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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] Video ~ Korean Box Office for the Weekend of 1/30 to 2/1

Congratulations to Love Forecast for breaking through 1.8 million views! On February 1st, it surpassed the break even point by 1,832 views. It’s remaining at a steady #5 at the box office for the past week. All the best for continued success. 🙂  To read more about the box office rankings, click here: Korean Box Office

breakthrough1.8Credit: moran2366

Credit: NocutV

Lee Seo Jin to Moon Chae Won,”You’re like shrimp crackers, my hands keep reaching for you.” Meanwhile, Seung Gi is annoyed and says,”You’re so full of b*lls**t!” In his argument with MCW, he says,”You flirted with him a great deal!” Jung Joon Young tells MCW,”The way I see it, you keep giving him room for doubt.” Lee Seung Gi to MCW,”Am I really nothing to you? Do you know what love is? Do you know what REAL love is?!” The clip ends with MCW saying,”I’m done with things like love.”

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Love Forecast Box Office Update for 1/29/15 KST

129boxofficeCredit: dclsg

Ode to My Father has gained some speed against Gangnam Blues today. It has always been the top contender against Love Forecast since Seung Gi’s movie premiered. Fans in dclsg are writing comments of encouragement like “Fighting”, “Keep up your spirits!”,  “Aja, aja!”, and “Let’s reserve more tickets”.  It hasn’t reached the 1.7 million view mark yet, but grossed a total of 13,293,222,587 Won since its premiere ($12,083,118.97 US via xe.com on 1/30 KST).

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Love Forecast Box Office Update for 1/26/15 KST

boxoffice126Credit: dclsg (posted on 1/27/15 at 24:58 KST)

Love Forecast is still in 4th place and has grossed 12,618,670,687 Won ( $11,674,460.79 US dollars according to xe.com) so far since its premiere. There was news earlier today about it hitting the 1.5 million view mark and you can see that here : 1,591,594 views since 1/14/15.  Love Forecast, fighting!

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[English] Lee Seung Gi vs. Lee Min Ho Screen Face-Off

Credit: seunggiairen

English translation:

They’re representative stars, aren’t they? Of the same age, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Min Ho are going through a screen hazing ritual. While Lee Seung Gi plays a role that isn’t too different from his image, Lee Min Ho is showing a 180 degree change from the images he has portrayed up until now. What will the results be like? Stars of the same age born in the 1980’s, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Min Ho. Coincidentally, the two who debuted as actors around the same time also took their first step onto the screen. (Note: Lee Min Ho already debuted onscreen in 2008 with two movies)  The one who first challenged the screen was Lee Seung Gi. In the romantic comedy, ‘Love Forecast’, he plays the role of a man who is frustrated with being in “some” relationships. The upright and youthful image he normally portrays is no different in the movie. Lee Seung Gi says,”I think I tried to remain faithful to the emotions. I would say the synchronization with me (my image) is around 80%.” ‘Love Forecast’ hit 1 million views within 6 days of its premiere. Among the romantic comedy genre, its popularity rate at the box office is the same as ‘200 Pound Beauty’, which had the largest audience views of all time. The two actors  have taken on a new challenge, although they have chosen entirely different characters and genres. Audiences have been paying affection to each in a different way, respectively.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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