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2014 Compilation of Lee Seung Gi’s Activities and Ranking

A dclsg member compiled all of Seung Gi’s activities since his debut and organized them into a visual chart with her personal ranking preferences. Do you agree? ^^

bitnadaranking2014Credit: 빛나다 via dclsg

The categories are listed on the left hand side of the page. Starting from the top to bottom are:

1. Age

2. Visual

3. Profile/Recognition

4. “Loser-like” quality~ for the last two pics, it asks jokingly the meaning of the word and whether it is something to eat. LOL.

5. Masculine man

6. Wealth

7.  Cuteness

8. Ordinariness

9.  Intellectual capacity

10. Unruliness/ Trouble Maker~ the last 3 photos are tied with a comment under Eun Dae Gu asking why he would cause trouble when he doesn’t even smile, the last two jokingly ask if the word is a type of food

11. Fashion

12. Luck with women


For a larger photo, here’s the original posting: DCLSG

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


[English] *UPDATED* DCLSG 10th Anniversary Debut Commemoration Comic ~ Seung Gi’s Day

Special thanks to Dae-Anne Gabriel for her fabulous IT work which made this 10th Debut Anniversary comic by Chambbong on dclsg easy to read. How many CF items endorsed by Seung Gi within the past 10 years can you find?

Day1trans Day2trans Day3trans Day4transCredit: Chambbong via dclsg


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

IT work incorporating English translations by Dae-Anne Gabriel, Special Guest Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original dclsg link: 10th Anniversary Debut Commemoration Comic

Link to Original Draft with Text: Original Draft


[English] DCLSG Comic Strip~ Seung Gi’s Day

I ran across this comic strip early this morning and thought “What a shame I can’t share it with International Airens.” Blogging English translations after the comic strip is a bit cumbersome to read since I don’t have the software to white out the Korean and insert English. Many wonderful Airens volunteered to help out, so for now, I will blog a “rough draft” of translations so that English translations can be inserted instead of Korean. Thanks for your understanding! Meanwhile, see how many of his CF products you can count. There were so many comments on dclsg about  Chambbong’s ingenuity of incorporating so many of them into a single comic strip 🙂  She made this in commemoration of Seung Gi’s 10th Debut Anniversary. See how many CF products you can find that he endorsed in the past 10 years! ^^day1

English translation:

At the very top by Seung Gi’s head: Seung Gi’s Day~ ( followed by ) – Dae Woong’s birthday!

Under Seung Gi’s head: by Chambbong

Seung Gi in bed as his alarm rings: 6:00am, the start of a new day!

By Seung Gi’s hand holding Pyeongchang water:

Large comic balloon: Seung Gi must be thirsty because he heads towards the refrigerator as soon as he wakes up

Smaller comic ballon: He takes out the water

Seung Gi pouring water into a glass with orange liquid: A glass of Berocca!

Seung Gi at the sink: He also washes his face~

Korean writing on the bathroom mirror is just the sound of him splashing water: 어푸 어푸 is phonetically translated as uh poo, uh poo

Toothpaste going onto the toothbrush: He also brushes his teeth~

Korean writing as he brushes his teeth is just the sound of him brushing his teeth: 치카 치카  is phonetically translated as chi ka chi ka

Seung Gi throws his clothes out the door: Exercise~ Exercise~

Under this box it says: He changes his clothes for his morning exercise.



First box, on the ground by Seung Gi’s feet: 7:00am Morning exercise

Top comic balloon: To exercise, he goes to the mountain behind his neighborhood~

Seung Gi makes sounds as he exercises: One, two, one, two~

Seung Gi drinks a bottle of something: When thirsty, a beverage!

A silhouette of Seung Gi in the shower: 8:00am, a refreshing shower! In white, you’ll see >< followed by the word Kyaaah~

Seung Gi holding the Seam face cream: Top word: Moist~ Bottom word: For the skin~

By the rice cooker: He scoops the rice

By the kimchi refrigerator with 4 brown compartments:  And also takes out the kimchi!

Seung Gi eating: A delicious breakfast with curry~!

Seung Gi sipping with a straw: A bottle of Activia for the intestines! (Activia is a brand of yogurt for those not familiar with it)

LSG Style:

polo shirt: Heritory shirt

cardigan: Giordano cardigan

pants: Edwin pants

T-shirt:  FUBU t-shirt

To the right of this box: Preparations to leave the house finished-!


In front of KB bank:  To Kookmin bank to deposit money for the merchandise purchased from WeMAP last night~

In front of Home Plus (A supermarket/department store): To Home Plus to buy snacks for friends~

The checkout counter as the cashier scans each item:

In his/her hand is a can of beer: Max (a brand famous in Korea)

On the conveyer belt under the beer is a package of meat: Hanwoo (Korean beef)

Followed by a line of items:  Activia (yogurt), Market O Brownie, Sunkist, Ohsazz (sweet potato chips by Haitai and Calbee co.), Market O Cheese Chips

In front of Crown Bakery: To Crown Bakery on the way home to get a cake for Dae Woong’s birthday~

Seung Gi on the phone:  He orders a pizza from Pizza Hut using CJ Thrifty Phone~

Seung Gi with friends: To celebrate Dae Woong’s birthday, Hwan and Dae Gu also came~!


Top balloon as the meat is being grilled: Hanwoo that Woong’s girlfriend likes~

Next small box with Korean 앗뜨거: Ouch! It’s hot.

Small balloon by the grill underneath this: Oh no.. Dae Gu burned his hand while grilling meat

Balloon by Medifoam: So it won’t scar, Medifoam, ta da~

Seung Gi and friends drink and eat: Up by Seung Gi’s head it says 치맥~ : Chicken and beer~

Small balloon on the upper right hand corner: A late night snack is chicken and beer!!!

Dae Woong in the checked shirt eating noodles:   Dae Woong with a good appetite eats another bowl of naengmyun (cold noodles) by himself…

The slurping sound in the background says 후루룩~ : Hoo roo rook~

Balloon on the left by Hwan and Dae Gu: Hwan whines about not winning in the lottery tickets he bought that day~

Background comment from Hwan: Why aren’t I winning ㅠㅠ

Balloon on the right by Dae Gu: Dae Gu drinks milk like a whale after drinking alcohol

Underneath this box: This..this is how they say the day ended! – END-

Underneath last box: Seung Gi’s Day by Chambbong

On the very left hand corner: DCInside Lee Seung Gi Gallery comic strip commemorating his 10th Debut Anniversary



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

 Original dclsg link to see it enlarged: 10th Debut Anniversary Commemoration Comic Strip

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[English] DCLSG’s 10th Anniversary Debut Event for Seung Gi

Wow. I’m so impressed with all the hard work that went into celebrating Seung Gi’s 10th Debut Anniversary. English translations of each section are provided at the end of the photo.

web_3731073390_154e8d5bCredit: 빛나다 via dclsg

1. Event books summarizing 10 years of activity~ Singer book/Drama book/Variety book/CF book/Dclsg book

Event books that even surrounded the employees at the printer’s! The president of the printing house was so moved!

2. 10th Anniversary Commemoration, 10 tier cake

Mint colored, 10 tier, sugarcrafted cake! Drama characters & Seung Gi from 1N2D made from clay. And at the top is eagle t-shirt concert Seung Gi!

3. Pure gold crown to commemorate his 10th Anniversary (30 Don~ A Don is a unit of measurement for precious metals in Korea. 1 don is equal to 3.75 grams so 30 Don equals 112.5 grams)

A majestic crown born from the gathering of many opinions and a sketch!  Guarantee included!

The pictures below the crown say:

Don’t eat it. Protect it in the case/ Don’t go outside wearing it on your head/ Don’t microwave it/ Don’t kick it with your foot and play with it as if it were a ball.  (This is too funny, LOL)

4. Dom Pérignon 2004 (Champagne)

To congratulate him on his 10th Anniversary, the best champagne, Dom Pérignon. Once you drink it, you can’t stop! Dae Gu Dae Gu, would you like a glass?

5. A donation certificate for the third time Lee Seung Gi has relayed “kind breeze” (refers to his donation of electric fans for the needy) (~$29,947)

It’s already been the third time “kind breeze” has continued~ Seung Gi’s constant love rides the kind breeze~ love love~

6. Flower basket

7. Gift wrapping & Entire Cut

Bling bling gift wrap that used mint ribbon as the focal point.

From left to right clockwise–> Champagne, 10th Anniversary Event Books, “Kind Breeze” Donation Certificate, Flower Basket, Event stickers that will be placed on the gifts and shopping bags, The company employees stopped while transporting it and held it for a photo. Sparkling pure gold crown.

Final photo at the bottom:

Because the flower basket and cake were delivered first, this is the entire cut ㅜㅜ

Day of the Event: 2014.6.19

10th Anniversary Event Team

pink, also today, Min-e, always here, geniussyss, ggyak, radiant, silver rabbit, heodang, shrimpZzZz, Cham bong

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


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SeungSunSa Fan Cafe Celebrates Lee Seung Gi’s 10th Debut Anniversary

To commemorate Lee Seung Gi’s 10th Debut Anniversary,  5 Design editors from SeungSunSa’s Fan Cafe compiled 10 years of Lee Seung Gi’s history into 28 volumes of 300 pages each. They were gift wrapped and presented to him. It took the editors one year to make sure nothing was missed in covering Seung Gi’s history from his debut until the present. Just looking at it is extremely moving. How happy Lee Seung Gi must be to receive a gift such as this. Even though I felt it every time working on this project, the width and depth of love and passion that Seung Gi’s fans have for him is unfathomable. 

Congratulations on the commemoration of Lee Seung Gi’s 10th Debut Anniversary!

IMG_0082(1)IMG_0034IMG_0084 IMG_0097IMG_0100IMG_0101IMG_0103IMG_0105IMG_0110IMG_0126IMG_0125 IMG_0106IMG_0128 IMG_0185IMG_0111 IMG_0118 IMG_0117

Palm Tree Grove (Flower & Wrapping Studio) presents SeungSunSa with gift wrapped books commemorating Lee Seung Gi’s 10th Debut Anniversary.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original blog: Palm Tree Grove

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Airen Tribute to Seung Gi’s 10th Debut Anniversary~ Poem

One of my Airen readers has submitted a lovely poem that expresses what Lee Seung Gi has meant to all of us Airens. Thank you! 🙂


Thank you for…

10 years of happiness and joy
Of wonderful experiences and
Unforgetable memories
To hold on to.

10 years of listening to the voice
We so love to hear,
Of beautiful music that fills
Our heart and soul with
Overwhelming satisfaction,
Of enjoying the beats of
Live concerts that fulfills
The promise you made.

10 years of untiringly filming dramas
That made us laugh, cry and even
Sit on the edge of our chairs,
Not to mention ratings
That are more than satisfactory.

10 years of exciting and entertaining
Variety shows that let us know
The real YOU including your
“Heodangness” that made you
So dear to us.

10 years of informative and
Enlightening CF’s and endorsements
That brought incomparable
Results in the market.


10 years of being our
Everyday inspiration and
Healing power behind
Each Airen’s burdens and aches.

What else could we ask for?

But another 10 or more colorful years
Of being with US, your AIRENS
Because … WE LOVE YOU.



Credit: Gloria Rosario

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D-1 Till Seung Gi’s 10th Debut Anniversary! ~ Fanvideo of his singing moments on variety

Tomorrow is Seung Gi’s 10th Debut Anniversary and all Airens are excited in sharing in the joy of celebrating such a huge milestone. Congratulations, Seung Gi~ya! We love you always and forever.  The following is a fanvideo made to celebrate his 7th Anniversary. How fast time flies!

Credit: Airen Lee Seung Gi uploaded by slobbie

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Seung Gi’s Fanclub Sends Summer Snacks to the YAAS Crew

승기씨 팬클럽에서 보내주신 떡과 식혜~~옥상에서 엄청 더웠는데 완전 감사하네 ㅎㅎ 잘 먹었습니다~~

“This is rice cake and sweet fermented rice drink sent by Seung Gi’s fanclub~~It was really hot on the rooftop, I’m so thankful ㅎㅎ I ate it well~~”

This photo was posted about 6 hours ago~ around 1:30pm KST on instagram:

foodCredit: leucosis

On the box between the stars is the word “Celebration” followed by ‘You Are All Surrounded’ together with Lee Seung Gi’s 10th Anniversary ♥

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever