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2015.06.12 KBS2 Music Bank~ Lee Seung Gi’s First Comeback Stage “And Goodbye” ~ HD Version

Credit: KBSKpop


English lyrics:

Words that your small lips first said to me
Hello, those words were so nice to hear
I think that’s when we started
I think that’s when we became a we

When I walked you home
And was going to go back
Words that made my heart flutter
Now goodbye goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye, the words goodbye
It doesn’t mean the end
Because we’re under the same sky
Goodbye, goodbye, I say goodbye
But in my heart, only you live

It was a short time but there were so many memories
Love that never changes is always touching
Today isn’t the end
Got it? So don’t cry

Where you are in the world
I can find you
So don’t worry
Just for a moment, goodbye goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye, the words goodbye
It doesn’t mean the end
Because we’re under the same sky
Goodbye, goodbye, I say goodbye
But in my heart, only you live

Don’t forget me, don’t forget me, don’t forget me
Don’t forget me, don’t forget me
Even after spring days without me pass

Goodbye, goodbye, I say goodbye
But my heart will always blossom a flower that resembles you
I love you, I love you, the words I love you
Only you and no one else will hear them

English lyrics translation by popgasa


[English] 2015.06.12 ~ Lee Seung Gi’s Interview on Music Bank

CHStwhRUYAArz3zCredit: SMTownEngSub

Credit: hideko jang

(Wish the quality was better, but the one uploaded on youtube by a KBS sponsored channel is just as fuzzy)

Male MC: The 2nd comeback interview is someone with an attractive voice and is the Nation’s Heartwarming Gentleman.  He’s none other than Mr. Lee Seung Gi!

Male and Female MC singing: Welcome!

Seung Gi: Yes, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Lee Seung Gi.

Female MC (Irene): Mr. Lee Seung Gi, it’s been approximately 3 years since your comeback. Please introduce yourself and your new song to fans who have waited for so long.

Seung Gi: You’ve really waited for a long time. I’ve come back with “And Goodbye” from my 6th album. It seems like it’s been 4 to 5 years since I’ve been on Music Bank as well.

Irene: Before your comeback, you made a surprise appearance on The Producers. Between singing and acting, which one is more difficult?

Seung Gi: Well, both are always difficult, but seeing that today is my comeback day, singing makes me feel more nervous and is difficult.

Male MC: If that’s the case, before you go on stage, to ease your nerves and warm up your vocal cords, please let us hear just a bit of your new song.

Seung Gi: (laughs shyly) Uhm..just a moment. ♫ The words goodbye,goodbye, goodbye doesn’t mean it’s the end. We are under the same sky. ♫

Male MC: Wow! Hearing it live right next to you, it’s really sweet.  There’s already a hunch that it’s going to be daebak.

Seung Gi: Thank you.

Irene: Lee Seung Gi’s stage which draws out hidden emotions 100% will be revealed in just a moment.

Male MC: Before that, shall we listen to the affectionate voice of Page?

All 3 in unison: Still Love.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever


Lee Seung Gi, ‘Renaissance Man’, Acting-Singing-Variety, ‘At the Top in All’…’Still Main Job is Singing’

“Acting, Singing, even Variety; Exactly what can’t he do?”

Lee Seung Gi has achieved a perfect balance between acting, singing, and even variety. Actor Lee Seung Gi, Singer Lee Seung Gi, and even Variety Lee Seung Gi ; he’s so active in all three to the point that there isn’t a genre that doesn’t suit him.
After debuting in 2004 with ‘Because You’re My Woman”, Lee Seung Gi recorded a series of ‘consecutive hits’ with every song that he released and rose as Korea’s representative male singer worthy of the title.  As if to prove he is Lee Sun Hee’s pupil, he exhibits a perfect singing ability. As he started acting, he captivated audiences with even more emotions.
Through ‘Lee Seung Gi’s Hope Concert’, he spends time with fans at the end of every year.  Although he’s Lee Seung Gi who’s busy acting in variety,  he never neglects his duty to his main job as a singer. In a way, that may be singer Lee Seung Gi’s charm.

