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Lee Seung Gi to Narrate for Dong Haeng Tomorrow Night

Seung Gi has been narrating and doing volunteer work for the KBS Human Documentary, Dong Haeng, in the past. Dong Haeng, which means together, tells the real life stories of people and is very touching. This morning, Dong Haeng’s facebook page announced that Seung Gi has donated his voice to commemorate the new fall lineup under the new title “So Na Gi”, ‘Sharing of Precious Stories’ tomorrow on KBS1 (November 4, 2014) at 11:40pm KST.  The title of the show is “A Father Who Watches with His Heart; Young In’s Pledge”. Here’s a link to live streaming: http://www.kbs.co.kr/player/player_playlist.php?ch=11

DonghengCredit: KBS



Link to Dong Heng’s Facebook Page: Dong Haeng

Link to dclsg post this morning: Dong Haeng post

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Detailed Live Recaps of Episode 3, Nunas over Flowers

Thanks to a dedicated Airen friend and co-administrator of my Facebook Group who compiled all my live updates for this past Friday’s Episode 3 of Nunas over Flowers:


It’s the next morning and everyone is slowly getting out of bed
Hee Ae and Mi Yeon discuss looking for the Blue Mosque and
Hee Ae  sets off to look for it
Mi Yeon and Seung Gi discuss how much pocket money they have left for the group… Mi Yeon says that wine is expensive so they should ban coffee and wine for Hee Ae and YYJ! Uh oh….
Mi Yeon and Seung Gi are in a deep discussion about dealing with limited funds and SG claps at her brilliant ideas
SG sees a street vendor squeezing fresh pomegranate juice..Mi Yeon is also entranced…
Mi Yeon says thank you and downs it in one shot. SG says “mmm” like he does in his Hanwoo commercial with big round eyes. LOL
They meet up with Hee Ae and bring her a cup.
They visit a Rose Garden…scenery of Istanbul and the sea
Mi Yeon and Hee Ae are psyched at the scenery and both want to drink coffee..flashback to the scene where Mi Yeon told SG that they should ban the drinking of coffee
YYJ and SG are having a discussion and SG tells her to have a comfortable trip…Ja Ok also trails along outdoors
SG asks the producer to borrow 3 Lira to buy pomegranate juice for  YYJ…she says delicious!
SG trails Ja Ok and YJ in the streets of Turkey, he’s holding Ja Ok’s bag after she says it’s heavy. They’re at the roasted chestnut stand again for Ja OK
More scenes of Ja Ok enjoying roasted chestnuts…SG and YJ walk to meet up with the other 2 nunas.. Mi Yeon greets them “Seung Gi ya!”
Turkish Airens wave at SG.
The nunas and SG take a group photo that is similar to the one I blogged yesterday of Ja Ok and tonight right before the show
Scenery of the Blue Mosque is shown from every angle
Mi Yeon takes the orange bag from SG and he says he’s touched.
She says it’s a bit much for a man to be carrying it
Seunglish…”I’d like a reservation…over and over again…no one seems to understand.” Answer to him is “No reservation” Captions say “he’s like a talking parrot.” LOL.
Lots of Seunglish: “No reservation, upstairs, he said no reservation” The man just shrugs and says “no reservation”
YYJ is wearing a black and white checked scarf over her head and is marveling at the Mosque. Hee Ae says it’s amazing, YJ says it’s marvelous, Mi Yeon is wearing a black head scarf and is leaning against a marble column dozing…this is the famous picture of the two “beekeeper sisters”
Ja Ok is wearing a purple head scarf and is busy taking pictures …YYJ is saying that the carpet should be properly shampooed as they show everyone’s barefeet (no shoes, just socks)
SG is shown counting pocket money
Hee Ae is waving to Ja Ok and YJ who both say that she moves too much
Classical music plays in the background as Hee Ae continues to wave her wrists around playfully
Mi Yeon is shown in a restaurant helplessly saying “EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME, SHARE, WE ARE SHARE, EVERYTHING”
Mi Yeon takes care of Seung Gi and gives him soup
Pictures of all of them having a meal in a restaurant….Mi Yeon is engrossed in curling her eyelashes while everyone else talks about serious stuff
They are now on the streets of Turkey and get Turkish ice cream one of the nunas say “I heard the ice cream was famous here”
Mi Yeon is really amused as the ice cream man is playing magic tricks and flirting with her.
YJ has chocolate, berry, and vanilla flavored ice cream on a cone, same with Miyeon.
YJ asks SG “What have YOU done, SG?” SG looks exasperated
They are checking out of the hotel now…loading luggage into the van and taking off.
YYJ makes SG uncomfortable and tells him “you saw the way I looked at you”
SG is nervous and the captions around him say “stutter” “stutter”
Replay of SG with the top, high five with Mi Yeon, taking first group photo in Turkey…now showing entrance to Airport. Mi Yeon asks YJ if they should take out their passports first
Man at airport loads their luggage onto carts…YJ tells SG that he has to tip the guy..SG’s caption says “Blank” Mi Yeon goes with him and pays the guy
Private interview with SG: A backpacking trip definitely isn’t easy
Private interview with YJ: Isn’t it a given? he became a celebrity at a young age and had everyone plan things for him
2 hours and 30 minutes to Zagreb…animated pic of nunas and SG on plane that was on facebook page
The whole group is suddenly talking about getting drunk…
SG is calculating costs with his phone…SG tells the older nunas that there’s a possibility of rain…they badger him with “WHEN?”
YYJ badgers him more but tells the camera that SG was looking at guides diligently on the plane
They arrive at the baggage carousel and SG is running around like a chicken with his head cut off.. Hee Ae and Mi Yeon take some of their baggage but SG does the rest.
SG goes to find the times of the last shuttle…. Mi Yeon is called by SG …SG asks “Excuse me, where is the closest information?
SG asks a random Korean in the airport about where to take the airport bus…he thanks her and runs some more..poor guy
They have to buy tickets for the last airport bus which leaves at 8pm..he asks the driver “May I buy tickets?” “10 minutes, OK thank you very much” He tells the nunas..
YYJ asks someone in English and Hee Ae also asks in English and it’s confirmed that it’s the last one. Hee Ae and YJ ask about luggage…YJ tells the bus driver “We are exchanging the money” “You don’t accept Euro?” “Euro ok?” She tells the group that Euros are ok and asks where SG is
YJ is on the bus and asks “Where is SG?”
Ja Ok tells SG that he should be thankful to Mi Yeon nuna. She says they should get married. Mi Yeon laughs and SG says “our honeymoon should be Croatia.”
The older nunas start asking him (they all sit at the back of the bus) about their new lodging and SG takes off his outer jacket to reveal a sweat soaked round neck undershirt. (Whew! O.o)
The Nunas have gotten off the bus after 30 minutes and Na PD and the Nunas are taking their luggage out from the bottom of the bus. They are in Zagreb
SG says that it’s emotionally taxing for him
Seunglish “Can I buy ticket? Can I buy tram ticket?
YJ “This is bus station, not tram station” to a Croatian. She tells the nunas to catch Seung Gi
YYJ: We can take a us here to go to Jelaicaic? Not tram?
Ja OK is relaxing sitting and eating squid or some snack. SG asks a man in an airport store for directions – remember the photo of him in a fuzzy ivory fleece top holding up a travel guide? It said in my translation, “We’re pressed for time”?
Seunglish “Excuse me, where can I get the tram?” YYJ claps and says,”that’s correct”.
YYJ :What number tram do we take? They show a whole bunch of trams and numbers…SG’s music “Losing My Mind” is playing in the background
YYJ says it’s better to ask a person. “Excuse me, can I ask something?” They find out that tram 6 is the one they need to take
Hee Ae and Mi Yeon hug each other and share a sisterly moment at the tram station. Each have a private interview and reveal the real person they’ve gotten to know compared to the outside image.
Seunglish “Yes, this is today’s guest..Hello…Hello…Hello..” He tells the nunas that he can’t understand the station that the guy is saying so he will be texting it to SG
SG asks a redhead and tells her he wants to get here, showing her a map. She tells him “You’re on the right tram”
Hee Ae gets excited and says “Here!” They get off the tram with their luggage. SG says he will phone and find the Tia apt. They use Google map..He wants to check if tram number 22 goes there..Seunglish “Excuse me, can I ask something? I want to ask if it goes to this location…”
Meanwhile, Hee Ae nuna says that there was a really pretty girl that was outstandingly pretty when asked where SG went.
The 2 women tell him to take tram #6, get off after 2 stops…Mi Yeon and all the nunas get on the tram again…wrong directions…Ja Ok’s private interview~ it was difficult, but it was fun, one or two stations…what’s the difference?
YJ comments how diligently SG was studying on the plane as they show SG’s notebook…written in Korean and English.
SG runs again…flashbacks of everything he did at the airport to get on the tram…
Mi Yeon asks a florist “Excuse me, I’m looking for Tia apt.” She tells the other nunas that he’s teaching them the way slowly. She tells him “Thank you very much”
More Seunglish on the phone….tells YYJ that they will be picking them up. “Excuse me, what is your clothes color?”
YYJ “Excuse me, are you looking for the Korean guests? Yes, we are the one. We will follow you.”
YYJ says “Wow, he comes all the way out here…”
SG insists on taking YYJ’s luggage
They’ve been walking for 20 minutes!
SG says he’s really anxious because this is the place that he made reservations for…he’s afraid it’s going to be weird…turns out to be nice. Everybody is oohing and aahhing saying how magnificent the place is. Seung Gi is beaming
YYJ “Where is the bathroom?” Mi Yeon “One? One bathroom???!!!!”
YYJ says “what are we going to do???!!!.”A bathroom is really important to me, we have to establish an order here for the 4 of us to use.” She asks the producer where her place is and she says it’s far from their place.
Ja Ok and YJ talk about whether they washed their hair. YJ says she did today.
Poor SG has to haul luggage up 3 flights of stairs…
Meanwhile, Hee Ae is busy cooking Korean food and looking really happy about it
She has made scallion kimchee
otherwise known as spring onions
SG closes the doors and is topless as he changes into a different shirt. (O.o)
Everyone including Na PD are eating Korean food…there’s a special halo around Hee Ae as she eats and eats and eats…
They are eating Ramen noodles and Korean side dishes.
They are busy talking about amusing things at the table..
Now they are unpacking and getting ready for bed..
Final captions flash across the screen,”The reason why I don’t want to miss this trip…”
They possibly got kicked out of the hotel because of the Korean food smell? Kimchee Jigae? Previews for the next episode.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Compilation of live updates by anista_seungjoo, Special Guest Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever


Ratings for tvN Nunas over Flowers vs. MBC’s documentary with Seung Gi’s narration

Yesterday was a tough night between tvN and MBC who were battling it out till the very last hours to win viewers for their respective shows.  It was Seung Gi vs. Seung Gi and Nunas over Flowers won with a viewership rating of 54.8% to 60.3%  compared to MBC’s 4.4%.  Here are some photos from dclsg:

Ratings dclsg1 ratings dclsg2Credit: dclsg

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Hear Lee Seung Gi’s Voice on ‘Insects, their Great Instinct’ Narration Preview

It’s going to be tough for Airens to choose between Seung Gi and Seung Gi this Friday night.  MBC vs. tvN. Insects vs. Nunas over Flowers.  I think we all know which show is going to be on everyone’s must watch list.  Both are scheduled for 10pm and the competition for viewers is getting stiff.  I’ve been seeing ads for MBC’s documentary on TV several times a day lately.  However, Na PD and tvN have done a great job with their teasers to draw netizen’s curiosity about the upcoming variety show.  The most recent Broadcast Preview released today was the funniest of the 3 I’ve seen so far.

Here’s Seung Gi’s soothing voice on MBC’s documentary. Translations to come… I’ll have to watch it as a rerun.  I’ll definitely be watching tvN’s Nunas over Flowers this Friday night.

Credit: MBC

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[English] Lee Seung Gi’s Narration, On the Same Wavelength as ‘Amazon’s Tears’ Kim Jin Man PD

25610370Credit: Nate

[TV Daily Reporter Kwak Hyun Soo ]  Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi will be narrating the MBC documentary.

Lee Seung Gi recently finished recording the narration for ‘Insects, their Great Instinct’ to mark MBC’s 52nd year anniversary feature documentary.

‘Insects, their Great Instinct’ is a production describing insects’ ecosystems that people don’t even think about.   It is also the product of mutual understanding with the production crew whose documentaries such as ‘Amazon’s Tears’ and ‘The South’s Tears’ are filled with  joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness.

On the 20th,  for the sake of recording his narration, Lee Seung Gi came to MBC.  In order to understand the documentary, he met with Kim Jin Man PD and had a discussion.  Afterwards, Kim PD said “I received a deep impression as if I had an interview with Cho Young Pil.” He also revealed his trust in Lee Seung Gi.


In addition, Lee Seung Gi also replied,”I had fun watching Kim Jin Man PD nim’s documentary” while creating a friendly atmosphere.

Lee Seung Gi’s voice which accompanies ‘Insects, their Great Instinct’ will be broadcast on the 29th, at 10pmKST.

Source: Nate

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English translation] Lee Seung Gi Narration, MBC, ‘Insects ‘Their Great Instinct’ His participation is ‘Gathering Much Attention’

A201311180216_1Credit: MBC

‘Insects, Their Great Instinct’ (planning by Hong Sang Woon, directing by Kim Jin Man, Kim Jung Min) in the meantime has sparked interest in the little known ecology of insects which is becoming a hot topic of conversation.  They have also produced the documentaries that people can empathize with called ‘Amazon’s Tears’ and ‘The South’s Tears’ which have been MBC’s selected documentaries through a mutual understanding with the production crew.

Every year, MBC’s featured documentary has been narrated by Kim Nam Gil, Song Joong Ki, and Hyun Bin among other top male stars who have participated and gathered a great deal of attention.  This year’s ‘Insects, Their Great Instinct’ was undoubtedly in the public eye regarding who would do the narration with the broadcast coming up soon.

Therefore, the production crew sent a request to ‘the Nation’s Hoonnam’ * and ‘the Nation’s Porter’, Lee Seung Gi, who would be best at raising interest.  Usually, he who enjoys documentaries willngly joined efforts with the production team of ‘Amazon’s Tears’ in a positive reply to their love call for ‘Insects, Their Great Instinct’ according to rumors.

As a singer and also actor who has been as active as he has, Lee Seung’s gentle voice and accuracy of his delivery will serve as a backdrop to a new type of charm.

Netizens who have heard of this work have said “I am looking forward to Lee Seung Gi’s narration” ” Lee Seung Gi’s narration of ‘Amazon’s Tears’ what do you mean it’s the  production team’s national pride” “Lee Seung Gi will do a good job narrating” “I really want to hear Lee Seung Gi’s narrations as soon as possible, I have to watch the broadcast” were some of the responses.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi’s voice that appears with ‘Insects, Their Great Instinct’ will broadcast at 10pm KST on November 29th . (Picture =MBC)

*Hoonnam in Korean refers to a kind, gentle, and sincere male who is also gentlemanly and good looking.

Original Source: Nate

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever