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Lee Seung Gi’s MV “And Goodbye” One Minute Version Released ~ BTS Story Behind the Making of This MV

Hook Entertainment finally released the MV for Lee Seung Gi’s title song, “And Goodbye” from his 6th Album less than 10 minutes ago at 12:00 noon KST.  It is only a minute long and gives us more than teaser #1 but still leaves us hanging.  Originally, Hook intended to release the MV along with the digital album on the 10th, but due to unfortunate damages to the original film, it was not possible for the editing team to create a full length video.  What they find regretful is that there were many special scenes filmed but because parts of the film were damaged, they found themselves having to create a MV with what was left.  According to a spokesperson, “Although we tried to do a good job editing, it was difficult to make a full length MV with the amount of film we had left.  Because it was a situation where both the digital tracks and physical album were released, there wasn’t enough time to re-film. The quality dropped and we debated over whether it was a correct decision to reveal a MV where the story wasn’t properly told.”

However, they couldn’t let down fans who were waiting for the full length MV.  Eventually, Lee Seung Gi’s agency decided to edit the remaining portions of the film and release a one minute version on the 12th.  Although the film was damaged, it was a decision made out of consideration for the fans who have been waiting for the video.  According to a spokesperson, “As expected, Lee Seung Gi is feeling very sorry towards his fans. He wanted to present them with a good music video.”

Please don’t forget to livestream KBS2 at 6:30pmKST tonight for Seung Gi’s first comeback performance on KBS2 Music Bank! 😉 Link for live streaming: http://www.olweb.me/kbs-2-korea-live

Credit: 1theK

Original Korean article: Newsen

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Gu Family Book Episodes to ReAir on MBC in Mid May

A golden opportunity to rewatch MBC’s well made drama that was the hot topic of conversation! 2015’s ’60 minute drama’ has returned! 

Through Channel MBC Queen,  viewers will be able to watch ‘2015’s 60 minute drama’.  Six episodes of MBC’s classic drama will be selected with plans to upgrade it with more exciting contents for viewers. 

‘2015’s 60 minute drama’ s first anticipated work had a viewer rating of 19.5% (Nielsen Korea) and set a record for number 1 in viewer ratings. It is the fantasy fusion sageuk ‘Gu Family Book’. 

gfbCredit: TopStarNews

Having appeal to viewers, the meeting of writer Kang Eun Kyung and director Shin Woo Chul  drew a great amount of interest from the beginning.
To break free of the image as the Nation’s First Love,  Bae Suzy showed off her swordsmanship skills while Lee Seung Gi overflowed with charisma exuding a masculine beauty.  You get to rewatch it!

‘2015’s 60minute drama – ‘Gu Family Book ’ episodes can be watched through MBC Queen on May 15th (Fri) at 9pm KST. Through MBC Dramanet, it will air starting on May 16th (Mon) at 1:20am KST. 

Original Korean article: TopStarNews

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever


Lee Seung Gi, ‘Renaissance Man’, Acting-Singing-Variety, ‘At the Top in All’…’Still Main Job is Singing’

“Acting, Singing, even Variety; Exactly what can’t he do?”

Lee Seung Gi has achieved a perfect balance between acting, singing, and even variety. Actor Lee Seung Gi, Singer Lee Seung Gi, and even Variety Lee Seung Gi ; he’s so active in all three to the point that there isn’t a genre that doesn’t suit him.
After debuting in 2004 with ‘Because You’re My Woman”, Lee Seung Gi recorded a series of ‘consecutive hits’ with every song that he released and rose as Korea’s representative male singer worthy of the title.  As if to prove he is Lee Sun Hee’s pupil, he exhibits a perfect singing ability. As he started acting, he captivated audiences with even more emotions.
Through ‘Lee Seung Gi’s Hope Concert’, he spends time with fans at the end of every year.  Although he’s Lee Seung Gi who’s busy acting in variety,  he never neglects his duty to his main job as a singer. In a way, that may be singer Lee Seung Gi’s charm.

topstarnewsuhd511Credit: TopStarNews

# The debut song is ‘the best’…’Because You’re My Woman’
On June 5, 2004, a distinctive ballad titled ‘Because You’re My Woman’ emerged. This song received a great deal of attention alone with the reason that he was Lee Sun Hee’s pupil; in a short period of time, it drew an explosive amount of popularity.  In addition, there was 19 year old Lee Seung Gi with the visuals who had drawn in that popularity within a short period of time. 
During his debut days, Lee Seung Gi was more famous as ‘Lee Sun Hee’s pupil’. Before his debut, Lee Sun Hee discovered him performing in a small theater and it is said that she cast him on the spot.  However, Lee Seung Gi flatly refused the offer. Later, Lee Seung Gi’s mother heard about this and apologized to Lee Sun Hee; this is how he became her pupil.
Afterwards, Lee Seung Gi debuted with ‘Because You’re My Woman’; the single lyric ‘Noona, because you’re my woman’ instantly turned him into the nation’s ‘young man/boytoy’. With an innocence unlike a celebrity, a heartwarming appearance, and being a handsome gentleman who also sings well, South Korea’s women in their 20s couldn’t resist being swept off their feet.

topstarnews2Credit: TopStarNews

#‘Love Taught Me To Drink’…Lee Seung Gi also finds it difficult to sing
In 2010, Lee Seung Gi released an album, ‘Shadow’, and its title song, ‘Love Taught Me to Drink’, featured 8Eight’s Baek Chan which resulted in an even more colorful and fuller song. In reality, this song swept music charts becoming #1 and gained a great deal of popularity. Also, this song is known as ‘the song that will cause you to die while singing’ if sung at a karaoke bar.

Lee Seung Gi’s sound is very comfortable and has a steady high pitch. Still, if you think it’s an easy song to sing, you’re making a big mistake. Lee Seung Gi directly appeared on KBS’ ‘Happy Together 3’ and sang ‘Love Taught Me To Drink’ saying even for him, ‘it is a song in which the high notes are really difficult to sing’. 
Afterwards, through various concerts and stages, Lee Seung Gi captivated women’s hearts with his explosive singing ability while live on stage. Even at his teacher, Lee Sun Hee’s concert, he never showed signs of nervousness and unleashed a ‘tremendous high note’.  Every time his audience hears his soft and dewy voice, it touches their hearts.

topstarnews3Credit: TopStarNews

# After ‘Return’  ‘Revving up for a Comeback’ After 3 Years
On November 22, 2012, an album called ‘Forest’ with the title song ‘Return’ was released. At that time, Lee Seung Gi swept cable channels as a given and even hit #1 on public TV with this song. He displayed his power by gaining the nickname,’Worthy of his name, Lee Seung Gi’. ‘Return’ is an ’emotional ballad’ composed by Epitone Project with a soft melody.  
Afterwards up until 2015, Lee Seung Gi has greeted fans only through a movie and dramas. He hasn’t released an album. Currently, Lee Seung Gi’s fans are earnestly waiting for his comeback.
Through his agency, Hook Entertainment’s official twitter account, Lee Seung Gi  said, “To Airens whom I miss~~~^^ Time really flies..Today, I recorded diligently as well and squeezed in some time to greet you~Let’s really meet soon! Soon! ~~~^^” along with a photo of him in the recording studio; raising fans’ expectations for his comeback. 

Lee Seung Gi’s fanclub, Airen, (愛人) when read in Korean means ‘lover’. However, when read in Chinese, it means the only precious person in the whole world. 
That’s how much Lee Seung Gi cares about and loves his fans. Also, it’s how much his fans care about and love Lee Seung Gi. 

Filled with his fans’ love and earnest wait, we look forward to Lee Seung Gi’s new musical transformation.
“Looking forward to the comeback of the ‘Real Singer’ Lee Seung Gi”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original Korean article: TopStarNews

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[English] [Exclusive] Lee Seung Gi, Another Good Deed…Helps the Homeless Become Independent ‘Star Assistant to Big Issue’

bighelperCredit: OSEN

Singer/Actor Lee Seung Gi will be doing another good deed.  He will be volunteering as a ‘Star Assistant to Big Issue’ to daily street vendors of Big Issue, a lifestyle magazine which helps the homeless become self reliant. 

On the 18th, according to a Big Issue insider, Lee Seung Gi will be active as a surprise assistant to the magazine following the Lunar New Year holiday this coming 23rd somewhere in the Seoul Gangnam area.  Being a Big Issue assistant includes standing by Big Issue vendors’ side and supporting them in becoming independent. Cheering them on is a given. It also includes PR work as well as helping vendors sell daily issues. Being a star assistant for Big Issue last occurred in 2011 with Lee Ji-ae, a former announcer. In September of the same year, after ‘Infinite Challenge’ Rowing Episode’s coach Kim Ji Ho, it’s been 3 years since such an event has occurred.

Regarding this, a representative from Lee Seung Gi’s agency, Hook Entertainment, told OSEN, “We decided that it would be good to have a systematic approach and goal to help Big Issue which helps the homeless become self reliant. Lee Seung Gi himself indicated his will to be a star assistant to Big Issue.”

Previously, through his talent donation, Lee Seung Gi underwent shooting for the cover and pictorial of the 102nd edition of Big Issue.  During that time at the shooting location, Lee Seung Gi said through an interview,”It’s a magazine with such a good goal.” Through his question of “Why didn’t we know about it?” he relayed his determination to participate by willingly donating his talent.  

Lee Seung Gi is Korea’s representative ‘Good deed star’ who has fulfilled good deeds in various ways. Including a 100,000 Won donation to KBS Kang Tae Won Welfare Foundation, he is a supporter for donations on behalf of low income female students in the USA, sharing of kimchi and coal briquettes program, volunteering at nursing homes, and helping orphanages among others.  Besides Lee Seung Gi, his fans have also followed his lead. In 2014, for his 10th debut anniversary, they donated  29,947,500 Won (approx $29,947.50 US) to the KBS Kang Tae Won Welfare Foundation.

Meanwhile, the 102nd edition of Big Issue that Lee Seung Gi graces  is currently being sold at major Seoul subway stations as well as online at the Big Issue Shop.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original Korean article: OSEN

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HQ Scans of Cine 21 No.98 ~ December, 2014 Love Forecast Edition

%BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D6%C7%A5%C1%F6“We took a look at Korean movies for 2015”

“Individual leap forward?

Working together with different goals?”

%BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D602_-1In white lettering are lyrics to the song “Some” by Soyu and Junggigo:

“It feels like I’m yours

It seems like I’m yours

but no”

In black on top of Moon Chae Won:

Dating in our generation

Music video for the song “Some” sung in Love Forecast:

(I heard it was very popular in Korea when it was released)

Credit: HanabiTomoLyrics4

%BE%BE%B3%D721__NO986-1 %BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D603_ %BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D604_-1 %BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D605_ %BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D601_Scan credit: jejuslov

Lyrics credit: HanabiTomoLyrics4

English translation: Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Lee Seung Gi, In One Cut He Displays the Appearance of a Real Man…

CF cuts of the highly popular singer/actor Lee Seung Gi filled with a different type of charm have been released.

In this advertisement, Lee Seung Gi’s characteristic bright and pure image is a given along with an added mysterious charm.
In Belport’s CF, Lee Seung Gi strongly exuded a manly image in his dark navy shirt as he filled the camera with his gaze.
Also, there was buzz that Lee Seung Gi meticulously monitored each and every cut on set while offering suggestions for the advertisement as a bluechip in the industry should.  

Belport’s PR team director, Kim Gi Jung, said,”Lee Seung Gi’s bright and clear image and Omorovicza’s image of a 2,000 year commitment to protecting its purity has fit together nicely in this CF so I am very satisfied” in addition to “In the future, I ask everyone to look forward to and have interest in Omorovicza’s story which Lee Seung Gi will reveal.”


Lee Seung Gi’s Omorovicza CFs which display different and various charms plan to be revealed starting in February.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Original article: TopStarNews

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[English] Love Forecast Screen Greeting in Seoul Theaters~ 1/17~1/18 w/ HD Photos

According to today’s article by TopStarNews,  ‘Love Forecast’ “is blowing winds of romance into theaters”. In the first week of its premiere, tickets for stage greetings in Seoul on 1/17 and 1/18 were sold out and they ended successfully. There was an”explosion of interest” in the movie from audiences.


Director Park Jin Pyo, Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won, and Jung Joon Young participated in the stage greetings to express their thanks. Director Park Jin Pyo said,”It’s a movie that is filled with the butterflies that come with love. After watching the movie, it would be nice if you could take those butterflies with you and escape from being single. Also, the actors really acted well so I ask you to give them lots of encouragement and praise.”
Lee Seung Gi, who played the role of ‘Jun Su’ said,”Thank you for choosing this movie with your precious time and I am grateful that you came all the way here. Enjoy watching the movie as it was made to be entertaining and pleasant. Through the movie, I hope it will be an opportunity for you to take a look at the people around you.” With these words, he relayed the true message of the movie.


In this work, Moon Chae Won, who showed a 180 degree change in her acting said,”Including the director, the actors are also happy every day because you have seen the movie in a favorable light and given it good ratings. I hope you will be able to feel some happiness and enjoyment through the movie.”
Also, Jung Joon Young who played the role of ‘Hyo Bong’ and is making his film debut said,”Through this movie, I was able to act for the first time, I hope you will watch the movie comfortably. The movie is so fun that you can watch it again. I ask for you to have high expectations for it.” At the stage greetings, there was also time made to give out ‘Love Forecast’ calendars to some audience members as gifts.


The actors played games with the audience such as rock, paper, scissors, who shares the same last name, who has seen the movie the most, and various other ways to give out gifts which gave the audience a chance to have a special opportunity to have an unforgettable experience and lasting memories.


Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Source: TopStarNews



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[English] Cuckoo Launches a New TV CF Quiz Event for Hybrid Eco Range

Cuckoo electronics will be holding an online quiz from November 1st to commemorate the TV CF launching of the Korean model, ‘Hybrid Eco Range’.

cuckoohybridrangeCredit:  Cuckoo

“Cuckoo Korean Model Electronic TV CF Launching Event

Making life more delicious and chic

Cuckoo Hybrid Eco Range”


In this event, those who watch the Hybrid Eco Range’s TV CF will be able to answer the easy and simple questions. By accessing the event through the official homepage, after watching the clip and introductory information, those who answer the quiz will automatically be entered into the event. It will last until November 30th and winners will be announced on or after December 10th through the homepage.

In addition, among the entrants,  through a random drawing, one person will win an IH electronic rice cooker, 2 people will win a Cuckoo thermos flask, and 3 people will win a Cuckoo electronic tea kettle.   All participants will receive a 10% discount coupon for Cuckoo electronics’ official shopping mall.

A member of Cuckoo’s marketing team said, “Interest in an electric range that is easy and safe to use has been increasing as has the interest in Cuckoo’s Korean model ‘Hybrid Eco Range’ … “On behalf of the consumers who show love for the Cuckoo brand, along with the TV CF and promotion, we will increase awareness of the product and repay our consumers’ love”.

Meanwhile, Cuckoo electronics’ Hybrid Eco Range’s TV CF is scheduled to air on November 1st (Saturday).  In the meantime, we invite you to watch the Cuckoo rice cooker CF showing Lee Seung Gi’s romantic image as he becomes chef for a day to prepare a bountiful dinner ranging from Korean to Western food for family and friends.



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original article: Cuckoo

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ASIAN NEWSWEEK KOREA ~October, 2014 Issue

This magazine is in Korean and Chinese. The print is really tiny so I have translated what I could read. Hoping for HQ scans to surface soon. Please enjoy the photos for now. 🙂

사본 - asian1사본 - asian2“The man with everything”

Lee Seung Gi

사본 - asian3사본 - asian4 사본 - asian5“I’m only doing my best in what I do considering my situation. Because everyone sees only the good side, I always have a grateful heart.”


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Scan credit: Liuyue

Original dclsg link: ASIAN NEWSWEEK KOREA

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[English] Lee Seung Gi is Chosen by Netizens as August’s CF Model


Credit: Yonhap News

The Korean Federation of Advertising Associations announced on the 2nd that singer and actor Lee Seung Gi was chosen by netizens as the CF model for the month of August. Lee Seung Gi received 101,280 netizen votes and took first place while actor Kim Soo Hyun received 55,654 votes and came in 2nd.

Lee Seung Gi is currently active as the CF model for KB Kookmin Bank, Korea Mundipharma’s “Medifoam”, Cuckoo electronics, and Pizza Hut among other brands.

Source: yonhapnews.co.kr

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Here’s a table of the CF Models and their rankings from 8/1/2014 to 8/31/2014:

netizen votesCredit: daum

 The top 20:

1. Lee Seung Gi

2. Kim Soo Hyun

3. Lee Min Ho

4. John Park

5. Song So Hee

6. Siwan

7. Park Bo Young

8. Park Hyung Sik

9. Park Shin Hye

10. Lee Seo Jin

11. Park Yoochun

12. Suzy

13. Honey Lee

14. ZE:A

15. Lee Mi Yeon (Noonas over Flowers)

16. Go Ara (YAAS)

17. Han Ji Min

18. Yoo Jae Suk (Infinite Challenge, Running Man)

19. Kim Seong Ryeong

20. Seo In Guk

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WeMAP Social Commerce Holds ‘Culture Day’ For Employees

wemapCredit: WeMAP

Social commerce WeMAP is holding a ‘Culture Day’ on the coming 24th and 25th of this month at the COEX movie theater in Gangnam. The purpose of this event is to encourage the employees working in the customer satisfaction department.  Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin will be invited for this event.

This past January, WeMAP announced that 2014 would be the start of a new management run by consumers. To realize this goal, approximately 1000 customer satisfaction centers were made available in order to provide the best service to customers. This upcoming ‘Culture Day’ was planned to show appreciation for their service.

WeMAP will rent out the entire Megabox movie theater which contains approximately 500 seats for the 2 day event. On the 24th, Lee Seung Gi will make his appearance while Lee Seo Jin  will appear on the 25th.  Starting from 7pm, the customer satisfaction employees will meet with them for 30 minutes and they will also watch a period action film titled ‘Kundo: Age of the Rampant’.

During this event, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin will call out seat numbers and present customer satisfaction employees with gifts.  In addition, there will be a surprise event in which they will call employees’ cell phones through a random drawing.  The winners will be able to take photos with Lee Seung Gi or Lee Seo Jin.

WeMAP’s head official of customer service centers, Kim Han Bit, said, “The customer satisfaction employees are doing their best at the point of contact with customers. They are making consumer oriented management a reality. By directly meeting the representative models of WeMAP,  their loyalty to the company can be heightened. In addition, I hope it will be a great way to relieve stress that has built up until this point.”



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Source: Ajunews


Dae Gu Dae Gu Style~ His 16 Outfit Collection and Transformation

Lee Seung Gi’s “Dae Gu Dae Gu Style”, a fashion collection consisting of 16 different outfits, reflects Eun Dae Gu’s evolution throughout the drama.  From the beginning of the drama where he is very abrasive and foul mouthed to the gradual change in him after he arrests Jo Hyung Chul, Eun Dae Gu’s psychological state is portrayed through his fashion.  In the drama, he wears apparel appropriate for a detective working at Gangnam Police Station~ neat and tidy yet comfortable for movement.  Going from one extreme to another, the Lee Seung Gi brand, “Eun Dae Gu Look” is portrayed to perfection.

daegu fashionCredit: TOPSTARNEWS

When Eun Dae Gu first entered Gangnam Police Station, he was full of trauma from his youth and rage towards Seo Pan Seok. Therefore, he had to portray a cold and prickly image. He mostly wore black collarless shirts with about 3 to 5 buttons and black pants to uphold the “chic Dae Gu” image.  Also, on the days he worked at the Gangnam Police Station, he wore white collarless t-shirts, long black pants, and a black backpack. When he went to the club undercover, he wore a black hooded jacket with leather overlay on his sleeves in addition to a black round neck t-shirt. This was to emphasize a dark and simple feel to his character.  As a masculine man overflowing with charisma, Lee Seung Gi wore neutral colored t-shirts and wild, black stadium pants befitting of Eun Dae Gu’s character.  Also combining black and blue in his outerwear depicted Eun Dae Gu’s bold character as a detective of the Violent Crimes Unit.

After his romance with Eo Soo Seon began, he appeared in natural white tones as “Pure Dae Gu”.  In the scene where he saves Eo Soo Seon from getting hit by a motorcycle, he wore a refreshing looking white t-shirt, black cardigan, and grey toned shoes to play down his character. When he confessed his feelings for Eo Soo Seon in front of the team, he wore a neat and casual white shirt which made him look stylish.   In the scene where he goes down to Masan to investigate, his clothing was interspersed with a colored denim shirt over a bright toned t-shirt for a stylish layered look.  
In particular, although Eun Dae Gu is a character with deep pain, as he steadily grows into a humane detective, Lee Seung Gi keeps close tabs on his character’s every move to portray this to perfection.  He’s always worrying about a different side of Eun Dae Gu and rumor has it that he confers with his stylist about deciding on his clothes.

The stylist in charge of Lee Seung Gi’s clothing said “When the drama began, Eun Dae Gu was chic and overflowed with charisma.  We prepared a monotonous black and white concept for him. As he grows more comfortable with social relationships and a love line with Eo Soo Seon develops, his clothing also brightens and changes to a casual look. Lee Seung Gi is meticulous with every shoe, bag and item to harmonize them with his character. Because he takes it very seriously, that’s probably why his fashion shines even more.”

Lee Seung Gi’s agency said,”In order to transform into Eun Dae Gu from head to toe, Lee Seung Gi is after perfection. Through his fashion style, he is paying attention to portraying Eun Dae Gu’s feelings and personality. Watch Lee Seung Gi’s unique passion in his struggle to portray Eun Dae Gu even through extrinsic factors besides acting.”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original article: TOPSTARNEWS

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[English] Lee Seung Gi Gifts the YAAS Staff After Eye Injury

Seung Gi has such a warm and generous heart. As a thank you gift to 130 staff members on the YAAS team, he gifted them with Firstlook Outdoor and shirts made out of Coolmax fabric to beat the heat during filming.  According to a statement made by Hook Entertainment on the 3rd, Lee Seung Gi gifted 130 members on the YAAS production team and staff with Firstlook Outdoor as ‘Staffwear’. This took place on July 1st at the ‘You’re Surrounded’ filming location in Tanhyeon (Ilsan). He was really thankful to the YAAS team for wishing him a speedy recovery following his eye injury and for readily postponing filming because of it.

giftsCredit: OSEN

The production crew who received the gifts were very happy. Lee Seung Gi gave us “Exactly the clothes we need”.  After presenting the gifts on set, Lee Seung Gi said, “I’m thankful to the staff who made it comfortable for me to act. They are always enduring hardships behind the scenes. I just wanted to express my heart in this small way. It would be great if the staff would be able to fight off the heat a bit and film in cooler conditions…since they stand all day underneath the hot sun and work.”



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original Korean article: OSEN


[Thai Magazine] ASTAMAG No.90 July 2014 Issue~ Lee Seung Gi

There is truly no language barrier when it comes to being Lee Seung Gi’s fan.  Airens are all over the world, and from the past videos and fan art I’ve shared from various countries, love for Seung Gi is universal.  Seung Gi’s drama isn’t only popular in Korea, China, and Japan. Airens from all over the world are tuning into it every week.

Asta1 Asta2 Asta3 Asta4 Asta5 Asta6Credit: LSG Thailand