Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi


Thanks to my Airen readers for the Headers you have created! I will start an archive here with a post.  Kudos to everyone for your  hard work. I am truly touched by the thought and time that went into making each and every one of them.  It truly was a wonderful Christmas gift!  If anyone is interested in submitting their artistic design, the dimensions for the header are 1102 pixels wide X 350 pixels tall.  You can email them to me at elisem1902@gmail.com. They will be showcased here. Thank you!

1. lanunyw

YW header4 YW header5

2. AirenKate1117

Katrinaheader1 Katrinaheader2 Katrinaheader3

3. XelleiitsMe

Roselle header1 Roselle header2 Roselle header3Roselle header4Roselle header5 Roselle header6 Roselle header7

4. HeodangSeungGi

HeodangSeungGi header1 HeodangSeungGi header2

5. Dae Anne Gabriel

dianne headerheader diannefallDaeanne Marley TL Headerdianne headerdae1.jpgdae2

6. cesseunggi

cess1 cess2

7. kleim_leyz


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