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Lee Seung Gi’s MV “And Goodbye” Ranks #1 on KBS2 MV Chart

On a KBS2 broadcast in the early morning of the 24th called ‘MV Bank2-Stardust’, Seung Gi’s MV ranked #1 on a chart titled ‘MV Chart 7’ for the 4th week of June.  So happy to hear this good news after the unfortunate incident with the damaged film. It just goes to show a one minute video from Lee Seung Gi is powerful enough to outrank any full length MV.  Congratulations, Seung Gi!

Credit: MBC 쇼! 챔피언 Show Champion [by. Skpb]

Watch his original official video here:

Credit: 1theK

mvsgphotoCredit: m.ekn.kr

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[Starcast] “And, CPR”…Lee Seung Gi, Bringing a Dead M/V Back to Life”

There is an English translation of an exclusive Dispatch article that covers the story of Seung Gi’s MV filming for “And Goodbye”. Although it’s a bit awkwardly translated, with some parts either being completely omitted or mistranslated, it will help you to get the big picture of what the official MV would’ve looked like if the film hadn’t been damaged. The original Korean article was published around 1pmKST today and I tweeted translations highlighting the main points. I am a bit disappointed to see that the English version of the article misses some of these points. I will post the link to the English article here along with a compilation of my tweets from this afternoon.


My tweets:

It wasn’t possible to restore special effect filming not seen in other MVs. We think it’ll be difficult with what is left.” (Hook Ent.)

MV’s highlight scene was the car explosion. Including LSG, this scene was the most anticipated. “It’s the first of various scenes in my MV.”


SG on explosion scene: please look forward to it. Also CG scenes. Heart-wrenching breakup scene w/ model in front of blue screen.


LSG had stoic expression portraying the heart of a man who has to leave his love. With slight tears in his eyes, looks seriously at model.

Female model: “Why did you do that?!” LSG: “Sorry.”


That day, Seung Gi was filming greetings for his fans. He even took a selca.

airen1 airen2“It’s my fans’~ gift”

gift“Regrettably, Dispatch was present that day when the MV was filmed”. Seung Gi’s photo caption says, “Still, smile”

smileMV filmed 5/25 in a wasteland in Youngjongdo, Incheon. “But for LSG, this day’s filming will have to be left only as a memory. So many memorable scenes that could be watched over and over again.”

My final tweet:

Thank you Dispatch for giving us an inside look at what we could’ve seen and the hard work Seung Gi & staff put into the MV. My heart aches.


Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Seung Gi’s 6th Album MV “And Goodbye” by Dispatch

Credit: Dispatch

English lyrics:

Words that your small lips first said to me
Hello, those words were so nice to hear
I think that’s when we started
I think that’s when we became a we

When I walked you home
And was going to go back
Words that made my heart flutter
Now goodbye goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye, the words goodbye
It doesn’t mean the end
Because we’re under the same sky
Goodbye, goodbye, I say goodbye
But in my heart, only you live

It was a short time but there were so many memories
Love that never changes is always touching
Today isn’t the end
Got it? So don’t cry

Where you are in the world
I can find you
So don’t worry
Just for a moment, goodbye goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye, the words goodbye
It doesn’t mean the end
Because we’re under the same sky
Goodbye, goodbye, I say goodbye
But in my heart, only you live

Don’t forget me, don’t forget me, don’t forget me
Don’t forget me, don’t forget me
Even after spring days without me pass

Goodbye, goodbye, I say goodbye
But my heart will always blossom a flower that resembles you
I love you, I love you, the words I love you
Only you and no one else will hear them

English lyrics by popgasa

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Lee Seung Gi 6th MV Set Fanpic ~ Spoiler Alert

The same person who has been posting photos of Seung Gi’s MV set up close and personal uploaded this photo online around 10:09pmKST. From the Chinese comments on her SNS, it appears that this was taken when Seung Gi was filming a separate greeting video for his Japanese fans on his MV set while filming the official MV.

mvsetspoilerCredit: AmazingS21