topstarnewsuhd511Credit: TopStarNews

# The debut song is ‘the best’…’Because You’re My Woman’
On June 5, 2004, a distinctive ballad titled ‘Because You’re My Woman’ emerged. This song received a great deal of attention alone with the reason that he was Lee Sun Hee’s pupil; in a short period of time, it drew an explosive amount of popularity.  In addition, there was 19 year old Lee Seung Gi with the visuals who had drawn in that popularity within a short period of time. 
During his debut days, Lee Seung Gi was more famous as ‘Lee Sun Hee’s pupil’. Before his debut, Lee Sun Hee discovered him performing in a small theater and it is said that she cast him on the spot.  However, Lee Seung Gi flatly refused the offer. Later, Lee Seung Gi’s mother heard about this and apologized to Lee Sun Hee; this is how he became her pupil.
Afterwards, Lee Seung Gi debuted with ‘Because You’re My Woman’; the single lyric ‘Noona, because you’re my woman’ instantly turned him into the nation’s ‘young man/boytoy’. With an innocence unlike a celebrity, a heartwarming appearance, and being a handsome gentleman who also sings well, South Korea’s women in their 20s couldn’t resist being swept off their feet.

topstarnews2Credit: TopStarNews

#‘Love Taught Me To Drink’…Lee Seung Gi also finds it difficult to sing
In 2010, Lee Seung Gi released an album, ‘Shadow’, and its title song, ‘Love Taught Me to Drink’, featured 8Eight’s Baek Chan which resulted in an even more colorful and fuller song. In reality, this song swept music charts becoming #1 and gained a great deal of popularity. Also, this song is known as ‘the song that will cause you to die while singing’ if sung at a karaoke bar.

Lee Seung Gi’s sound is very comfortable and has a steady high pitch. Still, if you think it’s an easy song to sing, you’re making a big mistake. Lee Seung Gi directly appeared on KBS’ ‘Happy Together 3’ and sang ‘Love Taught Me To Drink’ saying even for him, ‘it is a song in which the high notes are really difficult to sing’. 
Afterwards, through various concerts and stages, Lee Seung Gi captivated women’s hearts with his explosive singing ability while live on stage. Even at his teacher, Lee Sun Hee’s concert, he never showed signs of nervousness and unleashed a ‘tremendous high note’.  Every time his audience hears his soft and dewy voice, it touches their hearts.

topstarnews3Credit: TopStarNews

# After ‘Return’  ‘Revving up for a Comeback’ After 3 Years
On November 22, 2012, an album called ‘Forest’ with the title song ‘Return’ was released. At that time, Lee Seung Gi swept cable channels as a given and even hit #1 on public TV with this song. He displayed his power by gaining the nickname,’Worthy of his name, Lee Seung Gi’. ‘Return’ is an ’emotional ballad’ composed by Epitone Project with a soft melody.  
Afterwards up until 2015, Lee Seung Gi has greeted fans only through a movie and dramas. He hasn’t released an album. Currently, Lee Seung Gi’s fans are earnestly waiting for his comeback.
Through his agency, Hook Entertainment’s official twitter account, Lee Seung Gi  said, “To Airens whom I miss~~~^^ Time really flies..Today, I recorded diligently as well and squeezed in some time to greet you~Let’s really meet soon! Soon! ~~~^^” along with a photo of him in the recording studio; raising fans’ expectations for his comeback. 

Lee Seung Gi’s fanclub, Airen, (愛人) when read in Korean means ‘lover’. However, when read in Chinese, it means the only precious person in the whole world. 
That’s how much Lee Seung Gi cares about and loves his fans. Also, it’s how much his fans care about and love Lee Seung Gi. 

Filled with his fans’ love and earnest wait, we look forward to Lee Seung Gi’s new musical transformation.
“Looking forward to the comeback of the ‘Real Singer’ Lee Seung Gi”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original Korean article: TopStarNews

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[English] 2015.3.10 Entertainment Today – Lee Seung Gi Prepares for Comeback as Singer

Credit: MBC News uploaded by seunggiairen

English translation:

News about singer/actor Lee Seung Gi’s  comeback as a singer is drawing attention. After the release of the mini album ‘Forest’, Lee Seung Gi, who has focused on acting and variety, is at his peak preparing his album to comeback  as a full time singer after approximately 2 1/2 years. Yesterday, through a media representative, we heard ,”Lee Seung Gi has set a goal for his comeback between April to May and is in the final stages of recording” in addition to “Ballad is a given, he is in the middle of trying out various genres and sounds”, raising expectations. Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi ‘s recent activity of taking classes at graduate school was spotted and created a huge online sensation.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever