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*UPDATED* English translation of major headlines in Japanese Magazine Hanako

This is the November 7th, 2013 issue of Hanako, a Japanese Magazine.  Author Yoshimoto Banana and Seung Gi are featured in an interview here.  I will provide translations for the major headlines and whatever else I can physically read.  A lovely English translation of the article has been done by @YulingSG , Administrator of speciallyforlsg.wordpress.com through a Japanese to Chinese translation done by jtsgrm at LSG baidu. 

hanako1 yun

The large, black, boldface headline on the right hand side of the page reads:
Sakka to sutaa, kiseki no deai kara umareta hooseki no yoo na foto-sutoorii- bukku.
The jewel-like photo story, born from the miracle meeting between the author and the star.
Starting at the third row, black boldfaced letters on the very left continuing to the fourth row next to Seung Gi’s picture:
Although he began seeing a woman not unlike the protagonist from the novel “A Charmed Existence”, as he was a star, he was afraid to advance the relationship for fear of criticism. What was to become of the relationship between these two?
The pink lettering in the fourth row in the same line as Seung Gi’s picture:
A strong attraction because of differing ideals/principles.

hanako3 yun

The larger pink headline on the far left says:
スンギさんは自分のすごさをまだわかってない。 (よしもとばななさん)in hiragana, katakana, and kanji
スンギさんはじぶんのすごさをまだわかってない。(よしもとばななさん)in hiragana and katakana
Sungi san ha jibun no sugosa wo mada wakattenai. (Yoshimoto Banana san)
Seung Gi doesn’t yet realize how great he is. (By Yoshimoto Banana)
The smaller pink headline in the middle says:


Boku jishin mo kizuiteinakatta naimen wo hikidashite moratta.
She brought out potential in me that I didn’t realize I had.

hanako2 yun hanako3 yun  hanako5 yun In pink captions running down from top to bottom, read right to left running into Seung Gi’s picture:

Banana-san ha nan de konna ni boku no koto wo shitteirun daroo?
How does Banana-san know me so well?
Reading from left to right at the bottom in pink in brackets over the photo story book:
Shall We Fall In Love? Lee Seung Gi photo story book
By Yoshimoto Banana

hanako7 yun hanako8 yun hanako9 yun hanako10 yun

Scan credit: @mainichikaaka


Lee Seung Gi san (I Sungi-san)

1987 nen kankoku souru umare 17 sai de kashu debyu irai, engi, MC nado maruchi ni kastuyaku, kankoku de ha ‘Kokumin no otooto’ to yobareru hodo ninki ni. 2012 nen ‘Renai Jidai’ de taiboo no nihon debyu. Orikondeiri ichii wo kakutoku shita. Saishinsaku dorama ‘Kuga no Sho (gensaku)’de ha engi no haba wo hiroge otona no otoko e to seicho shitsuzuketeiru.


イ・スンギさん(in hiragana and katakana)
1987ねん かんこくソウルうまれ 17さいでかしゅでびゅーいらい、えんぎ、MCなどマルチにかつやく。 かんこくでは‘こくみんのおとうと’とよばれるほどにんきに。2012ねん「れんあいじだい」でたいぼうのにほんデビュー。オリコンデイリー1いをかくとくした。さいしんさくドラマ「くがのしょ (げんだい」」ではえんぎのはばをひろげみりょくてきなおとなのおとこへとせいちょうしつづけている。


イ・スンギさん(in hiragana, katakana, and kanji)
1987年 韓国ソウル生まれ 17歳で歌手デビュー以来、演技、MCなどマルチに活躍。韓国では“国民の弟”と呼ばれるほど人気に。2012年「恋愛時代」でたいぼうの日本デビュー。オリコンデイリー一位を獲得した。最新作ドラマ「九家の書(原題)」では演技の幅を広げ魅力的な男へと成長し続けている。

Lee Seung Gi
Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1987, he had his singing debut at age 17. Since then he has developed into a multi-talented star, well-known actor, and MC, and is so popular in his homeland that he is known as “South Korea’s younger brother”. His long-awaited singing debut in Japan came in 2012 with “Love Time”, which went to number one on the Oricon Daily ranking [ref equivalent of US pop charts or Top 40]. In his latest drama, ‘Story of 9 Houses (original title)’ (What we know as The Gu Family Book in Korea), he shows off his widening range of acting ability as he continues to mature.


Here is the link to the interview in this magazine translated by @YulingSG at speciallyforlsg.wordpress.com : interview

Hope you enjoy this article!

Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Brief Japanese to English translation of Seung Gi in Josei Jishin magazine

Seung Gi was featured in Japan’s Josei Jishin (女性自身) magazine recently and he looks very handsome with his new hairstyle. Here are some brief translations of the major headlines in the article.

There isn’t really a word “女性自身” or in Hiragana “じょせいじしん” for Josei Jishin which means woman herself/ women themselves (Japanese doesn’t have plural forms, so it can be both.) Just like anan magazine, which was named after a panda at the Moscow zoo, according to my Japanese penpal, it was most likely created for the magazine.

However, there are Japanese words “彼女自身 = herself” and “彼自身 = himself”.

Josei Jishin 1 nayo7474

Photo credit: nayo7474

At the top left of the page in the round circle are the words:

イ・スンギ 僕は君を幸せにできる  – in hiragana and kanji
ぼくは きみを しあわせに できる -in hiragana

boku wa kimi o shiawase ni dekiru
I can make you happy.
I have confidence to make you happy.

イ・スンギ is Japanese for Lee Seung Gi in katakana, which I think all Airens know ^^

Running down the middle of the page underneath the round circle is Japanese written in traditional form, which, like Korean, is read up and down, from right to left. The sentence here is unfortunately incomplete and leaves us hanging, just wanting more…! ^^

It says:

もしも愛する人に手紙をつづるなら… – hiragana and kanji
もしも あいする ひとに てがみを つづる なら… – hiragana
moshimo aisuru hito ni tegami o tuzuru nara…

This Japanese sentence is not completed, so we can’t be sure about who is the subject. It could be “you” and “I”. If he’s talking about himself in his interview, it should be “I”.
When/If I write a letter to someone I’m in love with… (not completed)

Kyaaahhhh!!! I want to know more about what he’s saying…if only a higher resolution copy were available somewhere on the internet…

Finally, on the very left next to the margin of the page is a picture of author Yoshimoto Banana.  The sentence underneath reads:

よしもとばなな が 魅力を 解説! – hiragana and kanji
よしもとばなな が みりょく を かいせつ!- hiragana

yoshimoto banana ga miryoku o kaisetu!
Yoshimoto Banana is explaining what his attraction is.
Yoshimoto Banana is making comments about his attraction.

Just reading these tantalizing headlines make me want to get a hold of this magazine! Can anyone really explain why Seung Gi is so attractive? He has a mysterious and magnetic charm that slowly draws you in and turns you into an Airen. At least, that’s what happened to me.  ^^

I’d love to hear other Airen’s stories about how they came to love Lee Seung Gi. You can comment here or put in a request on my facebook groups page under Lee Seung Gi Forever.  Meanwhile, here is another close up of Seung Gi and another picture of him standing.

josei jishin 2 nayo7474josei jishin 3 nayo7474

Photo credit: nayo7474

 Japanese to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever