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[English] Entertainment Inside~ Lee Seung Gi’s Charity Work as a Big Issue Assistant

Credit: KBS

English translation:

Announcer: Hello, I’m Entertainment Inside’s Lee Seulgi. Have you been enjoying your Lunar New Year? Even during the Lunar New Year holiday, heartwarming news from the entertainment industry is in the works. Let’s go see what it is.

To support the homeless,  Lee Seung Gi will be a one-day salesman to a certain magazine.

Lee Seung Gi deeply empathized with the purpose of this magazine’s sales and through talent donation, as a given, he had a pictorial shoot and will be participating at the site of magazine sales.

Lee Seung Gi: “Honestly, after finding out about the existence of The Big Issue magazine, I thought it is a magazine with a really good purpose and with the question of “Why didn’t we know about it?” I really participated without hesitation.”

Lee Seung Gi: “It’s not simply a one time event where one volunteers and helps. I liked its purpose of fostering independence and giving motivation to live.” 

Announcer: Lee Seung Gi’s surprise event as a vendor will occur this coming 23rd somewhere in the Seoul Gangnam area.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever