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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English translation] Section TV Entertainment Report~ Lee Seung Gi

   Credit: seunggiairen

Originally a singer! Stars who made it big as an actor

English translation:

Male MC #1: These days,  there is a trend where there isn’t a fixed boundary line between a singer, actor, etc.

Caption: The boundary line which has disappeared in the entertainment industry.

Male MC #1: It’s to the point where viewers who are at least in their 50’s could say,”They (also) sang?”. They are already actors who are much closer to the acting industry.

Male MC #2: They’re stars who’ve already been put to the test and became a huge success.

Female MC: We could call him the original, Lee Seung Gi.  You know that Lee Seung Gi first made it big as a singer.

Caption: 2004 debut with “Because You’re My Woman”

Female MC: At the same time, he had prepared a drama. Simultaneously releasing his first album in 2004, he appeared in Nonstop 5. But I think this was a very smart move. You know how he had a fixed image of a model student, a comfortable image. He even took this directly into the drama.

Male MC #1: To Nonstop 5? I also appeared in Nonstop 5. (Caption says: There isn’t anything he hasn’t done)

Other MCs: Where? I think that was a different person.

Female MC: Called “The Famous Chill Sisters” aka “Famous Princesses”, he did a weekend drama. Back then, he was a friendly character who received so much love from lots of ahjummas.

Female MC: Afterwards, he appeared in another weekend drama called “Brilliant Legacy”. He shared the lead role with Han Hyo Joo. Back then with “Brilliant Legacy”, it received a viewership rating of 47.1%. This really isn’t easy to do.

Male MC #1: It’s really brilliant.

Female MC: Yes. Afterwards, there was “The Gu Family Book” and “The King 2 Hearts”. So he became definitely known as “MBC’s son” and went to the military.

Male MC #1: He’s coming back soon, isn’t he?

Male MC #2: October. He’s coming back in October.

Male MC #1: I see, so he’s coming back this year.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Happy 6th Anniversary, Brilliant Legacy!

Time flies! It’s already the 6th Anniversary of Brilliant Legacy’s first episode on SBS. The first episode aired on April 25, 2009 at 9:45pm KST on Sat/Sun for 28 episodes until July 26th. Han Hyo Joo, Moon Chae Won, and Lee Seung Gi made a great trio and all three had great onscreen chemistry. To celebrate the 6th Anniversary, I’ve uploaded fanvideos.  I’ve tried to upload as many OSTs from the drama but many songs are not part of the original Shining Inheritance OST. Enjoy! 

Will You Marry Me?

Crazy in Love

Piano Emotional

A Better Day

We Meet In Dreams

When We Are In Love

Credit: muabuonxpkites2

Love is Punishment

Credit: Cuup Kuup

The Person Living In My Heart feat. Han Hyo Joo

Credit: k1tc48

You Are Mine

Credit: itsmejaimeee

Spring Rain

Credit: NokiaNokia88

Thinking of Noona

Credit: Darlene Nguyen

Like the First Time

Credit: won nyt too days

Love Taught Me To Drink

Credit: jejuslov

Why Are You Leaving?

Credit: NobutaProduction

Hwan Misses Eun Sung- Story of Hwan and Eun Sung Part 1

Eun Sung’s Love- Story of Hwan and Eun Sung Part 11

Credit: kozuesan02

There’s  Only One of You

Credit: 87 mystar

I Will Take You Forever

Credit: OhsOsweet03

Credit: heinous05

Shining Inheritance Special Part 1

Shining Inheritance Special Part 2

Shining Inheritance Special Part 3

Shining Inheritance Special Part 4

Shining Inheritance Special Part 5

Credit: 87MySecret’s channel


[English] Japanese Magazine, Korean Drama Guide~ February 2011 Issue~ Some Facts About Lee Seung Gi

japanfmag1Credit: bisso

In white, it says “Angel”, In turquoise, the last 2 katakana characters are parts of his first name, Seung Gi (spelled スンギ) followed by “Interview” in kanji and katakana.

Above it in the yellow balloon says “Brilliant Legacy” and “1N2D” are gaining attention!

jpmag2Credit: bisso

Seung Gi had to answer the following questions written in Hangul with a Y or a N. If you notice his answer sheet, his replies for the last part of the questionnaire are written in Japanese. Seung Gi is so talented! He is known for speaking Japanese well. If you’ve watched his music videos for his Love Time Japan Debut Album as well as fancams of his concerts in Japan, you’ll be impressed. I’m learning Japanese through self study so I can follow his activities in Japan. It’s not easy. ^^;;

The yellow balloon roughly says “I/We want to know more about Lee Seung Gi!”

Here are the questions Seung Gi answered: Yes/No Questions

I like things to be neat and tidy? Y

I easily feel lonely? N

I don’t like losing? N (He originally wrote Y but erased it LOL.)

I’m meticulous? Y

I tend to laugh easily? Y

I tend to cry easily? N

I can easily forget about events that cause disappointment and despair? Y

I tend to be cautious? N (He originally wrote Y but erased it)

I get frightened easily? N

I’m a good listener? Y

I am friendly to females? Y



Your favorite word? I can say it.

Your favorite color? Blue

Your favorite number? 8

Something you can’t do well or dislike? Pass

On the questionnaire that Seung Gi completed, he was asked “If you were to compare yourself to an animal, which animal would it be?” but he left that blank

What did you consider precious when you were young? Friend

What do you consider the most precious now? Family

What do you do the best out of household chores? Cleaning

jpmag3jpmag4jpmag5jpmag6jpmag8Credit: bisso


Japanese and Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Do You Remember? Brilliant Legacy Filming Location~ Ilsan

Yesterday’s “Do you Remember?” filming location was a park bench where Go Eun Sung rested. It is in my neighborhood of Ilsan, home to SBS and MBC. I took this photo on the way home from work today. It is the scene where Hwan took Eun Sung’s autistic brother, Eunwoo, from his friend’s bar to buy him chocolate milk.  The bar was supposedly upstairs and Hwan came down these stairs with Eunwoo.  The music store that Hwan visited to search for Eunwoo is still upstairs and can be seen through the glass window.

Brilliant legacy stairswCredit: Elise Min

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Do You Remember this Location? Shining Inheritance Filming Spot

I recently watched Shining Inheritance again since Moon Chae Won and Lee Seung Gi will be reuniting on the set of ‘Today’s Love’, Seung Gi’s first movie set to premiere next year. Some dclsg members say it will be in January. I recognized many scenes from the SeungMi couple’s drama since I pass by them frequently. Tonight, I took a photo of a scene from the drama where Eun Sung lies down on a park bench at night for a rest. If you remember seeing Coffee Besco, the big restaurant at the top of the building in the background, then you may remember this location. It is right by Ilsan’s Lake Park. The King2Hearts’ Wrap Up Party was held at a Korean BBQ place which is located right across from Coffee Besco. In that photo, you’ll also see this restaurant’s neon sign through the window as the cast and crew posed for final photos.  That Korean BBQ place was owned by a supporting actor who appeared in the Kdrama Emperor of the Sea with Kim Kap Soo who will also be appearing in ‘Today’s Love’ with Lee Seung Gi.

shining inheritancewCredit: Elise Min

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Happy 5th Anniversary Brilliant Legacy! Fan Video

An Airen reader was kind to share this video with Seung Gi singing “I’ll Cry Out” in Brilliant Legacy along with other highlights.  Thank you! Airens are such generous souls. It’s a joy getting to know so many through our shared love for Seung Gi.

Credit: 박선화

English lyrics:

Stop right there just as you are and turn around.
I cry out with sorrow from the sadness of
losing the other half of my love.

I can’t believe your words of breaking up
as you said you were going, the tears that I shed then,
or your sillhouette as you went farther away.
I’m still here, the same, like this.

They love each other so, but they live so far away, though
under the same sky. I cry out painfully

I see your confident smile and see that you’ve cut your long hair
and for the first time I cry out because I hate you.

I can’t believe your words of breaking up
as you said you were going, the tears that I shed then,
or your sillhouette as you went farther away.
I’m still here, the same, like this.

They love each other so, but they live so far away, though
under the same sky. I cry out painfully

My voice is carried by the wind to reach the end of the sky
and then return.
My shadow, illuminated by the starlight, grows like my longing.

Small gestures little by little,
Every day, day by day
From that one kiss I can feel your
breathing.. and it spreads all throughout my body

They love each other so, but they live so far away, though
under the same sky. I cry out painfully
I cry out again and I cry out again.

Lyrics credit: JpopAsia edited by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever