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Eo Soo Seon Arrives in Korea from China Trip

Go Ara’s first schedule after filming YAAS was to visit China. According to Seung Gi, many actors were curious about the popularity of YAAS in China and mentioned Go Ara and Cha Seung Won as two actors whose first schedule after filming would be trips to China. Here’s a selca that she tweeted upon her return last night.

shenyangArrived in Korea*^ㅡ^* Thank you so much to the Chinese fans^ㅇ^~I had a great time in Shenyang*^^*

Credit: FloARA211

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever





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[English translation] Another Interview with Lee Seung Gi in Beijing

Credit: AirenNews01

English translation:

Chinese: Korea’s younger brother,Lee Seung Gi, recently came to Beijing for a concert (they said concert instead of fanmeet). The happiest people were his fans. From our reporters, the number of his fans shocked them too. Our reporters have seen many artists before, but they haven’t seen a Korean artist who has so many fans. We have received the exclusive interview with Lee Seung Gi, let’s take a look at it. Fan: I am from QingDao (a part of china). Yeah, I came here specifically for the concert. Another fan: she is my roommate. She loves Lee Seung Gi. She keeps “harassing” us with her spazzing in the room and she sings his songs every night. Another fan: I didnt! Another fan: I really like him. The reporter asked why. “He has a good character; everything about him is good”

Narrator: all of you are so high! But I believe you can understand why they are so crazy over him after watching the concert. Handsome Lee Seung Gi with an attractive voice, how can the fans not love him?  After seeing many Korean artists coming to China for a concert, this has been the closest interaction between fans and idols in history. Always watching male leads hugging and kissing female leads in dramas, but now you are the female lead. This certainly isn’t a dream! Ladies, at this moment, does your heart feel like it’s going to jump out? [Countdown starts] Let me help your voice out. I wish time would stop at this instant.

Seung Gi: Hello everyone. I am Lee Seung Gi.

Korean: I’m very, very happy to meet you in Beijing. I used to think that my chubby cheeks were a complex…even now. I wish it would appear well onscreen, well that’s my trademark so now I don’t worry about it too much.

Chinese: I am really happy to meet all of you in Beijing. I don’t think I am perfect. When I first debuted, I found that I have baby fat on my face. During filming, whenever the filming angle isn’t right, I am scared that it will leave a bad image. But now, I think my baby fat is my biggest characteristic.

Chinese to English translation by HeodangSeungGi, Star Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


[English translation] Beijing FM video~ Interview with Lee Seung Gi!

Credit: ayumi_gscb

English translation:

Korean: Seung Gi: ….are my three wishes.

Chinese: Translator: Excel more (Have better results) in singing, acting and hosting variety.

Korean: Seung Gi: I’ve been continuously preparing my new album since the beginning of this year.

Chinese: Translator: I have been preparing for my new album since the start of the year.

Korean: Although I’m directly participating in it, I’m not sure of the exact date for its release…but my objective is within this year.

Chinese: Translator: Even though I am not too sure of the exact day for the release, but it will definitely be by this year. 

MC: Okay! First question is considered as pass! Second question.

MC: *laughs* hey, we have 10 questions!

Korean: Seung Gi: *sighs* *laughs* It’s so fast, the time to think is…


Translator: The counting is seriously too fast!

MC: Second question: What city would you like to visit the most?

Korean: Seung Gi: Beijing (X3). Ah everyone is so fast!

MC: Okay, wants to go to Beijing the most. He is here already. Next question:  What would you like to do privately?

MC: Yay! Let us give him one more chance. Okay? No?

Korean: Seung Gi “Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen fans so excited.

Chinese: Translator: This is the first time I’m seeing fans like this. First time.

MC: Eh, let him answer the question first alright? What would you like to do privately?

Korean: Seung Gi,”Wow, this is the first time I’ve known my fans to be so accurate. You’re really accurate. Answer? In my personal time…if I had more time..I would like to learn how to cook more.”

Chinese: Translator: He said he enjoyed cooking, I had learned cooking for a period of time.

Fans speak. MC: he is very formidable.

Fans speak. MC: I can’t hear you all very well too.  *fans repeat* Beer can chicken (pi jiu ji)?

Seung Gi repeats: bi jiu ji (he misheard the pi jiu which means beer as bi jiu)?

MC: How about this. This question is not considered. If he can’t answer the next question by 3 seconds, we will go ahead with forfeit. Okay? *seemed like fans said no* No?

MC: No choice then, they are your family. They said this question is considered as failed.

MC: Do you wish to see Lee Seung Gi acting cute? *fans screaming yes* In Korea, there is a cute punishment known as Gwiyomi, correct? You can? Will you do that?

Korean: Seung Gi: Ah…I can do it, do you know about it? Do you know? (In English)

Chinese: Translator: He asked if you know about it?

MC: So, can you do it?

Korean: Seung Gi: It’s really been a long time since I did this.

Chinese: Translator: He says it has been long since he did Gwiyomi.

MC: Would you like to see it (to the fans)? *fans screaming yes* Let’s move to the front.

Korean: Seung Gi: Because I’m a year older now, I might not be cute anymore.

Chinese: Translator: He said he is a year older now, so it might not be cute anymore.

Korean: Seung Gi: Can you hold this for me?

Chinese: MC: He is shy already.

Doing gwiyomi~~~~

MC: Wow! *claps*

Korean: Seung Gi: After becoming a year older, my reaction time has slowed down.

Chinese: Translator: He said that his reaction is slower as he grows one year older.

MC:let me teach you one word. This word is used in China after they have finished a performance. It is called “meng”, which means cute.

Seung Gi: Meng? Me? (in Chinese)

MC: Yes. Okay, this is our 3rd question. Let us continue. Next question. What is your habit when you sleep?

Korean: Seung Gi: Ah, my sleeping habit? I sleep with my mouth slightly open.

Chinese: Translator: He said he likes to sleep with his mouth open.

MC: That doesn’t look good (if he sleeps with his mouth open)

Korean: Seung Gi: Ah, but for my audience who will watch my variety shows, I am telling you in advance so you won’t be disappointed.

Chinese: Translator: He said he’s telling everyone about this, hope they won’t be disappointed in him.

MC: Okay, next question. If coffee is used to describe yourself, what type of coffee group do you belong to?

Korean: Seung Gi: Coffee? Cappuccino.

Chinese: Translator: Okay, cappuccino?

MC: Cappuccino? Alright, let’s ask the reason later. Next question, What kind of character would you like to play the most?

Korean: Seung Gi: Ah, a well built, manly and beastly character.

Chinese: Translator: A character that is manly and has good figure.

MC: Next question, please point out 3 of your charms.

Korean: Seung Gi: Ah…pleasant, cute, ..pleasant..humorous, cute, and sexy

Chinese: Translator: ____(cannot hear this part because it is too noisy), cute and sexy.

MC: Wow, which of it do you like the best? *fans shouting sexy* Okay, next question, which is your favorite body part?

Korean: Seung Gi: Ah..these days, my back muscles are well developed so I like my back.

Chinese: Translator: His back muscles are in good condition, so his best body part is his back.

MC: Wow. Hey, don’t go too overboard. There are 2 questions. Don’t be anxious, it’s still not over yet (to the fans). One day, if you are not an artist, what would you want to do?

Korean: Seung Gi: A tour guide.

Chinese: Translator: Tour guide. 

MC: What do you want him to be? *fans screamed*They wish that you will be the owner of a restaurant.

Korean: Seung Gi: You look so disappointed..really disappointed. The one in the 2nd row up front. You look extremely disappointed.

Chinese: Translator: The one in 2nd row from the front looks a bit disappointed.

Korean: Seung Gi: Personally, later on, rather than elaborate dishes, I would like to prepare simple ones and open a small restaurant…later on…if my fans come, I will give you a discount. Airen DC (In English)

Chinese: Translator: he said that if he has a chance in the future, he hopes to open a small restaurant and if fans come, he will give a discount.

MC: If he opens a restaurant in Beijing, it will be called “Have You Eaten” (in Chinese) based on the greeting of Chinese in Beijing). Okay, last question, please use one line from your lyrics to confess to your fans.

Seung Gi sings “Because You’re My Woman”

MC: Do you feel loved? Okay, let’s do this. Let’s ask him one more question. Just now there was a question about his favorite body part, correct? Did you train your back muscles?

Korean: Ah yes, these days, because of the drama, I’ve been exercising.

Chinese: Translator: He is currently exercising to prepare for his upcoming drama.

MC: Oh, so in the new show, we will be able to see your figure?

Korean: Seung Gi: Before I came here, I had a meeting with the writer and director. Yes, and because it is a detective drama with many male characters, there was a proposal for a shower scene.

Chinese: Translator: He said he had a meeting with the director before, and he asked the director if he needs to act in a bathing scene in the show.

Korean: Seung Gi: So, I gave my reply, yes, yes, but I will let everyone be the judge of how it appears on TV. I didn’t reply whether or not I would do it.

Chinese: And the director said, he will let the viewers and fans to decide by watching the show. Right now, he can’t answer the fans regarding this question.

MC: Do you want to see the bathing scene?

Korean: (I can’t hear clearly due to the screaming fans, but he said something close to this) All of you want to see it? It’s only because it’s a drama, right?

Chinese: MC: Regarding this new drama, we will be finding more hints through the next few sections that we have. So don’t be anxious. Right now, let us invite our staff to prepare for the next section. We will invite Lee Seung Gi to make use of food to interact with all of you. Wow, I haven’t finished and you are already so high. Later on, we will ask Lee Seung Gi to make a lunchbox and give it to you, how is that? Right now, we have prepared lots of Beijing’s delicacies. Let me ask Lee Seung Gi first, did you eat any delicacies from Beijing?

Korean: Seung Gi: Ah..I haven’t yet.

Chinese: Translator: He said he hasn’t had it yet.

MC: Hasn’t had it yet. Let me introduce you to the dishes. *Holds one up and asks Seung Gi* “What do you think this is?”

Korean: Seung Gi: Dduk (Korean for rice cake)

Chinese: Translator: Rice cake.

MC: It is similar to rice cake. There is a Chinese name for it, known as ____.

Seung Gi tries to pronounce it.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Chinese to English translation by HeodangSeungGi, Star Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

Please do not repost without permission and a link back to my blog, leeseunggiforever.wordpress.com. This is out of respect for the Airens who work hard doing translations for everyone.

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The Perfect Public Transportation System for Airens in China!

How many Airens would love to ride the 255 bus in China? The handles have photos of Seung Gi from his Love Time Japan debut album.

In the close up photo, it says “Korean language studies are done at Sejong* Institute!”

*King Sejong is revered by Koreans for being directly involved in developing the Korean writing system known as Hangul.

More info on: King Sejong

china 255 bus ChristinaWSGL china bus ChristinaWSGLCredit: weibo as labeled

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


[English translation] Message from Seung Gi to his Airens post Beijing FM

message to China Airens
From Seung Gi to his Airens after the end of the Beijing FM.

To Airen,

Time passes so fast! It is already March 2014. I am really very happy to be with all of you at this Beijing fanmeet. I wish I could’ve met all of you earlier. However, as the wait gets longer (for me to return), all of you will get more excited and happy if we meet right? I’m not the only one who feels this way, correct? ^^

When I return to Seoul after this fanmeet,  I will be filming ” You are All Surrounded” as Eun Dae Gu who is a police officer. It’s been a year since I’ve been on a filming set! In addition, Eun Dae Gu is a new character that I am taking on. This makes me excited too!

Today, the support from Chinese Airens gave me infinite energy. This energy will not be lost, but will be kept inside me for a long time.

Whenever I feel tired during filming, whether it be mentally or physically, I will use this energy to “recharge” myself. Of course, after this we will be far apart physically, but our hearts will all be connected as one. I believe everyone will continue to support me – Lee Seung Gi!

Just like spending the beginning of 2014 with Chinese Airens, I promise that I will work hard to become everyone’s ideal artist. I am thankful that everyone stayed by my side and supported me. I will go hand in hand with all of you. Chinese Airens,  I love all of you!

2014, March 8, Everyone’s Lee Seung Gi
Yours Sincerely, Lee Seung Gi


Chinese to English translation by HeodangSeungGi, Special Guest Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

Credit: Nina_qiao


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Seung Gi at Beijing Airport~ Headed back to Korea

leave beijing4leave beijing6 leave beijing7 leave beijing12leave beijing3 leave beijing2leave beijing11 leave beijing8leave beijing13 leave beijing10 leave beijing5leave beijing9A lucky Airen got Seung Gi’s autograph! There are way too many Beijing airport photos out there to humanly post. I have selected the ones I felt were most relevant.

na pd sign beijingNa Young Seok PD also left Beijing today and signed this for a fan but he made a mistake with the date–> March 8th?!!! Who is calling Seung Gi a heodang now? LOL.

English translation:

I am Na Young Seok PD. Thank you. 2004.3.8.


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Credit: weibo, dclsg