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English translation – Lee Seung Gi – Actresses Special, leaving for Croatia on the 31st

Lee Seung Gi is leaving for Croatia at the end of this month, just as he had announced during the Heritory fan signing event on the 25th in Bucheon, Seoul. Here’s a translation of an article from nate.com.

croatia 31

tvN’s Backpacking Special Part#2 “Actresses Special (working title)” team will depart for Croatia this coming 31st (of October). Singer Lee Seung Gi including Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Hee Ae, and Lee Mi Yeon are preparing to depart for Croatia to film for 10 days before returning.   Because this destination has a more exotic and romantic atmosphere, there is a great deal of anticipation from the actresses and Lee Seung Gi.

The previous backpacking trip, Part #1 ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ was very popular because the scenery was in Paris and Taiwan. In addition, Lee Seo Jin resurfaced as a porter so all eyes are on comparing this to the upcoming sequel. They are planning to arrive in Croatia via Istanbul, Turkey.  This trip will be broadcasted this coming mid November.

Credit and link:  nate.com

Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Seung Gi to return to variety with Na Young Seok PD again

I’m still uploading posts from my Facebook page onto my blog… this is why you will see translations from a few months ago.
I’m sure you’ve heard the great news that Seung Gi is returning to variety with Na Young Seok PD from 1Night2Days. This is the most recent news from Korea about Seung Gi’s new variety show. It was posted online on 9/4/13 at 11:30pm.

Lee Seung Gi, Na Young Seok PD, An Appearance on a New Program…“A Comeback as a Porter for Actresses?”

Singer/Actor Lee Seung Gi is reuniting with Na Young Seok PD.
Today(the 3rd) CJ E&M company stated “Lee Seung Gi has decided to join Backpacking Project which will be broadcasted following the first part called <Grandpas over Flowers>”.

Na Young Seok PD will be directing <Backpacking Project Part 2 – A special program with actresses (working title)> which will be about 4  actresses’ travels. After leaving SBS’s <Strong Heart>, Lee Seung Gi has decided to make a comeback with Na Young Seok PD’s upcoming program after not being visible on variety shows.

<A Special with Actresses > currently has confirmed Lee Seung Gi’s appearance while the actresses are in the middle of being confirmed. A definitive destination or departure schedule remain undecided.

Na Young Seok PD said “Currently, I’m keeping in mind a mid November broadcast. Actresses Yoon Yeo Jung and Kim Hee Ae are positively considering the offer.” He explained,”As there is still plenty of time before the broadcast date, I will prepare with as much leisure.”

Union PressCredit: Union Press

Original Source: Union Press

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever