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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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D-1 Until Seung Gi’s 6th Album [And…] ~ Photo Update by Noh Hee Young’s SNS w/Comment

This photo was posted around 9amKST by former CJ Executive Director, Noh Hee Young:

hino2033d1Credit: hino2033

“#LeeSeungGi6th@leeseunggi.official @actorleeseunggi
D-1 Always upstanding and pleasant no matter when we meet~~ Nation’s Younger Brother

Seung Gi’s 6th has only one day to go Anticipation Anticipation~~~^^”



English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever


Seung Gi’s Japan Debut Single~ Time for Love~ Renai Jidai (恋愛時代)~ Scans of Photo Booklet

An oldie but goodie for slow days like today.  This is the Japanese edition of Seung Gi’s Japan Debut single, Time for Love. Thanks again to Bisso for the HQ scans of the mini booklet that came with the CD.  His album was released on March 6, 2012 and is one of his classics. Seung Gi is trilingual. He speaks Korean, Japanese, and English.  This album is available in Japanese as well as in Korean. A Japanese Airen friend of mine was kind to send me one direct from Japan.  🙂

swl1swl2 swl3 swl4 swl5 swl6 swl7 swl8 swl9 swl10 swl11 swl12 swl13 swl14Credit: jejuslov


You Are All Surrounded OST~ Full Soundtrack

The official YAAS OST album will be released on July 22nd in stores. If you live in Korea, you can order it for a cheaper price on Gmarket. They also ship overseas, but their shipping fees are usually as expensive as the album itself. I’ll provide two links for fans to preorder the OST: GMarket and yesasia.  If you live outside of Korea, I highly recommend yesasia.com. Their price is reasonable and will be cheaper than ordering from Korea’s GMarket, which is a better option for me since I live in Korea right now.

Credit: Audio Plus


The song list for YAAS’s Official OST CD:


01. 사랑하나 봐 (I Must Be In Love) ~ Lee Seung Chul
02. 사랑 그 한마디 (Love, That One Word)~ Taeyon
03. 나 왜이래 (Feat. 강민희 of 미스에스) (What’s Wrong with Me?)~ San E
04. 그게 너였다 (That Was You)~ Ahn Jae Hyun
05. 그대만 보여요 (I Only See You)~ Kwon Jin Ah
06. One Love ~ by E.D.E.N.
07. You Are All Surrounded~ Ha Geun Young & Ryu Min Ji
08. 테헤란로 114길 11 (Teheran-ro 114 Street 11)~ Ha Geun Young & Ryu Min Ji
09. 강남경찰서 P4 (Gangnam Police Station P4)~ Ha Geun Young
10. We Are Partners! ~ Ha Geun Young
11. 한 뼘의 성장 (Growth in One Span) ~ Ha Geun Young
12. The End, And New Beginning ~ Ha Geun Young
13. Trauma ~ Ha Geun Young
14. 사람이 온다는 것은 (When Love Comes) ~ Ha Geun Young
15. Photographic Memory ~ Ha Geun Young
16. The Crime Occurred!~ Lee Yong Yoon
17. Justice For All~ Lee Yong Yoon
18. Top Secret ~ Ha Geun Young


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Tracklist from Melon