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[English] Love Forecast HQ Scans of Original Korean Flyer Plus Interview with Lee Seung Gi

Hanrize uploaded HQ scans of the front and main photo of the back of the original Korean flyer given away in movie theaters for Love Forecast. From her comments, a friend seems to have won it along with an interview with Lee Seung Gi from an event sponsored by Koari. Both call it a “miracle” and thanks to both of them for sharing the scans with other Airens. I’ve managed to translate 100% of the actual interview. However, I’ve translated only the headlines for the page prior to the Q&A section as my eyes are aching from all the squinting and blurry text.


“You say I’m definitely not the one,

Then what’s with the flirting in front of me?”

2015 First Romance

Today’s Love/Love Forecast

k2Credit: hanrize

k3k4 “I don’t anger easily, I’m considerate, I’m attentive.

For someone with my standards, aren’t I acceptable?”

The “Frustrating Man” who always gets dumped because he always does everything for women. Kang Jun Soo

k5Credit: hanrize

Question 1. First on-screen challenge! Your reason and thoughts on choosing Love Forecast?

Answer: Rather than my first movie being a blockbuster, I wanted it to be one where I would be acknowledged as an actor. I had a great time reading the first scenario. I thought that it was an opportunity where I could show a different side of me seen in dramas while doing a good job at it too. Personally, it’s a genre that I really like and it was by Director Park Jin Pyo, whom I’ve always wanted to work with, not to mention my friend and colleague, Moon Chae Won. For these reasons, I felt I had to do it. In particular, I chose this movie because I liked Director Park Jin Pyo’s perspective on dating and love.  His leading male characters possess a noble and pure love which can be considered fantasy yet real. I liked how his depiction of love is never treated lightly.

Question 2. What is the synchronization percentage between the character, Jun Soo, and yourself in real life? What is the character’s charm? (Seung Gi had said ~ 80% during the Star Live Talk Concert when asked the same question)

Answer: The director said he “drew” the character thinking about my personality in real life so we’re very similar. My image of being kind is similar to the character. Personally, I think this generation is into “bad men” and “men who only think about themselves”.  People tend to think “nice men” and “men who will do whatever the woman wants” are boring and no fun. I feel that it’s a pity. Although there are all sorts of men in the world, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to date a man with sincerity like Jun Soo at least once. He is considerate and sacrifices so many years. In the movie theater, it would be especially unrealistic for Jun Soo not to date anyone and pine after Hyun Woo until his dying day. Although he likes other women and dates, the woman he truly loves and cares for is Hyun Woo. In this way, I really like Jun Soo.

Question 3. Your thoughts on working with Moon Chae Won?

Answer: While filming the drama, ‘Brilliant Legacy’, she was an actress who was very skilled in melo so I thought it would be good to work with her on a melo or romance later.  I am really happy that within 5 years, it came to fruition. Since we’re friends, we were considerate towards each other and had a lot of fun while acting. Hyun Woo has 2 charms ~ feminine and masculine ones. In real life, Moon Chae Won is very feminine and elegant yet very outgoing and full of aegyo. Because of this, I think the character, ‘Hyun Woo’, was perfected with a lot of charm.

Question 4. What was it like working together with Director Park Jin Pyo?

Answer: Director Park Jin Pyo’s strength is making actors feel comfortable.  He works at eye level with them and creates an atmosphere where one can act comfortably and freely. The Director has a unique way of expressing himself while directing. To increase the level of emotion, he would say,”10 won (US 1 cent) worth”, “20 won worth” , like that. At first, I was flustered at this style of directing but later, his “demands” became vivid and it made acting much easier.

Question 5. What was the most memorable episode while filming the movie?

Answer: Nearly two days into filming, there was a scene where I had to dance wildly to lighten Hyun Woo’s mood. But because I really can’t dance well, before going onto the set I was really worried. When I actually went on set and started dancing, although I felt awkward, new ideas starting coming to mind. Rather than just dancing wildly, I had a good time.  It is something to look forward to.

Question 6. What is the difference between your vision for Love Forecast and the movie itself?

Answer: Personally, I don’t like the term “some”. I think that word turns a person’s greatest fantasy into something trivial. I believe we all should approach someone with true love. Love Forecast follows this idea and draws it out delightfully and realistically. I really like and am confident about our movie, Love Forecast.



Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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HQ Scans of Cine 21 No.98 ~ December, 2014 Love Forecast Edition

%BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D6%C7%A5%C1%F6“We took a look at Korean movies for 2015”

“Individual leap forward?

Working together with different goals?”

%BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D602_-1In white lettering are lyrics to the song “Some” by Soyu and Junggigo:

“It feels like I’m yours

It seems like I’m yours

but no”

In black on top of Moon Chae Won:

Dating in our generation

Music video for the song “Some” sung in Love Forecast:

(I heard it was very popular in Korea when it was released)

Credit: HanabiTomoLyrics4

%BE%BE%B3%D721__NO986-1 %BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D603_ %BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D604_-1 %BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D605_ %BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D601_Scan credit: jejuslov

Lyrics credit: HanabiTomoLyrics4

English translation: Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Belport Fan Signing Event Fanpics of Autographs with Fan Accounts

bisso scanScan credit: jejuslov

I had written about her fan account in my previous post. She gave Seung Gi a picture of him that she had drawn in August of 2012. He asked her,”Did you draw this by yourself?” and she replied that it was from earlier. She continued by telling Seung Gi that she would draw portraits of him when CF ads of him for Marley Coffee and Belport came out. Seung Gi replied,”Wow!”

I am so happy for her! We met at the Airen 6 FM and she is well known for her HQ scans. She had tweeted a photo of this earlier, but she felt it didn’t do it justice so here’s a scan. This is the drawing she gave Seung Gi:

B8lqdmYCAAAvf1dCredit: jejuslov

bitnada autoCredit: qlcksms01

This Airen is well known for her HQ photos of Seung Gi. When it came to her turn, she asked Seung Gi to write (her name) and as he did so followed by a heart, she somehow felt one was not enough. So…she mustered up the courage to ask him if he could draw 2 hearts and he replied,”Alright, I’ll draw three.” She pretty much died and went to heaven. She doesn’t remember exactly how she walked out of there (the Seung Gi effect) and when she showed this to her friend, the friend noticed that the third heart was right by his eye. She joked to this lucky Airen that it seemed as if Seung Gi was shooting hearts at her with his eye. LOL!

dimple autoCredit: LovelySgDimple

This Airen opened up her conversation with a thank you for all of his stage greetings. Seung Gi didn’t seem to understand or misheard her when he said,”What did I do well?” All of a sudden, she got very flustered and couldn’t think …and the next thing that she did was hug Seung Gi! Even she couldn’t believe it. She said,”A HUG! As if there was an envious ghost who wanted to hug him!” She asked him who he was working with for his next album and Seung Gi told her,”Because it is a secret, it’s better to find out later.” She left the desk and wandered around until the fan signing finished. Then she watched him get into his van and leave.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever


Perfect for Fall~ 2012.08.16~ In Style Magazine~ Lee Seung Gi

is1 “The first time we met, he was smiling broadly. Also the next day. And the next day….

No matter what the situation, his undaunted behavior appeared extremely chic.

Lee Seung Gi is that kind of man. The kind of person whom everyone can’t help but like.”

is2 is3 is4 is5 is6 is7 is8 is9 is10

“Work and love may be important; more than anything, family is the most precious to me. Although I’m especially strict with my younger sister, I try to be a tender older brother. This year, I was really proud and happy at the news that she entered college. A father’s heart is probably like this. (laughter)”

is11 is12Credit: jejuslov

“The happiness I feel when I act, sing, and do (variety) programs becomes the source of my energy. That’s why I think I don’t realize that it’s difficult to work without resting. (laughter)”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Translation of 5.5 Forest Photoessay Mini Album~ pages 80-93

미니앨범 숲 69 미니앨범 숲 70Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul below the polaroid photo:

Epitone Project

English translation:

I really agonized a great deal to get this person sitting at this angle. (both in the photo and metaphorically speaking)  What should I do if he refuses? Contrary to expectations, I’m a cautious (blood) type B man. [For a description of personalities and blood types, click here: Blood types] At a certain recording studio in Chungdamdong which had a recording of stringed instruments, I gathered up my courage and asked him to work together with me. Compared to when I asked him about collaborating on a project, there was definitely an even more agonizing few minutes before he accepted.

This person was precisely Epitone Project.

Credit for blood type link: Seoulistic.com

미니앨범 숲 71Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul at the top:

Requiring several times more work than singing, my first producing project.

In handwritten Hangul at the bottom:

The satisfaction/pride of somehow having something perfect that belongs to me. ^^


미니앨범 숲 72Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul at the bottom:

 Although it is a collaboration project of course.

미니앨범 숲 73 미니앨범 숲 74 미니앨범 숲 75 미니앨범 숲 76 미니앨범 숲 77Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul at the bottom:

With a worn-out piano and Yoo Jung who smiles so innocently.

It was an extremely cold day.

Those who resembled warmth stayed by me at that location.

미니앨범 숲 78미니앨범 숲 79Credit: jejuslov

“Thanks. Worn-out piano and Yoo Jung.”

미니앨범 숲 80Credit: jejuslov

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


Seung Gi’s Japan Debut Single~ Time for Love~ Renai Jidai (恋愛時代)~ Scans of Photo Booklet

An oldie but goodie for slow days like today.  This is the Japanese edition of Seung Gi’s Japan Debut single, Time for Love. Thanks again to Bisso for the HQ scans of the mini booklet that came with the CD.  His album was released on March 6, 2012 and is one of his classics. Seung Gi is trilingual. He speaks Korean, Japanese, and English.  This album is available in Japanese as well as in Korean. A Japanese Airen friend of mine was kind to send me one direct from Japan.  🙂

swl1swl2 swl3 swl4 swl5 swl6 swl7 swl8 swl9 swl10 swl11 swl12 swl13 swl14Credit: jejuslov

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[English] Translation of 5.5 Forest Photoessay Mini Album~pages 64-71

미니앨범 숲 56Credit: jejuslov

English translation:

After checking the time for sunrise, at early dawn I left for Gyeongpoho Lake.  Diligent people doing their morning exercises caught my eye.  At that location, as if I were a member of that group, I raced my bicycle heading into the rising sun. I heard music. Although it hasn’t been completed, it felt like a perfect fit with this place. For starters, the first stage is a success!!

미니앨범 숲 57미니앨범 숲 58Credit: jejuslov

English translation:

‘Dae Oh Bookstore’, which was named combining the middle characters of a grandfather and grandmother’s name. (There are usually 3 Hangul characters in a Korean person’s name~ their last name and first name, for example Lee Seung Gi is 이승기. Thus, his middle character would be Seung or 승 in Korean.) The fact that there still were small and longstanding bookstores like this in Seoul was fascinating.

미니앨범 숲 59Credit: jejuslov

Handwritten Hangul up at the top of the page:

Out of all these numerous books, will I be able to find a book that I like?

Handwritten Hangul at the bottom of the page:


I have a mysterious confidence that I will.

미니앨범 숲 60Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul:

Thank you, Grandmother.

English translation:

The photographer who listened to a bit of my music ahead of time recommended this place.  He/She said that it resembled the warmth of my music. Dae Oh Bookstore sells used books.  Starting with the signboard, it is warm. Even to a strange young man who dropped in without any warning wanting to take pictures, the grandmother greeted me warmly. With all that, that’s how the warmth I wanted to express manifested itself. Thank you!!

미니앨범 숲 61

Credit: jejuslov

English translation:

Although the entrance is narrow, when you go inside Dae Ho bookstore, which is a remodeled Korean-style house, it is lined with really old books. If there are so many books like this, how can you find one? In order to buy a book that you want, it is a place where you can easily spend half a day. However, instead of it viewing it as a waste of time, I have the confidence that it will relay a mysterious air of romance.  If not, take it or leave it, it’s up to you!!^^

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever