event for the Hwayugi staff and crew. Seung Gi wrote a heartwarming thank you message. 

Credit: China Baidu LeeSeunggi Bar

To China Baidu LeeSeungGi Bar♡♡♡

Thank you so much I am very touched. Because Korea is undergoing a record cold wave, it’s extremely cold. Through everyone’s support, you’ve melted my body and heart. It’s a relief that everyone finds “Hwayugi” fun. I hope that it will do even better and there will be an opportunity to meet in mainland China.

I love you♡
Lee Seung Gi


English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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2015.07.14 ~ Sina Exclusive Interview ~ Lee Seung Gi *UPDATED W/Tweet Compilation*

Credit: Sina

This is a long interview. I’ll upload it for now and post my twitter compilation here for now.

Sina interview: SG says he could’ve starved to death if he didn’t become a celebrity. Say his ddukbokki is really delicious & would like a chance to make it for others,really likes Chinese cuisine, just had some last night,but can’t eat it everyday because he will gain weight.

SG thinks Chinese Running Man seems fun. Unexpectedly found many ballad songs in Chinese music. Would like to work with Fan BingBing. There are many distinguished Chinese directors. Would like to work with them. I think that I made an album worth keeping in one’s collection. I couldn’t show you my singer side due to acting throughout the year. (YAAS & Love Forecast)

There are many songs of my personal taste in the album but “And Goodbye” is a song that gives off the feel of “this is the title song”. SG: It’s the easiest song for the public to listen to. Compared to past ballads, it’s very rhythmical & inside the lyrics, it is emotional. Please look forward to an upgraded work from me. I’m getting many drama offers. I’m looking for a different image. In my future work,I would like to play a character that shows a different side from me. Like a villain. Many people say that people w/upright image who plays a villain is scary. If that opportunity arises, I would like to take it up.

SG: I exercise daily because my body is the type that gains weight easily. I go to the dermatologist to take care of my looks, watch movies. When I work on a project, I meet many composers, play many instruments, I think I do a lot of learning. Other than that, I dine out, drink..I really like Chinese food but if I ate it everyday, I’d gain weight. I regularly eat it on special days.

I would like to open a weibo account. I am inexperienced at managing SNS so I hope my agency can take care of it. I think I will open one when I am active in China. I would like a chance to have a live fan meeting or concert. Also hope to see many contents in China. Think Running Man is very entertaining. Unexpectedly, China has many songs that have similar emotions like my songs. I thought only dance songs were popular.

Even though there is a large age gap, there are many actresses I like ~ Zhao Wei, Gong Li, & Zhang ZiYi. Learning basic Chinese~ Chinese nicknames for him lost in translation ~ why am I called a steam bun? I’m curious. Sounds friendly. Nothing is set in stone but can promise you that I will meet you with new contents. Thanks. Good bye!


Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Eo Soo Seon Arrives in Korea from China Trip

Go Ara’s first schedule after filming YAAS was to visit China. According to Seung Gi, many actors were curious about the popularity of YAAS in China and mentioned Go Ara and Cha Seung Won as two actors whose first schedule after filming would be trips to China. Here’s a selca that she tweeted upon her return last night.

shenyangArrived in Korea*^ㅡ^* Thank you so much to the Chinese fans^ㅇ^~I had a great time in Shenyang*^^*

Credit: FloARA211

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever





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[English translation] CJ Food World Event in Beijing ~ Press Video

Credit: 最酷娱乐频道

English Translation:

Professor Do (from “You Who Came From the Stars”), Kim Soo Hyun ended his last stop for his Asia tour fanmeeting in Beijing. There were many Korean stars coming to Beijing afterwards. Exo, Lee Jung Hyun, Lee Byung Hun and “Nation’s Little Brother” Lee Seung Gi, all came to Beijing for CJ’s opening ceremony. In Song Dan Dan’s (a popular Chinese skit and sitcom actress) drama, the two businessmen, Ren Zhi Qiang and Pan Shi Yi, also came to help out. Pan Shi Yi brought his wife along, while Ren Zhi Qiang brought Shen Xing (who is a host). Both Ren Zhi Qiang and Pan Shi Yi wore aprons and became chefs. Are they going to advance into the food industry now?



Chinese to English translation by HeodangSeungGi, Star Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever


Dispatch Follows Seung Gi to Beijing~ Seung Gi and Na PD’s “Curse” ^^

The staff at Dispatch are diligent as ever following Seung Gi around..this time, all the way to Beijing, China. Thanks to Naver’s Starcast, their article and fantastic photos are available in several languages. I have provided a link to the article here. The default setting is English, but you can change it to Chinese or Japanese at the top of the screen. Please click here: Dispatch

dispatchCredit: Dispatch