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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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15.06.25 SBS Morning Wide ~ Voice Actress Thanks Seung Gi

Credit: SBS via I love Junsu on dclsg

English translation:

This is a program about people calling in and telling the station about the story behind someone they’d really like to thank. If they are chosen, they are awarded approx $975 US. A voice actress named Seo Yu-ri really wants to tell Lee Seung Gi “thank you and sorry”. She tells the interviewer that she’d really like to thank him through this program. The male interviewer says their first meeting wasn’t typical.  Seo Yu-ri was once a reporter for entertainment news. Since it hadn’t been long since she started, she was overflowing with enthusiasm and determined to get the job done right. She ended up having an interview with Lee Seung Gi and was very persistent with her questions to the point it could have been offensive and annoying.  However, Seung Gi took the questions in stride and handled them with aplomb.  Seo Yu-ri was very thankful but worried that he wouldn’t be happy to see her again. 

As Seo Yu-ri tried her hand at acting, she met Seung Gi on the set of YAAS in a cameo role. “There was a scene where I grab Lee Seung Gi’s hair and throw him onto a table”…”You know how there are times one needs to repeat scenes while filming a drama?” she said.  “He never showed a trace of dislike and despite the fact that I was only an extra, he was very considerate and treated me very well.” “Every time they called ‘CUT!’, I kept telling him ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I’m sorry'” but he said “It’s okay, ‘It’s okay’, you can grab (my hair) even harder.” “Seo Yu-ri said,”I was really thankful that he went to this length to say these words to me.”

Seo Yu-ri’s personal message to Lee Seung Gi: Hello, Mr. Lee Seung Gi. You probably remember me, right? It’s highly unlikely that you’d forget a woman who grabbed you several times by your hair. Even back then, everything was so chaotic that I didn’t have a chance to greet you properly. I remember that wrapping up filming was hectic. Thank you so much for treating me kindly. I think it’s a big relief that I’m able to thank you. I heard that you’d be active soon. That’s really good news. (I’m assuming she’s referring to his comeback as a singer) I will look forward to your cool activities.

Male interviewer: If you also have someone you’d like to thank, please dial #7004. We will choose a very moving story every month. We look forward to your participation.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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DC Lee Seung Gi Gallery’s Gifts to Seung Gi for 11th Debut Anniversary~ Photos



11th Debut Anniversary Event

dc11. Preparation process

Inside, the photo ticket album is filled with holes!!ㅋㅋ

We received the messages meant for Seung Gi!!

And..we were very, very thankful for the photos, snacks, (movie) tickets, and gifts~

dc22. Photo Tickets

dc33. Photo Ticket Album & Scrapbook/Planner Paper

dc44. Music Notes & Acting Notes

dc5 dc65. Case & Gift Wrap & Flower Basket

Credit: 승기 에뜨와 via dclsg


[Full English translation] Lee Seung Gi’s Cameo on Episode 6 of ‘The Producers’ ~ Edited Clip

I’m currently subbing this video on Viki.com, so I’ll be up tonight helping the team. Just so you’re not totally lost, I’ll include a 95% thorough translation. Enjoy watching Seung Gi! 🙂 Credit to Noriko for the screencap on the upper left hand corner of the post.

Credit: Mangosteen via dclsg

SG: Oh! Cindy!

IU: Oh, oppa! It’s been a long time.

SG: How have you been? Have you been doing well?

IU: Oh, just so-so I guess.

(Kid falls on the floor and this scene reminds me of Seung Gi’s Medifoam CF~ LOL)

SG: Aiyoo! It seems heavy; are you okay?

Woman: Yes, thank you.

SG: Be careful (As he smiles broadly and waves goodbye)

SG to IU: Gosh, it’s really grating on my nerves..I can’t pretend not to notice.

IU: Pretend you didn’t notice! You don’t know her!

SG: How can I do that? I have a good image.

IU: Gosh, you really live a tiring life. Live like me, getting cursed at sometimes.

SG: Hey, I’m also envious of you. You can just get annoyed and angry anywhere.  As for me, because of my image, I don’t remember if I’ve ever been mad in public.

Man: Seung Gi, hello.

Seung Gi: Oh, hello! How have you been?

IU: So I’m saying, why did you create that kind of image?

p2Credit: dclsg

Seung Gi: Do you know anything during your debut days? You just go with the image you’re stuck with.

IU: Don’t you get stressed out?

Seung Gi: Of course I do. But there’s this group. (whispering) I have to be careful pronouncing this…It’s called Jo-Ga-Mo. (If pronounced incorrectly, it can sound like a curse word) It’s a group for celebrities with good images. ….I also relieve my stress there-

IU: With what do you relieve your stress?

Seung Gi: Volunteering, things like a donation battle…This hyung blew all the money he earned from his CF..Ahhh! I’m also going to put more effort into it.

—–Medifoam CF flashback…kid falls on the floor and SG rushes over——–

p1Credit: dclsg

SG: Are you okay?

Mom: Are you okay?

SG: Aiyoo, but the child is sooo cute.

Mom: Thank you.

SG: Shall I take a photo for you?

Mom: Ah, yes please.

p3Credit: dclsg

——————————————–BACKHUG SURPRISE SCENE w/Gong Hyo Jin——————–

GHJ: Omo! Seung Gi~ya! What’s up?!

SG: Noona! I’m sooo happy to see you! Have you been well?

CGQ3C_WUAAIRyyYCredit: TheDramaKorea

GHJ: Yeah!

SG: Noona, you got prettier! It doesn’t make sense.  You even got younger!

GHJ: Whatever..(as she smiles)

SG: But this person is? Ah..I’m sorry..I usually remember staff member’s faces and names…

GHJ: Ah, this kid is our newbie PD. His name is Baek Seung Chan.

SG: No wonder…(Bowing 90 degrees and shaking hands) Nice to meet you. Will you take care of the stage for me today? It’s been so long since I’ve been on stage…

KSH: I see..But, Mr. Lee Seung Gi, you also seem to sing.

SG: Pardon?

KSH: Well, I thought you were just an actor …earlier in The Infamous Chil Sisters…the Crown Prince..your performance left a deep impression.

SG: (cracks up) You mean (Hwang Tae Ja?~ still means Crown Prince). I was Hwang Tae Ja..the character..it wasn’t Wang Sae Ja (Crown Prince, just another way to say it) but Hwang Tae Ja.

KSH: Ah, that’s right. Hwang Tae Ja..my mother really liked him.

GHJ: Wait a second, what are you talking about? Our Seung Gi may have an enormous number of works as an actor but he originally debuted as a singer. In addition, you have a tremendous hit song..my absolute favorite..’Noona, Because You’re My Woman.’


Credit: Noriko

SG: ‘Because You’re My Woman’.

GHJ: What?

SG: The title of the song is not ‘Noona because You’re My Woman’…’Because You’re My Woman’.

GHJ: That’s right..that’s how it was..also there was more..when I get married, I’m definitely going to hear that as a congratulatory song. ‘Will You Marry With Me’?

SG: “Will You Marry Me”. The title is just ‘Will You Marry Me”…without the “with me” part.

WYMM Producer laugh

Credit: Overflowing with Love via dclsg

GHJ: That’s right..oh, geez..Why is that so important?! (She slaps his wrist) The fact that I like the song is.

SG: That’s not the case.  Shall we have a cup of coffee?

GHJ: Really? Fine. (to KSH) We’ll have a cup of coffee, you help Cindy out…

SG to GHJ as they walk away: Wow, how long has it been?

—-New clip starts at 4:09 to Coffee Boy’s Lyrics to the YAAS song ‘I’ll Be By Your Side’—

SG is busy thanking everyone for everything.

Epilogue: Starts with the backhug SG gives GHJ

CGQ3ivfUIAEYZiDCredit: TheDramaKorea

GHJ: Seung Gi~ya

SG: It’s so good to see you! How have you been?

GHJ: Yeah

SG: Noona, you got prettier. You even got younger.

KSH see’s Seung Gi’s name in the VIP waiting room which says :Lee Seung Gi nim (honorific) and takes a black marker to blot it out..LOL!!   ;P

CGQ3iO2UAAAaTkZ Credit: TheDramaKorea

Just then, the door flies open and SG pops out and says: You are the newbie PD-nim Baek Seung Chan PD-nim that I met earlier, right? Aigoo, I used to be able to spit out names on the spot but it’s no longer like that anymore. I’ll see you later. Ryu writer-nim! Writer-nim! Aiyoo..I’ll carry this..how have you been?

CGQ3hrbUYAEwFoqCredit: TheDramaKorea

Seung Gi’s Fashion is DOLCE & GABBANA:

CGQwhXfUgAEdv-xCredit: koni_sptlsg

Last shot of the screen just shows Lee Seung Gi without the honorific “nim”. LOL!!!

nonameCredit: suyusunyu

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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15.05.13 KB Good Job Expo ~ HQ Fanpic 3 with DClsg Member’s Commentary


Credit: Red gingseng ahjumma via dclsg

A senior (hoobae) that this dclsg member knows sent her this photo and was today’s VIP guest.  She said that it was her first time seeing Seung Gi in real life. He was handsome with a small face…she was so impressed with his appearance that she said she would still be full without eating for a month.  More importantly, she said he laughed easily.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever


Happy 1st Anniversary ‘You’re All Surrounded!’

Time really flies. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since the first broadcast of Seung Gi’s drama, ‘You Are All Surrounded’.  My excitement as an Airen also prompted me to join the English subbing team on Viki.com with this drama, so it’s also been a year since I’ve been volunteering as a Korean subber and editor for various Kdramas.  All those sleepless nights subbing and editing were truly worth it. Seung Gi is truly an inspiration. Congratulations Seung Gi and the YAAS cast and crew. We miss Dae Gu Dae Gu!

aaasti collageCredit: aaasti_

These fanvideos are posted in chronological order:

“Because he’s a complete nutcase, if he goes nuts, everyone dies. My choice is YOU!”

“I came…Mom”

“It’s been a long time, Team Leader Seo…”

“Mom, please, you can’t die! Who did this?!”

Credit: haesong225

YAAS fanvideos by my all time favorite K-Airen fanvideo maker Paas 파쓰:

Credit: Paas (파쓰)via dclsg


English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever