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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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09/08/18 [Eng] Lee Seung Gi F/W Pictorial Shoot Behind the Scenes Photos


Credit: atomy37 

It’s been a long time having this combination at a pictorial shoot! It’s a relief that the weather has cooled off!! With the new FW collection, our Seung Gi nim is able to show off the appearance of a fall man to his fullest!!! Encountered South Korea’s best stylist, Jung Yoon Gi nim, in a long time at a fashion pictorial shoot!!! Super excited!! 👍👍👍📸📸📸 #falliscoming #saturdaymood #fashionshooting #ykedition #specialedition #fw18 #snapshot #topstylist #topmodel #backstage


English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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D-ANTIDOTE ~ Designer Men’s Fashion Label Posts A Photo of Seung Gi Modeling Clothing Line

dantidoteCredit: d_antidote

“#dantidote #d_antidote #디앤티도트 #LiKE_D #라이크디 #celebrity #fashion #seungkilee #이승기 #newalbum #kpopstar #actor #kstar #tshirt #kingdot #kfashion #kstyle”


*Anything in Korean is the Hangul version of the hashtag word before it.  Posted around 4pm KST today.

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15.04.10 ~ Jimmy Choo Party ~ Yunkee TV Shoe Interview

This is a clip with Jung Yun Kee at Jimmy Choo’s Party on April 10, 2015 at Chungdahm-dong.  The clip starts out with a caption which says “Ep 1 ~ The shoes trend that you must remember” as the camera flashes shots of various pairs of $$$ shoes. Yun Kee then interviews many celebrities but Seung Gi is the first one.  The caption by Seung Gi as Yun Kee leads him to sit down is “Yun Kee’s good looking close friend, Lee Seung Gi.” Yun Kee asks him,”You just came? Without knowing?” Seung Gi replies,”No, I came since you said you were holding a party.” To add a comic flair, in stars across Seung Gi’s chest is the caption, “I came running Hyung because you called for me~” Yun Kee then tells Seung Gi,”Today, I’m receiving an award.” Seung Gi asks him “What kind of award?” Yun Kee continues,”Since it’s the first time in Korea…and the worlds’ (famous) shoes brands are acknowledging me.”  Seung Gi jokes with him by asking,”Don’t you think you’re good at praising yourself too much?” Seung Gi brings up Yun Kee’s comment about being acknowledged by international shoes brands and Yun Kee says, “That’s not it, they’re saying the brand is good.” Seung Gi says,”Oh, I see.”

Then Yun Kee asks Seung Gi,”What kind of shoes makes a woman look beautiful?” Seung Gi replies,”Me? I like someone who can wear casual and dressy shoes. Someone who wears sneakers has charm.” Yun Kee jokes, “I know who that woman is” as they both laugh. Final caption to the right of the screen by Yun Kee says, I wish for you to have a beautiful love with that girlish person who looks good in sneakers.” Final shots of sneakers say “Lee Seung Gi’s recommendation: Trend 1~ Sporty platform sneakers.  Sneaker styling Tip: If you choose sneakers over shoes! It makes formal wear or a romantic dress look cooler.

Credit: On Style

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Seung Gi Wears Birthday Jacket from Airens ~ Full English translation of Official Airen Fanclub’s Tweet

We know that Seung Gi has worn shoes, a backpack, and other articles of clothing given to him by Airens for his birthday. After looking at Seung Gi’s photo from Hook’s tweet last night, the Official Airen fanclub noticed that he was wearing the black jacket that Airens gave him as a birthday gift this year.  He is such a sweetheart. Always thinking about his fans and appreciating their gifts. We love you Seung Gi! 


Credit: AIREN_fanclub

“A very familiar proof shot discovered~! Airens, did you notice^^?! Wearing a jacket among the birthday gifts given this year and recording his new album~ Wow~ ^○^ Our ☆ #Lee Seung Gi who always views his fans’ heartfelt sincerity preciously. We’re moved again~♡”

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever