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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Omorovicza Named As One of Top 3 Recommended Beauty Products

A press article by BNT News recommending the top 3 multi-functional beauty products from Belport included Omorovicza, the brand Lee Seung Gi models for. The product featured in the article is ‘Queen of Hungary Mist’, which Seung Gi sampled on the opening day of Belport in Myungdong UNESCO, Seoul. It is known to keep skin moist with Budapest’s 600+ year old tradition of using pure mineral water. Scented with damask roses, it can be used by men and women alike as a lotion as well. According to the article, it is a hot item among customers. Also, Queen Elizabeth is rumored to be using this product.

budapest sprayCredit: Omorovicza

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Omorovicza CF in Busan Subway Station

OMG. Seung Gi is so handsome in this CF for Omorovicza! People in Busan are lucky! Wondering when this ad will come to Seoul. ^^ Sigh…

omohyunasg0113Credit: hyunasg0113

“Belport Omorovicza Subway CF..This is Busan^^
#이승기 #leeseunggi #lsg #belport #omorovicza”

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Belport Omorovicza HQ CF Photo

omo_bg_07Credit: belport.co.kr

Seung Gi is posing with a jar of cream made with a blend of gold colloid and natural minerals to “rejuvenate, repair, and give a rosy glow to the complexion”.  Retail price per jar is 125 UK pounds or $310 US at Neiman Marcus.

The words by Seung Gi’s head:

“Please remember me. I am Omorovicza.

Premium water therapy on behalf of you who wish to remain in that time of innocence.

Within his upright image, Lee Seung Gi possesses the innocence of a child.

Now, he tells about Omorovicza.

Please remember that time of innocence in which you wish to remain.

The pure mineral water therapy from Hungary,

Omorovicza, and Lee Seung Gi are one.”

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Link to belport booklet: Omorovicza

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Belport Concert Venue Fanpics

The concert starts at 5pm KST today at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium.  Here are a compilation of some photos that have been shared on SNS so far:

B9MrK21CMAESBv7 B9MrMF2CIAAYq77Credit: MogiSeunggi

B9NUdu0CUAE_AQO heena_heena

B9NhmGcCQAA0d20 B9NhjoACMAA5Ric B9NhnsFCEAEnRJbCredit: seunggi87113

B9NfV4QCEAAnpmfCredit: je_Ha

10963724_1551615388436381_290441212_ncredit: ppickssary

seulki_1211Credit: seulki_1211

mangotangoSeating chart ~ Credit: dclsg

10950245_431482247005028_1259466076_nCredit: Peony

minmyletter minmyletter2Credit: minmyletter

It has started!


Credit: binnybannybo

shin_y_nCredit: shin_y_n

beauty7290Credit: beauty7290

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Belport Concert Greeting Video ~ Lee Seung Gi

Seung Gi appears in the beginning and at the end of this short clip advertising Belport’s concert featuring Seung Gi, Ailee, singer Wheesung, and Rosemotel among others. Seung Gi begins by saying, “Hello, I’m Omorovicza’s model, Lee Seung Gi.” The concert is on February 7th, 5pm KST at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium. Wheesung (in the beige blazer) ends by saying, “it would be nice if many of you could attend.” Rosemotel in purple says “Thank you” as does Seung Gi.

Credit: Belport

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Belport Fan Signing Event Fanpics of Autographs with Fan Accounts

bisso scanScan credit: jejuslov

I had written about her fan account in my previous post. She gave Seung Gi a picture of him that she had drawn in August of 2012. He asked her,”Did you draw this by yourself?” and she replied that it was from earlier. She continued by telling Seung Gi that she would draw portraits of him when CF ads of him for Marley Coffee and Belport came out. Seung Gi replied,”Wow!”

I am so happy for her! We met at the Airen 6 FM and she is well known for her HQ scans. She had tweeted a photo of this earlier, but she felt it didn’t do it justice so here’s a scan. This is the drawing she gave Seung Gi:

B8lqdmYCAAAvf1dCredit: jejuslov

bitnada autoCredit: qlcksms01

This Airen is well known for her HQ photos of Seung Gi. When it came to her turn, she asked Seung Gi to write (her name) and as he did so followed by a heart, she somehow felt one was not enough. So…she mustered up the courage to ask him if he could draw 2 hearts and he replied,”Alright, I’ll draw three.” She pretty much died and went to heaven. She doesn’t remember exactly how she walked out of there (the Seung Gi effect) and when she showed this to her friend, the friend noticed that the third heart was right by his eye. She joked to this lucky Airen that it seemed as if Seung Gi was shooting hearts at her with his eye. LOL!

dimple autoCredit: LovelySgDimple

This Airen opened up her conversation with a thank you for all of his stage greetings. Seung Gi didn’t seem to understand or misheard her when he said,”What did I do well?” All of a sudden, she got very flustered and couldn’t think …and the next thing that she did was hug Seung Gi! Even she couldn’t believe it. She said,”A HUG! As if there was an envious ghost who wanted to hug him!” She asked him who he was working with for his next album and Seung Gi told her,”Because it is a secret, it’s better to find out later.” She left the desk and wandered around until the fan signing finished. Then she watched him get into his van and leave.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever