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Happy 1st Anniversary ‘You’re All Surrounded!’

Time really flies. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since the first broadcast of Seung Gi’s drama, ‘You Are All Surrounded’.  My excitement as an Airen also prompted me to join the English subbing team on Viki.com with this drama, so it’s also been a year since I’ve been volunteering as a Korean subber and editor for various Kdramas.  All those sleepless nights subbing and editing were truly worth it. Seung Gi is truly an inspiration. Congratulations Seung Gi and the YAAS cast and crew. We miss Dae Gu Dae Gu!

aaasti collageCredit: aaasti_

These fanvideos are posted in chronological order:

“Because he’s a complete nutcase, if he goes nuts, everyone dies. My choice is YOU!”

“I came…Mom”

“It’s been a long time, Team Leader Seo…”

“Mom, please, you can’t die! Who did this?!”

Credit: haesong225

YAAS fanvideos by my all time favorite K-Airen fanvideo maker Paas 파쓰:

Credit: Paas (파쓰)via dclsg


English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


[English] YAAS Late Night Snack Event~ Seung Gi’s Message and Autograph

There was a late night snack event sponsored by dcyaas tonight. Our Dae Gu Dae Gu managed to write a message and autograph it for dcyaas:

708 autoCredit: ejrcjs87473

to. DC yaas gallery ♡

I ate deliciously and well~~

Please give me a lot of support until the end.

You’re Surrounded fighting!!

Lee Seung Gi

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever



YAAS Fan Art ~ Dae Gu’s Banana Milk

Dae Gu is very protective of his banana milk and this fan art done by a dclsg member shows him banning poor Ji Gook from drinking any of it. Starting from Dae Gu’s head going clockwise it says :

1. Banana flavored milk ~ Ji Gook don’t drink it.

2. Mine

3. Soybean Powder’s (Soo Seon)

4. The bird’s (Soo Seon~ he calls her birdbrain throughout the drama).

Seems like Soo Seon is the only one with special privileges to his highly coveted banana milk.


bmCredit: 인증짜증 via dcyaas

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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YAAS Late Night Snack Event by dcyaas~ Photos

One of the dcyaas members on the support team for last night’s snack support event uploaded many photos of the food,cast,and crew today. The cast and crew filmed until 6am this morning and she managed to get autographs from Cha Seung Won, Ahn Jae Hyun, and Park Jung Min last night. Those are posted separately in my previous posts.  This post includes the photos of the stars she also managed to get as well! Seung Gi finished filming and left the set to rest. According to posts in dcyaas, all the actors resumed filming. 

The event started at 11pm and ended around 2:30amKST at the SBS Ilsan Tanhyeon set.  170 people were involved and late night snacks included Ddukbokki (spicy korean rice cake), Odeng (fish cake), Soondae (Korean sausage made out of pig intestine stuffed with clear noodles and pig’s blood~ it’s not as gross as it sounds~ LOL!), 3 types of fried snacks, cheese bars, can coffee, and waffles with ice cream. Her last post on dcyaas said that the remaining food was packaged and given to the PDs. Filming continued into the wee hours of the night. Actors were divided into two groups, A and B. Dcyaas members asked which team Seung Gi was on, but she had gone to bed by then. From another member’s post, Team A consisted of the lead actors.

yaas snack event dcyaasCredit: 조각케이크 via dclsg

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[English] YAAS Late Night Snack Event~ Park Jung Min’s Autograph

The dcyaas member who got Cha Seung Won and Ahn Jae Hyun’s autograph also got Park Jung Min (Ji Gook)’s as well. She described it as “he really wrote a love letter”. LOL! She also added that he took plates of Ddukbokki (Korean spicy rice cake), fried snacks, and cheese bars in both hands as he returned to film.

ji gook autoCredit: 조각케이크 via dcyaas

dcyaas gallery-♡


I’m always thankful and be healthy!

Thank you for the food. (I will eat well) You’re Surrounded, fighting!

-Park Jung Min-

To the left read from top to bottom is his name in Chinese characters: 朴正民

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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YAAS Late Night Snack Support Event~ Fanpics

Here are two fanpics so far from dcyaas. Seo Pan Seok, Park Tae Il, and Ji Gook ate and returned to film. Seung Gi finished filming for the night and went to rest. No one saw him eat. The post for the first photo said that cast and crew were coming to eat during their spare moments in between filming.

latesnack2 latesnack1This second photo shows Seo Pan Seok, Park Tae Il, and Ji Gook.

Credit:조각케이크 via dcyaas