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[English] Japan’s release of The Gu Family Book DVD Set Part 1 Items

gfb japanCredit: korepo

GFB DVD release setCredit: seunggiria2

As mentioned in my post yesterday, the Gu Family Book DVD sets will be released in batches as the program continues to air starting on 3/22. This is what will be included in the first set due to be released on 3/4 .  A 5 postcard set and a booklet consisting of 12 pages. In addition, there will be a 44 minute bonus segment including the Seoul press conference, poster shoot, and an MBC spring drama special.

Credit: NBCUniversal Entertainment

Source: korepo

Japanese to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] translation of Japan’s release of the Gu Family Book DVD

Although this clip was released over a week ago, since today is MBC’s Daesang Awards and a big day for Seung Gi, I thought it appropriate to blog it.  Best of luck to you tonight, Seung Gi! This clip is about Japan’s release of The Gu Family Book DVD next year starting on March 4, 2014.

Credit: NBCUniversal Entertainment

English translation:

Caption 1A -on the left「僕の彼女は九尾狐〈クミホ〉」
My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

In huge boldface katakana:

イ・スンギ = Lee Seung Gi

Caption 1B – on the right「華麗なる遺産」
Brilliant Legacy

イ・スンギ 主演最新作
Latest drama starring Lee Seung Gi

主演= star, play the leading role
最新= latest, newest
作 (< 作品) = work


Caption 2 at 5 seconds: 「シークレット・ガーデン」Secret Garden

underneath it:

Directed by Shin Woo Chul


「製パン王 キム・タック」
King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu

Written by Kang Eun Kyung


Caption 3 at 7 secA young man who descended from a divine beast
and a swordswoman dressed as a man


Caption 4 in gold at 10 sec Is this meeting, destiny or chance–?

この出会いは [kono deai wa]
偶然か、運命か– [guuzen ka unmei ka]

出会い=encounter, meeting
偶然=accidental, chance, coincidence
運命=fate, fateful, destiny


Caption 5 at 11 seconds

Lee Seung Gi



[My Girlfriend is a Gumiho]

[僕の彼女は九尾狐] boku no kanojo wa kumiho

[Brilliant Legacy]

[華麗なる遺産] karei naru isan


Caption 6 at 13 secSuzy Miss A



(愛は奇跡 means “Love is miracle”)

[Dream High]



Caption 7 at 14 secChoi Jin Hyuk

[Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog]


Caption 8 at 15 secLee Yeon Hee (cameo appearance)

特別出演 [tokubetsu shutsuen]

cameo/guest appearance

[Paradise Ranch]

「パラダイス牧場」paradise bokujou


Caption 9  at 16 sec Sung Joon

ソンジュン Sung Joon

「私に嘘をついてみて」watashi ni uso o tsuite mite

[Lie to Me]


Dialogue at 17 seconds:

Seung Gi: I became a beast, I’m no longer a human!

Yeo Wool: In any case, you’re still alive!


Caption 10 at 22 sec –  Top rated in Korea

韓国視聴率No.1 [kankoku shichouritsu number one]
ミラクル・ラブファンタジー!! [miracle love fantasy]
Miracle, love and fantasy ー!!

視聴率=audience ratings


Caption 11 at 30 secThe Book of Nine Houses

九家の書 (The Book of Nine Houses)


Love once in 1,000 years


Caption 12 at 33 secTo love you, I will be human.

君を愛するため、kimi o aisuru tame, 僕は人になる。boku wa hito ni naru.

Japanese to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] and [Japanese] translations of Seung Gi’s interview with tvN for The Gu Family Book

Here’s another translation that I did for my facebook group back in September. It is already subbed in Japanese.

Credit: KNTV via justbam

Japan’s Channel KNTV interviews Seung Gi about his role as Choi Kang Chi in The Gu Family Book.

Seung Gi: Choi Kang Chi in one word is really a half human-half beast. Just as the word says, he’s a unique character who is half human and possesses half the blood of a mythical creature. Kangchi is very manly to begin with. He’s sincere and has loyalty. Despite this, he isn’t stale or boring and is humorous and full of energy and life. Because of his wide spectrum, I think this is his charm. The Gu Family Book is a drama that revolves around Choi Kang Chi…that’s where the story begins and where the story ends. Through the Gu Family Book, I got to realize again how lucky I was to be working with so many great staff and actors. To me, it is a very grateful project.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever