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Lee Seung Gi and Child Actor Choi Ro Woon in Pizza Hut CF

Here is a clip of Lee Seung Gi in a new CF for Pizza Hut with child actor Choi Ro Woon. After screencaps of this CF appeared, the name, “Nation’s Older Brother” for Seung Gi was born. In this CF, he has such a natural relationship with the child actor, Choi Ro Woon. Seung Gi has now grown up from “The Nation’s Younger Brother” to his new title. Here is a transcript of what they say:

Seung Gi: Ah, I’m feeling hungry.
Ro Woon: Ah, I’m feeling hungry.
Seung Gi: Should we order pizza?
Ro Woon: Should we order pizza?
Seung Gi: A–joo (Korean way of expressing “look at this one”)
Ro Woon: A-joo right back at Seung Gi
Seung Gi: Uh.. (sternly) as he gently pushes back the boy’s head with his index finger
Ro Woon: Uh.. (sternly) as he pushes Seung Gi’s head back with his index finger
Seung Gi: Garlic-beef please
Ro Woon: (interrupting) Grabs Seung Gi by the arm and says, “I want shrimp.”
Captions in white say: When you want different things, double box!
Male voice: When you want different things, double box! There’s one box, two different kinds of pizza. Double box, 25,000 Won!
Ro Woon: It’s delicious!
Male voiceover: It’s delicious, delicious!
Chorus: Pizza and more, Pizza Hut.

Korean to English translations by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever